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Best areas and hotels to stay in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the third biggest city in China. Every year it attracts more and more tourists. If you have a few days, it’s a great opportunity to visit this place, to see with your own eyes great technological progress and explore Chinese culture. At first glance, Guangzhou looks like a beehive with its busy streets and countless vehicles. It seems that there are skyscrapers, overpasses and crowds of people in a hurry at each corner. It might be shocking and sometimes some people want to run away from here. However, if you stay here for a bit longer, you will discover a better side of Guangzhou.

There are 11 districts in Guangzhou: Liwan, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe, Conghua, Huadu, Zengcheng, Baiyun, Panyu, Nansha and Huangpu. We will look more attentively at 4 of them: Tianhe, Yuexiu, Haizhu and Liwan, as they are the most popular among tourists.

Районы Гуанчжоу

## Tianhe District in Guangzhou Tianhe is the business centre of the city. Here is the atmosphere of modern technologies, gigantic skyscrapers and high paced life. In the Chinese language, “Tianhe” literally means “a river in the sky” which is also a Chinese name for the Milky Way. It is impossible to get bored here. The area is rich for shopping centres and bars. Modern buildings and luxury restaurants are at every corner.

Best places to visit in Tianhe District, Guangzhou:

  • Zhujiang Park. Address in Chinese: 广州市-天河区-金穗路900号 ,珠江公园
  • Guangzhou Opera House. Address in Chinese: 广州市-天河区-珠江西路1号,广州大剧院
  • Guangdong Museum. Address in Chinese: 广州市-天河区-珠江东路2号,广东省博物馆
  • Guangzhou Library. Address in Chinese: 广州市-天河区-珠江东路4号,广州图书馆

Best hotels to stay in Tianhe District, Guangzhou:

  • Four Seasons Hotel 5*
  • Marriott 5*
  • Grand Hyatt 5*
  • Aloft Guangzhou Tianhe 4* (сеть Marriott)
  • Hampton by Hilton Zhujiang 4*
  • Lavande Hotel Tianhe 3*

Haizhu District in Guangzhou

If you like nightlife, you can stay in Haizhu district. This is a former industrial area that has been transformed into a business centre. It is known for its exhibition complex which hosts the Canton Fair every year. Here is also located one of the main attractions of the city - Canton Tower. The embankment of Zhujiang River (Pearl River) will attract you with its views at the river. You can walk along or take a tram that connects Canton Tower and Wanshengwei metro station in the East of Haizhu. Moreover, Haizhu district is an area with countless bars and clubs. You can get there by the same tram if you get off at the station Party Pier.

Район Хайчжу

Best places to visit in Haizhu District Guangzhou:

  • Canton Tower. Address in Chinese: 广州市-海珠区-阅江西路222号,广州塔
  • Haizhu Park. Address in Chinese: 广州市-海珠区-新滘中路168号,海珠湖公园
  • Yingzhou Ecological Park. Address in Chinese: 广州市-海珠区-小洲东路138号, 瀛洲生态公园
  • Party Pier (clubs and bars). Address in Chinese: 广州市-海珠区-琶醍

Best hotels to stay in Haizhu District Guangzhou:

  • The Westin 5*
  • Shangri-la 4*
  • Intercontinental Guangzhou 4*
  • Skyline Plaza 4*
  • Vienna Guangzhou Haizhu 3*

Yuexiu District in Guangzhou

Yuexiu is an old city centre. It used to be a political and cultural centre of Guangdong province. Now it’s a commercial centre, however, there are no big shopping malls with clothes of famous brands here. This is an area of outdoor markets with endless stolls and historical buildings. That’s why it is the most touristic place in Guangzhou. Here you can walk along the pedestrian streets, check some of the oldest cafes in the city, and feel the past century. However, if the eternal noise of Chinese sellers is unbearable, go to Yuexiu park and find a statue of five goats - a symbol of Guangzhou. In addition, there are a lot of restaurants of Arabic and Turkish cuisine here just near Taojin and Xiaobei metro stations.

Район Юэсю

Best places to visit in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou:

  • Yuexiu Park. Address in Chinese: 广州市-越秀区-解放北路988号,越秀公园
  • Beijing Road. Address in Chinese: 广州市-越秀区-北京路
  • Huaisheng Mosque (was built 1300 year ago). Address in Chinese: 广州市-越秀区-光塔路56号, 怀圣寺
  • Middle-East cuisine at Taojin or Xiaobei metro stations. Address in Chinese: 淘金地铁站,小贝地铁站

Best hotels to stay in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou:

  • Doubletree by Hilton 5*
  • Crowne Plaza 5*
  • Ocean Hotel 4*
  • IBIS 3*
  • Vienna Hotel Yuexiu 3*

Liwan District in Guangzhou

The fourth district that is popular among visitors of Guangzhou is Liwan district. An interesting fact is that here was born Cantonese dialect - the dialect that is spoken in Guangdong province and Hong Kong. Here you can relax, take a walk along the pedestrian street, have a look at Chinese “Venice” - Liwan Park, and explore the history of Guangzhou in Chen Clan Academy. Another quiet place is Shamian island. Nothing has changed here since the colonial era in China: white-stone mansions with French windows, a few cozy cafes, elegant bridges and two Catholic churches.

Район Ливань

Best places to visit in Liwan District, Guangzhou:

  • Chen Clan Academy. Address in Chinese: 广州市-荔湾区-中山七路恩龙里34号,陈家祠
  • Shamian Island. Address in Chinese: 广州市-荔湾区-沙面北街53-54号, 沙面岛
  • Shanxiajiu Road. Address in Chinese: 广州市-荔湾区-下九路6号,上下九步行街
  • Liwan Park. Address in Chinese: 广州市-荔湾区-龙津西路155号, 荔湾湖公园
  • Liuhua Park. Address in Chinese: 广州市-越秀区-东风西路163号, 流花湖公园

Best hotels to stay in Liwan District, Guangzhou:

  • White Swan Hotel 5*
  • Holiday Inn 4*
  • Vidical Serviced Apartment 3*

Places to stay in Guangzhou near Baiyun airport

Just for a night before the flight it can be a good idea to find a hotel near the airport, so there will be no need to wake up early and hurry to the flight.

Best hotels near Baiyun airport in Guangzhou:

  • Pullman Hotel 5*
  • Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Huadu 5*
  • Lavande 4*
  • Hamptom by Hilton Huadu 4*
  • Vienna Hotel Baiyun airport 3*

Район аэропорт

Guangzhou is the best place to travel. Here everybody will always find an enterteinment for any taste and, in addition, will never get hungry. Especially if you check this article “Top 5 restaurants zones in Guangzhou”. The city will drag you into its nets, and you will definely come back again. However, it’s not a good idea to stay in Guangzhou if you are coming for furniture sourcing. All the markets are located in Foshan city that is 16 km away from Guangzhou. It usually takes about 1,5 hour to get there. So its better not to waste time on a way and just stay in Foshan. Here are also a lot of good hotels and restaurants that you will not be dissapointed in. Fill up our online application form and we well arrange dates for your furniture trip. And after finishing all the sourcing, you can choose a couple of days to visit Guangzhou.