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How to get around in Foshan: All options from cheapest carpool services to premium private drivers

We always leave the choice of transportation within the city to our customers. And clients ask us how to make the tour work to its capacity. We try to tell you in details about every way to get around in Foshan.

Uber (DiDi Chuxing)

Didi Chuxing

Big cities’ residents know UBER very well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in China, because it was taken over by DiDi Chuxing company. DiDi is a smartphone application for calling, searching and paying for a taxi or private carolers. It is practically UBER but with a wider range of functions: the ability to map a route for public transport, find the nearest shared bicycle, call a taxi and even to buy a second-hand car.


Cars are arranged very fast and the app has multiple options for car range from the cheapest to premium.

Prices for taxi and carpool services are times cheaper than in big cities all over the world.

Reserving a car to a particular time is also available.

English language version of DiDi is not very user-friendly, especially for western customers, but our clients always can ask the manager to arrange a car for them.


The app requires a Chinese bank card connected to the account to pay online.

Paychecks are only available online, so might be not the best option for those who need to provide their companies with some paper proof.

The lower the class the faster you’ll get the car.

During rain, prepare yourself to wait for a car to be arranged. It can take up to 30-40 minutes.

Types of available cars


Economy class of DiDi.

It’s close to standard cars in Uber.

Cars are often quite new, and sometimes you can even get something fancy like BMW.

Average cost: 2.4 yuan/km
Minimum rate: 8 yuan


A step higher than Express. It gives a choice of more experienced drivers and better cars.

Average cost: 2.8 yuan/km
Minimum rate: 9.2 yuan


Business-class will let you enjoy spacer cars and great service. This is the best option for more than middle-height people. Please notice, Chinese local brands' cars are quite narrow and low inside.

Average cost: 2.8 yuan/km
Minimum rate: 13 yuan

6-seater business car

6 seater business-class car

Spacey minivan is perfect for big families or groups of friends that enjoy furniture tour together.

Average cost: 4.6 yuan/km
Minimum rate: 18 yuan

Premium class

Premium class cars with free water and reserved drivers that won’t bother you throughout the trip.

Average cost: 5 yuan/km
Minimum rate: 20 yuan


Foshan Taxi

There are plenty of local taxi companies in every city in China. You can hail a car on the street or call it via the app. Different companies paint cars in a different color which vary from region to region. Usually service level is much lower than the lowest class on DiDi with prices equal or higher. The rate will depend on the traffic and time of the day.

In some cities in China, there are metal bar screens installed around the driver's seat for their protection. Fortunately, this is becoming history, and you won’t see the bars in new taxi cars.


You can request check form the taxi driver for the paperwork back in your country. Also, it will be the only way to find your belongings if you have forgotten it in the car. Taxi can be ordered any time day or night or in advance.


A chance to come across dodgy drivers that will make circles all over the map to lure as much money as they think you are able to give. Our managers know the city and speak Chinese which gives frauds minimum chance to fool our customers.

In spite of the smoking ban inside the cars, many drivers, especially in small and middle-sized cities, still do. Sometimes without even asking passengers’ permission. Even if you don’t see a driver smoking, there is often a very strong cigarette smell inside. Taxi cars most of the times are not very clean.

No baby seat chair. Ever.

Renting a car with a personal driver

Comfortable transportation wherever you go. It is way more expensive that DiDi and not much better comfort wise.


No need to wait for a driver: he will arrive sharply on time and wait for you. Personal drivers are usually professionals and know the city well. The driver takes you everywhere so there is no need to order a new car for every move during the day.

You most definitely get good service and a clean car.

If you order a car through an agency, you can also request a baby seat chair.


Daily kilometrage is 400 km for a car.

Driving outside of the city, toll roads, parking fee, and driver’s lunch all are paid separately. One working day is 8 hours, anything extra is paid with a markup rate.

An estimated cost for a full day personal driver is 180 dollars. Weekends and holidays are calculated at a higher rate.

Public transport

Public transportation

Public transportation in China is very well-developed, and plenty of people use it every day. However, it doesn’t suit for moving between the furniture centres: no guarantee of finding a direct bus to the place you need and to get to Guzhen you’ll have to change the bus to train.

If you value your time and don’t want to spend money on a personal driver, we would recommend DiDi.

Average cost: 2 yuan

One way ticket price for metro starts with 3 yuan and depends on the length of the journey.


It’s by far cheaper than a taxi or private driver. Foshan buses have separate roadbed which helps to avoid traffic jams.

A one-way trip by metro to Guangzhou takes about 40 minutes.


All furniture centres located far from metro line and way too far to reach it on foot. The most comfortable way to get around Foshan is taxi or DiDi: you won’t miss the bus stop nor won’t need to change transport.


Listen to your needs and our recommendations. After all, we suggest clients using DiDi for the furniture sourcing tour time in Shunde and Foshan. A personal driver doesn’t really fit for travelling inside the city because most of the time is waiting. On the other hand, if you are planning to travel to Guzhen, a personal driver might be the choice. Our manager will arrange the cars according to your wish.

During your stay do not hesitate and ask our manager about every detail of the tour. To find out more about our services click here. To book furniture sourcing tour click here.