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Top hotels in Foshan: where to stay and spend more time buying high quality furniture

Foshan is an urban fringe of Guangzhou city and connected to it with a metro line which makes travelling between these two cities much more convenient than let's say 10 years ago. Guangzhou is famous and many of our clients are showing interest in staying there instead of Foshan during furniture sourcing tours. It’s relatively close but because of the markets' business hours, you’ll catch morning and evening traffic jams. Staying in Foshan will save you time and nerves.

We selected a handful amount of the places loved by our clients. All of them are located 5-10 minutes drive from all the markets so you won’t need to waste precious time sitting and looking outside never-ending highway.

Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi ★★★★★

Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi

Name in Chinese: 佛山岭南天地马哥孛罗酒店
Address in Chinese: 广东省佛山市禅城区人民路97号

Terrific 5-star hotel located in the heart of Foshan. NOVA – one of the biggest and comfortable shopping malls in the city is just right next to the hotel. Endless selection of Chinese snacks in the supermarket downstairs and in the mall itself, clothes shopping, catch a movie and simply to have a meal. The mall opens its door every day till 22:00.

Hotel is relatively new which you feel from furnishing and decoration. Every room has its own balcony which, adding the location, makes a perfect spot to watch over the city.

Hotel is right next to Zumiao — 祖庙, you can read about it and the restaurant zone here. Did you know that famous Bruce Lee has started his long kung-fu training path here in Foshan? It’s nice to imagine young Bruce walk between these narrows streets while standing in your balcony and enjoying the view.

Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi

There is only one indoor restaurant but lashings of restaurants nearby will make happy the fussiest foodie. Food and pedestrian zones are only 1 minute on foot from the hotel’s main door, all you’ve got to do is to cross the street.

Fantastic eclectic breakfast just blows away: western breakfast, sushi, dim sum, noodles, and even Indian samosa.

Swimming pool and fitness are available for those who try to keep fit. The pool is not very deep as per the western point of view, but it won’t affect swimming in any way.

Crowne Plaza Foshan ★★★★★

Name in Chinese: 佛山皇冠假日酒店
Address in Chinese: 佛山市禅城区汾江中路118号

Crowne Plaza Foshan

Great location: 5 minutes to the nearest metro station and 50 minutes to 1,5 hours by taxi to Baiyun International Airport. There are a good amount of shuttle buses going to Hong Kong and Macau every day from the hotel main door.

If you’re completely jet lagged and craving food in the middle of the night, 7-11 inside the Crowne Plaza Foshan will save you and your hungry tummy, the shop is opened 24 hours. Numerous amount of restaurants, shopping centers and markets around the hotel won’t leave you bored.

Buffet dinner with Chinese, Western, Japanese and Indian cuisines delights everyone’s appetite.

Breakfast might seem overpriced for people who prefer light breakfast.

Swissotel ★★★★★

Name in Chinese: 佛山恒安瑞士大酒店
Address in Chinese: 佛山市禅城区城门头西路1号


5-star hotel based 10 minutes away from Zumiao — 祖庙 and 8 minutes to two metro stations. After a busy day tries to get away from the hotel and pace around the restaurant zone where everything is opened till 1 am. Don’t be afraid to get lost, Swissotel is the tallest building around so you’ll definitely find your way back.

Quality materials, spacious rooms, and delish food. Fantastic news for coffee maniacs: Swissotel made a decision to no serve instant coffee as a very common practice in China even in 4-5-star hotels. Coffee in this hotel is made of freshly grounded coffee beans. There is no need to flatter food — the name says it all — but what really is spectacular here it’s the view from the 50th floor where the restaurant located. 

To stay in shape visit gym, spa-salon or swimming pool. You always can find a quality massage outside of the hotel, you’ll find in front of the hotel on the right. The roof-top swimming pool is the hotel’s schtick. Remember it’s opened only in the summer and the after is not warmed up.

Foshan Poltton International Serviced Apartment ★★★

Name in Chinese: 铂顿国际公寓(佛山祖庙店)
Address in Chinese: 建新路111号铂顿城B栋首层

Apartment building located 200 m from the nearest metro exit. Apartments with compact kitchen. Cars are available for rent, but the transportation is very chaotic in China so be careful.

Hotel is located in walking distance from historical sites in downtown, Foshan railway station is 15 minutes by taxi.

Anyway picking a hotel is solely your decision and we can only give some suggestion to optimize your time during furniture sourcing tour. If you have any special needs: if you’re coming with children or seniors or need particular firmness of mattresses, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.

If you have any question contact us any of the following ways. To apply for furniture sourcing tour now click here.