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Eating out in Foshan / What and Where To Eat In Foshan

Our customers come from all over the world and have very different food preferences. In 10 years of our work with furniture sourcing tours in Foshan, we have been asked thousands of times about the most important of it all questions: Where would you recommend to eat?

Foshan is a big city with a great choice of not only Chinese but Western, Indian and Asian food.

What’s there to eat in Chinese cuisine?

Chinese food can be somewhat frightening ingredient-wise or in a way of serving but it is a perfectly adjusted combination of flavors and nutrient value. Modern food masters call it «flavour layering». If a dish has many flavors, the tastebuds feel it as a whole. Which lead to enjoying food more and coming back for more.

Many people would think Chinese cuisine is all spicy or blend green vegetables. Truth is everyone can find something healthy, nutritious and suitable for the stomach.


There are famous dining areas in every city. In Foshan, it’s Lingnan Tiandi which is not only just one street but a whole historical site full of bars, restaurants, little souvenir shops (for those who want to bring home some quality Chinese gifts), unique decoration and tea shops. Lingnan Tiandi is located next to Zumiao  - Ancestral Temple, well preserved ancient construction that also holds kung-fu and lion dance performances every Saturday.

We have selected the best restaurants in Foshan for you. Whatever you like: spicy, steamed, soups, breakfast, Peking duck or European food, you’ll find it all in our list.

A lot of the following restaurants are located in Lingnan Tiandi or very close to it. If you don’t want to decide on a restaurant now but do want to find some quality attraction and food, we recommend you to visit Lingnan Tiandi, walk around and choose it yourself.  

Lingnan Tiandi – 岭南天地 - 祖庙大街2号

Chinese Cuisine Restaurant In Foshan

真烤炭烤鱼主题餐厅(凯德广场店) – Grilled Fish

Baked fish

Address: F4, KaiDe Square, NanHai avenue 75, Nanhai District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 佛山市南海区南海大道北75号凯德广场F4

Grilled fish Sichuan style in a pot with spices and vegetables of your choice.

After you choose the fish, you choose the hot pot broth. Other flavours include mushroom herbs, fermented black bean, pickled cabbage, hot and sour, and fresh chilli. You can also customize the spiciness. We got the least spicy to the spiciest.

Then, you pick the ingredients that go into the hot pot. We suggest ordering some ingredients that soak up the hot pot, such as potato, black fungus, thick vermicelli, lotus and many more.

辣么 - Lame

Sichuan spicy food

Address: 105, Creative Industry Park bld.5, Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 佛山市禅城区佛山创意产业园5号楼105号铺

Sichuan food at its best. Remember you can always ask to change the spiciness of each dish.

砂师弟(佛山创意园店) – ShaShiDi Restaurant

North-east food

Address: 101, Creative Industry Park bld.19, Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 广东省佛山市禅城区创意产业园19栋101室

For the meat lovers food from North-East of China - area with cold Russian-like winters.

佬湘楼(新DNA店) – Hunan Food

Hunan cuisine

Address: DNA shopping center 4F, Kuiqiyi road
Address in Chinese: 魁奇一路新福港新DNA购物广场4楼

Another level of spicy food – Hunan cuisine, the spiciest of southern cuisines. Be careful and specific about the level of spiciness you want.

热点·北京烤鸭小笼包专门店(保利水城店) – Beijing Food

Peking duck

Address: F4, TOGETHER MALL, Guicheng Qiandenghu East road 20, Nanhai District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 佛山市南海区桂城灯湖东路20号(近海六路) together保利MALL, F4

If you think Peking duck only can be made and served only in Peking, you’re wrong. Foshan has Peking duck franchise restaurant. Famous Peking Duck – the must-try dish for every traveller in China.

Before cooking, dusk is marinated in honey, ginger and soy sauce. It is served in thin slices with thin straws of onion, cucumbers, 2 sauces, and rice crepes.

老佛椰素荟 - Vegetarian Food

Address: WM502, WenMingLi, Lingnan Tiandi, Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 岭南新天地商业中心文明里5号WM502(地铁广佛线祖庙A出口)

Fancy Chinese vegetarian food which is also suitable for vegans due to Chinese people’s lactose intolerance. Healthy, made with a minimum of fat, purely with vegetables.

海底捞火锅(创意园店) - Haidilao Hot Pot

Hot pot

Address: 101, bld.16, Creative Industry Park, Jihuasi road 33, Chancheng, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 禅城区季华四路33号创意产业园16号楼101室

Hot Pot is not the name of a dish but the way of cooking when the food is cooked in the pot right on the table.

Remember to bring 3-4 people with you to enjoy it more and, of course, share the bill. Hot Pot was created to allow people all eat together for a reasonable price, especially in winter. While Pot is reaching the right temperature, you order meat and vegetables. It’s easy to get lost with a huge variety of everything. Also, you often can find non-traditional food for foreigners such as pig’s brain or duck’s blood.

Remember this is the busiest restaurant in Foshan and opened 24 hours a day. If you want to eat in rush hours be ready to wait up to 2 hours.

Western Food Restaurant in Foshan

You’ll find many western-ish restaurants in China and in Foshan in particular which are far from what you expect from it. Businessmen change it to the favour of Chinese tastes which makes it not so attractive for foreigners. Here is a list of personally selected by us western cuisine restaurants which we, as expatriates, think are worth visiting. Foshan is a leading manufacturer of pizza flour in China so pizza quality dough is worth trying.

Little Italy - 小小意大利(汾江中路店)

Address: Shop 6-10, No. 132 middle Fenjiang Road, Foshan, China
Address in Chinese: 广东省佛山市禅城区汾江中路132号1楼6-9号铺

Without a doubt greatest pizza in Foshan for a very affordable price.

Guoji Kitchen and Bar

Address: 2/F, Shunde Marriott Hotel, Midea Plaza, No.388 Nanguo Road East, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan 528300, China
Address in Chinese: 顺德区龙江镇亚洲大道亚洲国际交易中心中央馆1110-1111号万豪国际酒店

Western fusion restaurant located in Marriot hotel is a fine dining in Foshan for those who care.

Summer House

Address: No.2 Xietian Li, Lingnan Tiandi, Chancheng District, Foshan, China
Address in Chinese: 祖庙街道岭南新天地协天里2号

German owner made a great European menu with a good variety of food for fussiest foodies. Recommended for shisha lovers.

The Cider House

Address: 27-28 Yayi 3rd Street, Chancheng, Foshan, China
Address in Chinese: 广东省佛山市禅城区绿景三路6号附近

All day English breakfast.

The Paddy Field 田野西餐厅(禅城店)

Address: Lingnan Tiandi, No. 2 Xian Tian Lane Shop XT 204, Foshan, China
Address in Chinese: 佛山市禅城区祖庙街道岭南新天地204号铺(钟楼附近)

Good choice for beer lovers: draft, bottled. Good variety of Indian, Asian, European food.

Fancy sports events broadcast.

Indian Food Restaurants in Foshan

Indian cuisine

Lotus Indian restaurant

**Address: NO.53 Lecong Dadao, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan, China
Address in Chinese: **佛山市顺德区乐从大道东a53

Best Indian restaurant in Foshan. It’s divided into two: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Lotus located close to Foshan major furniture malls and we highly recommend it for visiting. It's a great option for vegetarians and just people who like spices and curries. Incredibly sweet but truly special and delicious sweets that are worth trying.

Cantonese Cuisine and Yum Cha Restaurants in Foshan

Cantonese cuisine

Traditional Cantonese breakfast or “Yum Cha” is more of a brunch than breakfast because starts early morning and end whenever you feel like.

The menu is full of non-spicy, not very oily and very healthy food. You can also order hot vegetable salads, lean meat, congee and soups, chicken feet and even yoghurt.

Yum Cha is a very special ritual for every Cantonese person. After you sit down, you’ll be offered flower tea, Tieguanyin (green tea), Longjing (green tea) or puer (black). Flower tea is more suitable for summer, puer for winter, the most neutral choice is Tieguanyin.

有记餐厅(金鱼街店) Youji Restaurant

Address: Jinyu st., Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 金鱼街24号

潮庭港式茶餐厅(创意产业园店) ChaoTing Yum Cha Restaurant

Address: Bld. 6, Creative Industry Park, JiHuaWu road, Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 季华四路33号创意产业园6号楼(蕉叶旁)

如轩砂锅粥 (文华里店) Ruxuan Porridge In Casserole Yuerong Shop

Address: A5, 51 Zhongyi Rd, Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 佛山市禅城区忠义路51号文华里美食城A5号铺(文华北路与同济东路交界处文华制衣城对面)

潮庭港式茶餐厅 (九鼎国际店) ChaoTing Yum Cha Restaurant

Address: P25, 1 JiuDing International, Jihualiu st., Chancheng District, Foshan
Address in Chinese: 佛山市禅城区季华六路九鼎国际城1楼p25号铺

Fast Food Restaurants in Foshan

There are plenty of McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut and other worldwide known fast food chains for picky children. Please notice that the menu in KFC and McDonalds can be spicier than in Western countries.

We hope this selection will make your travelling for furniture sourcing in Foshan smoother.

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