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Anhui cuisine restaurants in Guangzhou: addresses, chef dishes, photos

As we’ve already discussed in the previous article there are 8 main regional cuisines in China. Today we would like to introduce Anhui cuisine (Hui cuisine). It takes its roots from ancient Huizhou in the Southern Song dynasty. There are 3 traditional styles in Anhui cuisine:

  • the Yangtze River region
  • Huai River region
  • Southern Anhui region

Anhui province is rich in uncultivated fields, forests and mountain areas, that’s why Anhui dishes have a lot of wild herbs. Its chefs pay great attention to nutrition using the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Some of the dishes even have a direct medical purpose.

Many ingredients are from mountain areas: mushrooms, berries, tea leaves, bamboo shoots, pangolin, stone frog, etc.

Anhui cuisine uses traditional methods of cooking. The most common are brewing and stewing. It requires high skill of the cook. The big attention is paid to the time of cooking and temperature. Depending on the ingredients and the desired result a cook can use low, medium or high heat.

There are a lot of various dishes of Anhui cuisine. We would like to introduce to you some of them.

Hairy tofu 毛豆腐 or Maodoufu

Волосатый Тофу
Волосатый Тофу

One of the main components of every Anhui dish is tofu. It is good for people who want to lose some weight. However, in Anhui this tofu is not so simple because it has hair. That’s why it is called “hairy tofu”. It is crunchy outside and soft inside with a strong smell because of a long fermentation process.

Chaohu icefish 巢湖银鱼 or Chaohu Yingyu

Серебряные рыбки озера Чаоху

Chaohu Lake is one of China's five largest freshwater lakes. It is the origin of these small transparent fish.

Li Hongzhang Chop Suey 李鸿章杂碎

Китайская кухня Чоп Суи

The dish consists of many ingredients such as sea cucumber, squid, magnolia, mushrooms, etc. and has a salty flavour.

Stewed Bamboo Shoots of Wenzheng Mountain 问政山笋

Тушеные побеги бамбука с горы Вэньчжэн

Ham and mushrooms are added to bamboo shoots to make the aroma and the taste special. In the end the dish tastes salty and slightly sweet.

Steamed Partridge 清蒸石鸡

Куропатка на пару

The partridge is served with a light soup. The dish is rich in proteins and calcium.

Huangshan Stewed Pigeon 黄山炖鸽

Хуаншаньский тушеный голубь

According to the recipe, Chinese yams are brewed together with a local pigeon. The meat is very tender and its soup is good for digestion.

Stinky Mandarin Fish 臭鳜鱼

Вонючая китайская рыба

The fish is marinated and brewed for a long time. It might be a bit stinky, however, it doesn’t influence the taste of it.

Anhui cuisine restaurants in Guangzhou, China

It’s not a big deal to find a restaurant with any regional cuisine in big cities of China Here are some of the restaurants which serve Anhui cuisine in Guangzhou:

Tongfeng Huiyun

Tongfeng Huiyun restaurant's Chinese name: 桐风徽韵
Tongfeng Huiyun restaurant's address: 广州大道北1421号
Tongfeng Huiyun restaurant's business hours: 11.30am - 9.00pm

Hui Shangrenjia

Hui Shangrenjia restaurant's Chinese name: 徽商人家
Hui Shangrenjia restaurant's address: 新滘中路583号岭南创意园E栋106首层
Hui Shangrenjia restaurant's business hours:: 10am-10pm

Anhui Renjia

Anhui Renjia restaurant's Chinese name: 安徽人家(雕塑店)
Anhui Renjia restaurant's address:下塘西路545号雕塑公园内
Anhui Renjia restaurant's business hours: 9am - 9pm

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