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Currency (money) exchange in China: dollar, euro exchange in China

One of the most important issues that can appear before the trip to China is the currency exchange. In this article, we are going to talk about how to buy RMB (official abbreviation for Chinese yuan) and how to do it quickly and profitable.

Currency (money), dollar, euro exchange before going to China

One of the easiest ways is to think ahead of the trip to China. However, in this case, be sure to check the regulations of the amount of cash it is allowed to take out of your country before you fly, and if necessary make alternative plans. Rules and restrictions on travelling with money vary from country to country. Currency (money) restriction information should be on the customs official website.

Chinese customs regulations:

  • Foreign currency in the amount of more than $5000 or its total equivalent in other currencies (except RMB) has to be declared after arrival;
  • Chinese currency of more than 20000 RMB cannot be taken in or out of China without the permission of the Central Bank of China or other authorities. RMB is counted separately from other currencies.

Therefore, more than $5 000 in cash have to be declared. Current information about travelling with money can be found on the Chinese Customs website. Read more about how to fill in a declaration on our blog.


  • no need to spend time on money exchange in China


  • have to fill in the declaration at the customs;
  • have to carry a lot of cash.

Cash - paper money, coins. Check - a payment document, usually issued by a commercial bank. To use a check, its owner must, in the presence of a cashier or an operator, be sure to put his signature on the check again.

Обменять валюту в банке в Китае

Money, dollar, euro exchange in China

Money, dollar, euro exchange in the airport

The first opportunity to change money will be at the airport. Every international airport has a currency exchange. The main disadvantage is the bad exchange rate. So do it only if very necessary.


  • convenient


  • bad exchange rate

Money (currency), dollar, euro exchange in a bank in China

Perhaps, it's the first way of changing money that will come to your mind. If you decide to do it, better to do it in the banks that operate throughout China such as:

  • Bank of China (中国银行)
  • ICBC (中国工商银行)
  • ABC (中国农业银行)
  • China Construction Bank (中国建设银行)

Don’t forget to take your passport and be ready that you’ll spend a lot of time in the bank because of the Chinese bureaucracy. It will take at least about an hour for you to fill in all the necessary documents and for a bank employee to put your information into the system. And don’t forget to save all the receipts! In this case, you will not have to fill in all the documents again but just show the receipts if you want to change your money back at the end of your trip.


  • the exchange rate is much better


  • takes a lot of time

Money withdraw in ATM in China

The most convenient option of all as almost all ATMs accept Mastercard and Visa. If you want to withdraw money directly from your card, then you should be prepared:

  • notify the bank about your trip beforehand, otherwise, the bank might consider the operation abroad suspicious and could temporarily block your card;
  • pay attention to the commission for cash withdrawal abroad in third-party ATMs. In China, each bank has its own policy, therefore it is better to check this information with your bank;
  • some banks have a special service of opening an account in RMB. Open such an account to save on the exchange rate;
  • check the cash withdrawal limit per day and, if necessary, bring a few bank cards with you;
  • please note that Chinese ATMs usually allow withdrawing from foreign bank cards only 3000 RMB at a time.


  • quick;
  • convenient;
  • good exchange rate.


  • inconvenient to withdraw big sums of cash;
  • have to notify the bank in advance so it will not block the card.

Обменять валюту в банке в Китае

Change cash, dollar, euro in a currency exchange in China

Currency exchanges are not so easy to find as ATMs or banks but the exchange rate is sometimes better than at the bank. It’s only allowed to exchange $500 per day per one person.

Do not change money, dollar, euro in China

If after everything you have read, you don’t want to spend your time and energy on currency exchange, then we have a good solution for you. If you are a client of our company, then we can arrange a money exchange for you. We offer a better exchange rate than at the bank. You just have to tell us the sum you want to change before your arrival, and we will do everything for you. There is no need to change a lot of money because in the markets you can pay in dollars according to the exchange rate on the day of the transaction. If you have cash left at the end of the trip, you can always use it as a deposit or to pay with it for your purchase.


  • minimum time;
  • the best exchange rate.


  • the sum should be at least a few thousand dollars;
  • we don’t provide the receipt, so you will not be able to change your money back in a Chinese bank.

We advise you to check on our article about whether it is possible to pay with Visa and Mastercard in China. It’s not so easy as it seems. If you still have some questions, you can always ask us. We don’t take any commissions for it and you can find out more interesting things about Foshan and get our help with the project of your dream.