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Baroque and Rococo style furniture in China

First, let's clarify the terminology of the Baroque and Rococo styles; what is the difference between them, imperceptibly erased by the beginning of the 21st century. Baroque is a style that originated in the early 17-18 centuries in Italy, and from there became popular in European countries. Initially, the idea of the baroque was to evoke awe among believers, to show the greatness of God and the insignificance of man in comparison with heaven. From the many cathedrals under construction, the style of Baroque gradually moved to the houses of wealthy citizens.


Baroque exaggerates reality, adding pathos and creates the drama, the tension, the grandeur. Baroque is a symbol of strength and confidence. Enormous spaces, an abundance of details on pieces of furniture, gold, stucco, brocade, carved ceilings. Baroque is the style of palaces and huge residences. In a modern world, it is very difficult to recreate the atmosphere of the canonical baroque because of the changed cultural background and the required vast spaces. However, the thoughtful addition of baroque elements in combination with other styles such as European classics or art deco, can perfectly fit into the interior of a modern home.


The Rococo style originated in France, in Paris, at the end of the 18th century. This was because of the death of Louis XIV, “The Sun King”, who is remembered in history by the phrase “The State is me”. The monarch preferred to keep all his nobles in palaces, and after his death, the French aristocrats returned to their family estates, which they decorated according to their own taste. The Rococo style in the interior is an elegant, lightweight continuation of the Baroque. The new style - Rococo was no longer palatial, less solemn and softer and more feminine.


It may seem that Baroque and Rococo styled furniture is no different. In both styles we can see an abundance of complex shapes and patterns, where the furniture is decorated with floral patterns, chairs and tables have graceful legs. However, Rococo furniture is thinner, lighter, more feminine, in lighter shades.

Baroque is the contrast, the appeal, dark saturated colours; rococo is light colours, sophistication, grace, lightness, smooth flow of shapes. Both styles are not so common in modern life, but they leave no one indifferent. Baroque and rococo either are someone's favourite or loathed styles.

Baroque style bedroom buy from China online

It should be noted that the central place in the interior of the bedroom in the Baroque style is the bed. The bed should be aesthetically pleasing, with a complex headboard.

Baroque style beds buy from Guangzhou

Size 1800*2000, Price in China $2,290
Size 1900*2100, Price in China $2,825

Size 1800*2000, Price in China $1,890

Beds in rococo style buy from Foshan

A rococo bedroom is always the embodiment of sophistication and grace, furniture and decoration are usually used in delicate pastel colours.

Size 1800*2000, Price in China $1,880
Size 1500*2000, Price in China $1,305

Size 1800*2000, Price in China $1,725

Baroque and rococo bedside tables buy from China, Guangzhou

The bedside tables of both styles are characterized by the presence of ornate patterns.


Price in China $396

Same model, different color; as a result bedside tables have different looks!


First bedside table - Price in China $832
Second bedside table - Price in China $319

Dressing Tables and Ottomans Baroque and Rococo buy from Foshan

As once dressing tables adorned bedrooms in the Baroque and Rococo styles several centuries ago, now they are necessary to complete the interior of the bedroom.

Price in China $802
Price in China $604

Price in China $220

This dressing table will perfectly fit in a bedroom in the baroque or rococo style.


(without ottoman) Price in China $968
(with the ottoman) Price in China $1,600

Living room in baroque / rococo style buy from Guangzhou, China

A living room in the baroque style is a shocking challenge made of bizarre shapes, elitism and a direct statement about the right to have luxury everywhere.

Price in China $1,617
Price in China $2,385

Price in China $1,097

Living Room rococo style buy from Foshan, Guangzhou

Price in China $1,310
Price in China $1,723

Price in China $2,200

Outrageousness, challenge and luxury can be expressed through bizarre shapes of furniture:


Armchair Price in China $2,410
Sofa Price in China $3,469

Baroque and Rococo Coffee Tables Buy from Guangzhou, China

In styles such as baroque and rococo, preference can be given to both solid, massive, and light and graceful wooden coffee tables.


White, Price in China $663
With the marble table top, Price in China $1,052

Buy Dining Room Furniture from Guangzhou, China

Dining room furniture in baroque and rococo styles should be in the same style so it will not destroy the composition and atmosphere of the rich decoration. Fortunately, these styles of dining furniture work well with each other, but it's important to maintain colour harmonies. The most common shades for baroque and rococo dining are light beige or sand, or contrasting dark brown and chocolate.

Price in China $1,518
Price in China $1,355

Price in China $1,075

Of course, baroque or rococo dining tables can be not only round:

Price in China $2,960
Price in China $927

Price in China $527

Chairs in baroque and rococo styles have undergone some changes since the 17th and 18th centuries, and in the modern version they will look like this:


>With armrests, Price in China $627
>Without armrests, Price in China $435


With armrests, Price in China $654
Without armrests, Price in China $566

Would you like to have a romantic rococo boudoir, a light-colored baroque dining room, or a living room with a set of whimsical shapes or a luxurious set of sofa and armchairs? Ordering furniture online is much easier than it seems. Leave a request, and we will select furniture for you for any room or for the whole house!