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Classic Furniture You Can Order From China

Europe is not a big part of a land, but the heart of different cultures and the cradle of whole civilizations. According to the differences in backgrounds, every European country has its own classic style. Usually, mentioning of classic European style most often implied the continuation of the Baroque and Rococo styles, which we reviewed in the previous article.

What first of all distinguishes the classical style from the baroque and rococo (which, in some sense, also have the right to be called classics)?

  • Not enormous spaces with the abundance of details on pieces of furniture, but expanded space, airiness and ease.
  • Priority of comfort over luxurity, lightness and freshness
  • Laconic natural colours

Buy classic European style bedroom furniture in Guangzhou, China

The main attribute of a bedroom in any style is, undoubtedly, a bed. In the bedroom, according to the canons of the classic interior, the bed should occupy a central place, be impressive, but not bulky. The headboard should preferably be decorated with carvings, inserts or elegant patterns.

Classic Style Beds Dark Colours Order Online from China

Size 1800*2000, Price in China $1,556
Size 1900*2100, Price in China $1,719
Size 1900*2100, Price in China $1,901

Classic Style Beds Light Colours Order Online from China

Size 1800*2000, Price in China $1,175
Size 1500*2000, Price in China $351
Size 1900*2100, Price in China $1,049

Classic Style Bedside Tables Buy from Foshan, China

Classic style bedside tables should fit the beds so as not to ruin the atmosphere, and here are some options:

Price in China $388
Price in China $601
Price in China $497
Price in China $285
Price in China $273
Price in China $527

Dressing Tables and Ottomans for a Bedroom in a Classic Style Buy in Guangzhou, China

A classic-style bedroom includes several essential pieces of furniture. We reviewed the beds and bedside tables above. The dressing table and bench will also help to complete the bedroom interior in a classic European style.


White, Price in China $678

Dark, Price in China $745

Classical style banquets are not so different from baroque and rococo style banquets; in general, these banquettes look more lightweight and modern.


Snowy, Price in China $500

Wooden, Price in China $543

Classic style living room furniture buy in Guangzhou, China

In a classic style interior, the living room is the front room and a place for to receive guests and organize family celebrations. It is important to create a living room design project and take into the account the principles of the classical style, such as symmetry and restrained colours. Of course, the furniture will be a key element in creating the atmosphere, and we will start looking at furniture for classic European style with sofas.

Classic European Style Living Room Sofas Order from China

Modern sofas in classic European style are made of the same materials as sofas in other styles, and the key thing that distinguishes them is the shape, upholstery and decorative elements.


For green, price in China $1,310

For golden, price in China $797

It would seem that advanced technologies can change the world beyond recognition, however, both interior designers and the furniture industry itself tirelessly reproduce the classic forms of sofas from modern materials.


For brown sofa, price in China $2,677

For white sofa, price in China $1,662

Classic Style Living Room Armchairs Order Online from Foshan, China

The armchairs in the classic European style are similar to the furniture in the Baroque and Rococo style, which is not surprising since the Baroque and Rococo were the origins of the development of the style. However, the appearance of the classic European style chairs is more discreet. The upholstery can be of any colour - from soft and light options to colourful shades.


For green, price in China $872

For golden, price in China $487

The classic style implies proportionality in everything, so a couple of the armchairs should mirror each other.


For brown, price in China $1,737

For white, price in China $1,174

Classic style living room coffee tables buy in China

The first coffee table appeared in England in the early 19th century, it was designed for aristocrats’ tea parties.

Price in China $839
Price in China $1,195
Price in China $789

Later, marble countertops appeared in the design of wooden tables, and then craftsmen began to use other materials and experiment with the shapes of the tables.


For the first, price in China $933

For the second, price in China $452

3+2+1 Set in Classic European Style Buy from China

The predominant colors of the interior in a classic style are light. Most often, pastel colors are complemented by white, brown, pink, gray, bronze and gold shades.


3-seater sofa, price in China $928
2-seater sofa, price in China $732
An armchair, price in China $535

The same set 3 + 2 + 1 in a classic European style in soft blue tones.


3-seater sofa, price in China $1,266
2-seater sofa, price in China $1,001
An armchair, price in China $680

Buy Online Classic European Style Dining Room Furniture from China

The heart of the classic dining room is the dining table. The size of the table for creating the interior of the dining room is determined based on the size of the room.

Price in China $792
Price in China $389
Price in China $542

Sometimes tables in the classic style can be associated with strict tables that refer to the Gothic style, for example:


For the first, price in China $296

For the second, price in China $415

Classic Style Dining Chairs Buy from Guangzhou, China


Without armrests, price in China $197
With armrests, price in China $235

Light Chairs in Classic European Style Order Online from China


Without armrests, price in China $311
With armrests, price in China $337

European Classic Style Dining Room Sideboards Buy in Foshan, China

The cupboard is not only an important element in creating the interior of a dining room or dining-living room, it is also perfect for filling empty spaces or zoning the room. For this purpose, you should give preference to light, elegant cupboards.

Price in China $835
Price in China $1,672
Price in China $1,773

You do not need to go to China to buy furniture in the classic European style, you can easily order online all the furniture you desire. Leave your contacts and we will contact you as soon as possible!