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Decorate Kitchen Living Room Combo with a Furniture from China

The combination of kitchen and living room is a trend that came from classic American interior. In this concept planning design the kitchen, dining room and living room create one space, while private spaces like bedroom or study are separate. гостин

There are several advantages to this type of planning:

  • a large space in the same style visually looks more helpful than two small spaces;
  • the kitchen combined with the living room looks fashionable, and will remain in design trends for a long time;
  • enough space for everyone, and there will be no need to run from room to room to bring mugs and plates.
    But there is a disadvantage too. The kitchen remains as a "wet area", it is often contaminated during cooking, and no one has cancelled the smell. Here, everyone decides for himself, setting priorities for himself and finding workable solutions. Cooking smell problem is solved with a well-functioning hood, minimizing pollution through a functional and ergonomic design of the kitchen itself, which is easy to wash and clean.

Therefore, a derivative of such planning is also the option when the kitchen is separate, and the dining room and living room are combined. So, there are two ways to organize a combined kitchen / dining room and living room:

  • When we hide the kitchen
  • When we emphasize the kitchen or dining room

Consider several variations of a combined kitchen / dining room with a living room (and one kitchen and dining room):

American Classic Style Kitchen and Living Room Furniture Buy in China Foshan Online with Delivery

In this case, the kitchen is not hidden, but it is not emphasized very clearly, but only remotely through the pattern of the chair and stool in the kitchen: перваякартинка

Price in China $520
Price in China $633
Price in China $70

Eco-Style Combined Kitchen and Living Room Furniture Buy from China from Guangzhou Online with Home Delivery

Hiding the kitchen seems like a logical solution and is often used by interior designers to create modern designs. The colour scheme in such cases is used from a light palette, from white to beige. With eco-style, hiding the kitchen is a logical decision, because eco-style also gravitates towards minimalism. More eco-styled furniture you can find here.


Price in China $1207
Price in China $303
столик кофе
Price in China $285

One of the solutions is to hide the kitchen and make it invisible. Minimalistic kitchen set in the colour of the walls provides the opportunity to make the kitchen set look like it is a part of the wall. A kitchen that matches the colour of the walls is a universal option that cannot be spoiled; this solution is suitable not only for eco-style but also for modern style. However, we will consider the option of planning a combined space in a modern style below.

Price in China $162
Price in China $218
Price in China $40

Pop Art Kitchen & Living Room Furniture Buy in Guangzhou China Online with Home Delivery

But to emphasize the kitchen is a bold decision, but if the interior style is as bright and graceful as, for example, pop art or Art Deco, then why not? That pop art, that art déco do not strive for functionality, like modern interior, but strive to emphasize their individuality, to shock and challenge.

For a pop art interior, the kitchen can be emphasized by using complementary colors: третьякартинка

Price in China $473
Price in China $270
Price in China $178

Modern Style Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture Buy from China, Foshan Online with Delivery

The bar counter is a great option for a modern style kitchen! If space permits, then there are design options when both the dining table and the bar counter are present in the combined space of the kitchen and dining room: четвертаякартинка


Price in China $1349

Price in China $395

Price in China $310
Brand: Poliform || Price in China $212
Price in China $45

Art Deco Living Room and Dining Room Furniture Buy from China, Guangzhou Online

пятыйкартинка And now let's look at the combined living room and dining room in the Art déco style. The superior style of luxurious furniture: a table, kitchen chairs, a sofa, a TV cabinet and a coffee table determines the room as one space. In China, you can buy replicas of brand furniture and create an extraordinary elite style of a combined living room and dining room in the Art déco style.

Brand: Baxter || Price in China $1100
Brand: Bentley || Price in China $1092
Brand: Visionnaire || Price in China $2131

Table: price in China $1884

Kitchen chair: price in China $229

If you already have a design project, send us your project, and we will make a preliminary calculation for free. If there is no design project, no problem! Maybe you liked some designs in the article? Or do you have a photo of the furniture you want or even pictures from Pinterest? All this will do to make a preliminary calculation, what are you waiting for?