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Foshan – the furniture city. Best furniture shopping malls and markets in Foshan

Foshan is the furniture capital of the world

Chinese people like massive projects. There are whole streets attributed to one type of goods such as street attributed to selling bicycles. The same rule applies to the cities: many cities specialize in one or two similar groups of goods. Foshan specializes in furniture production there are more than 5000 factories here.

Few reasons why people call Foshan the world's furniture capital:

  • Good location: Foshan lays on the river delta giving a direct way to Guangzhou and Shenzhen ports, materials delivery and furniture delivery becomes very profitable.
  • Warm climate, all year above zero temperature which saves a lot for heating warehouses and factories.
  • Nearness to Hongkong. Many Hongkongese investors built factories with modern equipment in Foshan. Warm climate, all year above zero temperature which saves a lot for heating warehouses and factories.  

Best furniture shopping mall and markets in Foshan, China.

There are dozens of furniture shopping malls but not all of them worth visiting. Shopping malls are 70-80% of factories’ showrooms, 20-30% are resellers cooperating with different factories. We have selected shopping malls in Foshan with the best quality-price ratio.


Louvre furniture mall

The best way to start your Foshan journey is to visit the Louvre shopping market shining for the best choice, reliable suppliers and furniture selection. It is the most expensive furniture mall in Foshan, If you are looking for premium quality this is the choice. It is still worth visiting for understanding what quality and price you need. If Louvre is too pricey, you find cheaper versions of the models you liked there.

Louvre markets as a shopping mall with exquisite, expensive, top quality furniture keeping up with world fashion.

Total exhibiting footage of furniture boutiques is 50 000 square meters, the indoor decoration is an art in itself. There are 6 floors in this luxury modern space.

Price range: middle, high, luxury.


Macalline furniture mall

Macalline exhibits many factories in American and European styles costing less than in Louvre.

No everyone has heard about Macalline market because of its distant location. It is fantastically equipped and isn’t inferior to Louvre.

Total square footage is 120 000 m2 completed in a classical style. The new wing was opened not so long ago. More wings are to be opened in the future which makes Macalline square footage 450 000 m2

Macalline is two floors, wide and spacey halls with lots of furniture boutiques on the left and right. Main furniture styles are classic, modern, minimalistic.

Price range: middle, high.

Sun-Link North

Sun-Link North

Sun-Link North mall is quite a universal furniture shopping market with decent prices. It occupies 200 000 m2, 12 wings with 3 floors in each of them. Here is the place to shop for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, office, and residence. Main styles are modern, minimalism and Asian style.

Except for furniture, you will find accessories showrooms with paintings, statues, clocks, artificial flowers, vases, rugs, reеtro phonograph, electric fireplace, pool tables, fountains and much more.

Price range: low, middle, middle-high

Where are furniture markets located in Foshan?

All of the furniture shopping centers are located within 15 minutes distance from the Foshan city center. To get from one market to another takes 5-10 minutes which save clients time and energy.

Is it profitable to buy furniture in Foshan, China?

It is more profitable to purchase middle, high and luxury priced items here in Foshan which makes you save a minimum of 70% from leftover funds including shipping and customs clearance expenses.

Here is why: customs tariff is calculated by the cargo weight, not by its price. Which makes customs tariff equal for both 300$ and 3000$ sofa. This is why buying cheap furniture doesn’t mean saving money in Foshan.

Another big advantage of purchasing middle, high and luxury priced furniture is that apart from saving money, you get top quality items that will serve you for years and decades.

What is the production time for furniture in Foshan, China?

It takes 15-60 days on average to produce furniture in Foshan depending on quantity and the furniture type.

How is the quality of made in China furniture?

Furniture quality always corresponds to the price. Generally, you won’t have quality problems if you know where to buy and cooperate with trustworthy suppliers. We do not recommend purchasing a super cheap building and decorative materials, you will most possibly get small working life materials which can lead to other defects.

How is furniture delivered to my country?

Furniture shipping carries with containers to almost any part of the world. We cooperate with the biggest logistics companies. For more details about furniture shipping China click here.

We do customs clearance in China and prove all the needed paperwork for the customs clearance in your country. Customs tariffs depend on Customs Commodity Code, weight and volume. Please, reach us out for estimated shipping cost. For more detailed information about furniture customs processing in China read here.

Pros of buying furniture in Foshan with us

  • Office and warehouse located in Foshan
  • Professional translators
  • Vast working experience
  • International shipping from China
  • Providing clients with all the paperwork needed for customs clearance in their countries
  • In-house logistic department

Top five furniture malls in Foshan (video)