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Сhandeliers, Floor Lamps and Sconces in Modern Styles Buy from China Online

The New Year is coming soon, and everything is shining with festive lights, so we decided to write about lighting models from China in modern styles. Earlier we wrote about lighting products' prices in China, where we described the advantages of buying lighting in China. In this article, we want to show you more examples of lighting products from China. With such chandeliers and lamps, the festive mood will be present in your home not only in the New Year!

Buy Neoclassical Lighting from China, Guangzhou Online

Neoclassicism, as we wrote in article about neoclassic furniture, is a new reading of the classical interior style. You can buy a neoclassical chandelier in China for any design project. These can be lightweight candelabra chandeliers with imitation of candles, or minimalist graceful chandeliers of straight lines. красиво

The neoclassical interior combines grace and luxury

Buy Neoclassical Chandelier from China, Guangzhou Online

Luxury combined with elegance will never go out of style, even if they are not among interior trends 2022. In the neoclassical interior, the chandelier is placed in the centre of the room.

Price in China $222
Price in China $523
Price in China $162

Buy Neoclassical Floor Lamps in China in Foshan Online

Floor lamps and wall lamps from China are not only additional sources of light, but also decorative elements that complement the neoclassical interior, giving it completeness and charm.

Price in China $120
Price in China $136
Price in China $127

Sconces, Neoclassical Wall Lighting Buy Online from Guangzhou, China

Sconces are often used to illuminate functional areas such as a fireplace area or mirror.

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Price in China $101
Price in China $105

Online Shopping Contemporary Lighting from Guangzhou, China


Lighting products in modern style are minimalistic and functional

As versatile as furniture in modern interior, lamps in modern style are just as versatile, they can fit into any interior. It is very difficult to draw a sharp line between a modern chandelier and a neoclassical or Art Deco chandelier, the main difference here is how organically the chandelier will look in the interior of a given style. For example, the chandeliers from China below will fit into any modern interior.

Modern Style Chandelier Buy Online from Foshan China with Delivery

Chandeliers in a modern style from China can be of different textures and materials:

Price in China $41
Price in China $134
Price in China $680

Modern Style Floor Lamp Buy in Guangzhou China Online

In fact, floor lamps of the loft interior style, can perfectly complement modern interior. However, if you need more neutral and calm floor lamp, then the following options for floor lamps from China may be suitable:

Price in China $288
Price in China $108, $143
Price in China $130, $165

Modern Wall Sconces Buy Online from Foshan, China

Price in China $127, $146
Price in China $75, $94
Price in China $148

Art Deco Lighting Buy in Guangzhou, China

Art Deco is one of the most eclectic, controversial, extraordinary interior styles. You can read more about art deco style and furniture models from China in our article on [art-deco furniture] ( deco-furniture-from-china)


Art Deco lighting products are made for mesmerizing and drawing attention

Art Deco Chandelier Buy from Foshan, China Online

An Art Deco chandelier will immediately attract a lot of attention, and what to say, if the idea of an interior balances between neoclassicism and Art Deco, such a chandelier will immediately clarify which style outweighs. In Chinese factories, you can find Art Deco chandeliers in the most imaginable and unthinkable designs, for example:

Price in China $497
Price in China $413
Price in China $722

Art Deco Floor Lamp Buy Online in Guangzhou China

It is impossible to show all the models of Art Deco floor lamps from China because the variety is vast, they can be like:

Price in China $162
Price in China $128
Price in China $401

So and so, in the form of animals or using such an unusual material as ostrich feathers:


For the first, price in China $262

For the second, price in China $701

How extravagant you need Art Deco lamps depends on your design project and your tastes; you can buy any floor lamp in China.

Art Deco Wall Sconce Buy Online with Delivery from China

Price in China $152
Price in China $78
Price in China $262

Different types of lighting can significantly transform the look of any room. By ordering lighting in China, you will save time and money. Send us your project, and we make the preliminary estimation cost for free.