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Purchase and Import Furniture From China: A Comprehensive Guide [2020]

Why buy furniture in China? Isn’t it better to buy furniture in Italy? Why not buy from a local furniture store?

China is a big factory for many items all over the world. Most of the things we use every day are made in China and furniture is no exception. A big part of the furniture stores in your city purchase and bring furniture from China. Buying furniture from China directly, you avoid paying for the multiple interests of the companies this furniture passed through.

In Foshan, without a proper guidance furniture market space takes months just to walk through. Prices for the similar European and American furniture analogs are much lower in China. The price difference can be 3-20 times, even after logistics expenses you still save up the budget and buy the furniture of the higher quality for a better price.

Furniture of all style is produced in Foshan, China. Most often our clients buy furniture of the following styles:

  • Baroque furniture
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Modern furniture
  • Rustic furniture
  • Vintage furniture
  • Art-deco furniture
  • Shabby chic furniture
  • Retro furniture
  • High tech furniture
  • Pop art furniture
  • Loft furniture
  • Minimalist furniture
  • Classic furniture
  • Art-nouveau furniture

Not only furniture but building and decorative materials, sanitary ware, tiles etc. All can be bought here in China.

Home furniture from China

If you just bought a new house or an apartment, buying everything from a chandelier to flooring and a rug here in China will save up a sensible amount of your budget. Furniture and accessories — all available in Foshan. Avoid overpaying to locals adding a great deal of interest to each piece of furniture they sell. Importing furniture from China is not an easy task but it becomes a delight if you find a reliable company to cut to the chase and optimize your time in China.

Many people think that travel all the way to China for furniture is a crazy venture but on the contrary, most of our clients are very savvy and practical people wishing to spend their money smart. They are not only careful with money but very conscientious about every part of the trip.

How to make the most of the furniture sourcing tour and get ready for it read here.

If you buy furniture in China for your own need or business, it is vital to come here personally, see and choose what you need. Photos and videos will never do the justice of the size and selection of any items in Foshan because It's better seeing something once than hearing twice. Another reason is to check the quality and select the exact colour palette.

It takes 5-7 days on average for customers to choose everything they want. No need searching for suppliers, visiting factories and dusting your boots in dirty warehouses because all of the vendors are in one city and your personal manager selected only the places that have items you require.

At first sight, the whole trip seems like not worth the amount of energy spent on it. But at the end of the day, the tour is optimized and so efficient that it totally saves the time and money.

Office, restaurant and hotel furniture from China

When furnishing a restaurant, bar, hotel and in any other case when you need to place a big order, we suggest to come to China personally and choose for yourself what you like and need. If your order includes lots of goods in one batch, our manager not only can help you to find good quality-price options within your budget but also take you to the factory where you can see equipment and the production quality. Managers make sure that a manufacturer is able to complete the order on time and without degrading the quality.

If you are planning to buy furniture in China for resale, we help to organize regular deliveries and held negotiations with manufacturers on your behalf.

If you have furniture, building or interior design business, we are opened for cooperation.

How to buy furniture in China?

Buying furniture in China includes many steps, but nevertheless, it’s an interesting, fascinating, and profitable journey for a client.

You send an application or contact us any of the ways. Along with application customers usually send the wishlist of items, budget and approximate dates of the trip to China. Considering all this information our manager starts planning the furniture sourcing tour from day 1.

  1. To book the tour dates customers transfer 200$ prior to arrival. If you need a visa invitation, our company provides it after the deposit received.
  2. Our manager meets you at the airport and after takes you to the hotel to have some rest and get ready for the shopping. The same person will accompany and help you throughout the whole tour. If customers are ready, the tour can be started the same day.
  3. Before the shopping starts, the manager takes clients to our company’s office in Foshan to sign the contract and to complete the deposit fee with 900$. Both 200$ and 900$ will be later deducted from the percentage calculated agency fee.
  4. The manager takes the customer to showroom matching the wishlist style. They choose the items, and the manager takes detailed notes along with pictures and forms a purchase list with specification plus exact prices. He/She also talks prices on your behalf and won’t let sellers fool you.
  5. Customers pay 30% deposit in showrooms, after that we place an order. As production goes, some items completed earlier than other. Our managers do quality control personally for each item in the order and control if delivered goods match the purchase order. If there are any quality/quantity/specification problems detected, we solve them with the manufacturer before shipping.
  6. After production is completed, customers pay the balance. We consolidate items from all the vendors in our warehouse in Foshan and load the container.
  7. Our company has an in-house logistics department, arranges container and shipping by sea. We not only do customs clearance in China but also provide paperwork needed for customs clearance in the country of delivery.
  8. After clients receive the order, we hope, they are happy enough to make a couple of pictures for a memorable moment.

How we work

  • We take 5-1% of a total purchase amount. The exact amount depends on your budget.
  • We work with orders starting with 20.000 USD (Why?)
  • Minimum loading amount is one 20 ft container (33 m3)

How does shipping from China work?

Cargo container

Delivery from China is carried out by 20 and 40 ft containers (33 and 76 mrespectively). All needed for 250 square feet house can fit into 40 ft container. We follow one simple rule: one client — one container. This way the odds of damaging the goods you’ve ordered tend to vanish. There won’t be any unnecessary unloading of goods during the shipping as it’s common for groupage cargo. Container loaded in our warehouse and is sealed till the customs clearance in your country, it’s only unpacked and moved from the container when reaching the destination point.

We have shipped furniture from China to many countries such as:

We already shipped map

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Qatar
  • Cyprus
  • Costa Rica
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Mauritius
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • UAE
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Seychelles
  • USA
  • Thailand
  • Tanzania
  • Ukraine
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Sri Lanka
  • South Africa
  • Japan

We can deliver furniture to any part of the world and do not deliver strictly to mentioned above countries. To calculate the delivery fee, please contact our manager or get an estimated shipping cost calculation on our website. Shipping is arranged to the nearest seaport and by auto container truck after. You see your furniture when you place an order and when receiving it and we take care of the rest. If you still are concerned with containers safety, we suggest buying insurance in any insurance company you choose.  

More about shipping read here.

Which place in China I should go to buy furniture?

Foshan map

Furniture fairs in China

Guangzhou — a huge city located next to Foshan — holds numerous specialized and general exhibitions every year: the most famous general fair is the Canton Fair, there are also exhibitions specially designed for furniture manufacturers.

  • CIFF — China International Furniture Fair happens twice a year: in spring in Guangzhou and in autumn in Shanghai. It's the biggest furniture fair in China and in Asia.
  • The Canton Fair — the biggest exhibition in Asia among all. It's not made especially for furniture, nevertheless, it's so massive that there are still a lot of furniture factories presented.
  • International Famous Furniture Fair is held annually in Dongguan (Close to Guangzhou city). Here you can find:
  1. Furniture for residential spaces
  2. Office furniture
  3. Furniture for villas, country houses, and cottages
  4. Exclusive furniture
  5. Antique furniture
  6. Furniture for public spaces
  7. Materials for furniture production
  8. Fittings
  9. Fabrics for furniture production
  10. Mattresses
  11. Furniture Production Software
  12. Furniture design, interior solutions

Why it's better to buy furniture in Foshan than on specialized fairs?

Although visiting exhibitions can be interesting, it might be not the best choice if you buy furniture for yourself. Unless you are looking for business partners, we do not recommend purchasing furniture at exhibitions and here's why:

  1. Suppliers come to Guangzhou from all over China, and when it comes to ordering, it turns out that a significant part of the product price is a shipping cost from different provinces in China to the warehouse.
  2. The samples presented at exhibitions are made perfectly but often when it comes to actual supplying, it turns out that the quality does not even closely match the one seen before. Getting suppliers from different provinces only make it more complicated. Managing quality control from that far requires additional resources and reduces the benefits of buying furniture in China to a zero.
  3. Manufacturers coming to exhibitions are not there for retail. They look for a wholesale, big fish customers. Be prepared, factories won't sell a couple of sofas, simply because they are not interested.
  4. Factories cannot bring their entire furniture range to the exhibition stand, they take only a couple of best samples. It brings you to an extremely limited choice, and you may simply not find what you need. The furniture on the stands serves mainly for attracting attention, and you will be offered to choose from catalogs. But is it worth to come to China for scrolling through catalogs' pages?

Foshan's furniture markets occupy more than 5 million square meters. Showrooms of all manufacturers gathered in one place, which allows you to choose exactly what you need, without traveling between factories from one town end to another. Foshan is a never-ending furniture exhibition, where you can find furniture of any style for any purpose at any time of the year. In addition, furniture presented in Foshan originally intended for sale in China, so no export markup included in product prices.

Which shopping centers in Foshan worth visiting

Furniture shopping malls in Foshan, China

It is not enough to come for furniture, it is very important to also know where to buy and what you need. The area of furniture shopping centres allows you to walk for months, in some cases, even after spending a lot of time there, you won't find what you were looking for simply because didn't reach the right spot.

The most common types of furniture in China our customers buy for their homes / apartments / offices:

  1. Sofas
  2. Beds
  3. Chairs
  4. Tables
  5. Armchairs
  6. Children's room sets
  7. Children's furniture
  8. Wooden furniture
  9. Bathroom cabinets
  10. Metal furniture
  11. Upholstered furniture
  12. Furniture for bedrooms
  13. Living Room Furniture
  14. Kitchens
  15. Dining room furniture
  16. Doors
  17. High-quality replicas of famous world brands.

Some shopping centres are not worth even visiting because good manufacturers do not want to be placed on an unknown market in the middle of nowhere. We have made the selection of good shopping centres that clearly deserve attention and must-visit spots to visit.

Louvre Furniture Shopping Center (Louvre International Art Expo Center)

Louvre Furniture Shopping Center

The Louvre is a premium class shopping mall. If you are looking for exclusive high-quality furniture, then you definitely need to come here. All the best and newest furniture models presented in this centre. The retail space covers more than 50 thousand square meters and 6 floors of commercial pavilions. We always recommend our customers to start exploring the furniture with the Louvre at least to understand the target price segment and decide on the desired quality.

The Louvre is located in Shunde – one of the districts of Foshan city. All furniture, building materials and decoration markets located in this area. Louvre is famous for a huge choice of premium-class, genuine leather, and exclusive designer furniture.

Price segment: medium, high, luxury

Furniture Shopping Centre Macalline (Red Star Macalline)

Red Star Macalline

There are many European and American style furniture manufacturers in Macalline. Macalline located a little further away than other furniture centres, so many customers do not go there. It's a pity because furniture choice in Macalline is close to Louvre and going all the way to see it would definitely worth it.
Macalline has two floors with more than 120 thousand square meters the total area. It will be soon expanded to 450 thousand square meters. The mall decorated in classic style.
This market is also located in Shunde, in the place of LeCun. You will appreciate a huge selection of both classic and modern furniture.

Price segment: medium, high

Sun-Link North Furniture center

Sun Link North

Sun Link North is a universal furniture mall, where, unlike Louvre and Macalline, you can find not only premium class furniture but more budget options. (Why you should not buy cheap furniture read here).

Sun Link North offers a huge selection for the hospitality industry business as well as lots of Asian and minimalist furniture. The market is filled with accessories: vases, statues, fountains, fireplaces and many other interesting things.

More than 200 thousand square meters of the market space, 3 floors with 12 sections each. The malls located in LeCun, Shunde literally 5 minutes walk from the Louvre.

Price segment: low, medium.

Sun-Link South Furniture center

Sun Link South

If you are looking for decent quality budget furniture this is exactly what you need.

A huge choice of furniture for those who do not intend to spend big sums on home improvement. There is a large selection of the budget segment but remember the number one rule when buying in this market - check the quality before buying. Even if everything is done beautifully, pay attention to the seams and quality of materials.

The San Link South located in Shunde, LeCun  - no more than 5 minutes on foot from Louvre.

Price segment: low, medium.

Lighting Shopping Centres in Guzhen, China.

Lighting is an important part of any interior design. It is important not just to buy it, but to choose lighting which will harmonize the interior layout. Even the most beautiful room looks dull without proper lighting.
We've made a list of lighting shopping centers, most of them located in the Guzhen – city near Foshan. If you're coming for big projects lights, dedicate 1-2 full days for it.

These are the most popular types of lighting our customers buy in China for their homes, apartments, offices:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pin-up lamp
  • Spotlights
  • LED lighting
  • Table lamps
  • Neon lighting
  • Floor lamps
  • Night Lights
  • Lighting Strand
  • Lighting accessories
  • Custom-made lighting

Star Alliance Lighting Center

Star Alliance Lighting Centre

This shopping center is similar to the Louvre in Foshan in many ways, the only difference– it's completely devoted to lighting. You'll find any types of illumination: the most expensive chandeliers, wall lamps, point lighting of all types and forms. If you're planning to see all of the lighting markets in Guzhen, this is the one to start with. You'll unlikely find such a variety anywhere in the world: over 300 thousand square meters that occupy 11 floors building.

Star Alliance is located in Zhongshan city, Guzhen area.

Price segment: medium, high, luxury

Guzhen Lighting Plaza

Guzhen Lighting Plaza

This is the second largest lighting shopping mall.  It is much smaller than Star Alliance but despite the size, it offers a large variety, and many models are cheaper than similar ones in Star Alliance. There are chandeliers of all sizes and shapes, for rooms of any size. The market has more than 50 thousand square meters located on five floors.

Price segment: medium, high

Galaxy Lighting Plaza

Galaxy Lighting Plaza

Unlike the previous two malls, this one represents a wide range of budget segment lighting. It doesn't shine with a huge variety of options but the prices are much lower. Best things to buy here are spotlights, LED lamps, cables, sockets etc. There are also many lighting choices for hotels, restaurants and warehouses.

Price segment: low, medium

Sanitary ware markets in Foshan, China

Few people come to Foshan just for bathroom fixtures, most of the customers buy everything they need for the home. Nevertheless, the choice of bathroom fixtures astonishes any mind.

Our customers buy these kinds of sanitary ware for their homes, apartments, offices:

  • Sinks
  • Bathrooms cabinets
  • Mixer Taps
  • Bathtubs
  • Hot tubs
  • Shower cabins
  • Urinals
  • Toilet bowls
  • Saunas
  • Swimming pools

China Ceramics City

China Ceramics City

This mall is completely dedicated to sanitary ware, and the name speaks for itself. 5 floors of trading space filled with everything you need to have in your bathroom and even more.

A wide choice of toilet bowls, mixers taps, sinks, and various accessories ready for you on the ground floor. The second and third floors offer a wide selection of tiles, real and artificial decorative stones. Fourth floor filled with all kinds of bathtubs, showers and hot tubs.

The mall has all price segments so everyone can find what they need.

Price segment: medium, high, luxury

Casa ceramics

Casa ceramics

Around 650 suppliers are represented at Casa Ceramics, 85% are factories. It has a large selection of toilets, faucets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, electric saunas, tiles for floors and walls, natural and artificial stone.

Price segment: low, medium

China international trading center

China international trading center

This is the newest sanitary ware centre in Foshan with more than 300 leading sanitaryware manufacturers. The choice is incredibly large, but this mall is more suitable for wholesale buyers, or for those who select bathroom furniture and sanitary ware according to a design project. If you buy sanitary ware for your home, then, most likely, the two shopping malls we mentioned above are more suitable for you.

Building and decorative materials markets in Foshan, China

Buying building and finishing materials from China is suitable not only for business. Many of our customers purchase these materials along with furniture and accessories for their home. Because the choice you see is more than you can expect, nevertheless prices remain decent. The choice of wallpaper and flooring is particularly impressive.

Huayi Decoration Market

Huayi Decoration Market

This is an enormous modern shopping complex dedicated to building and finishing materials. All kinds of materials for repair and decoration on more than 330.000 square meters area. The main advantage of Huayi is all price segments are collected in one site, which means that you can buy everything you need without going elsewhere.

The most common types of materials for repair and decoration in China our customers buy for their homes, apartments, offices:

  1. Doors, door handles, door locks
  2. Materials for interior decoration
  3. Curtains
  4. All types of wallpaper
  5. Carpet and rugs
  6. Wooden stairs, metal stairs, glass stairs
  7. Ceiling Finishing Materials
  8. All types of flooring - mosaic, laminate etc.
  9. Window systems and frames
  10. Paints
  11. Roof, ceramic tile, metal tile
  12. Paintings and Fresco

Price segment: low, medium, high, lux

The most common mistakes when buying furniture in China

Bad preparation

You need to get ready for anything important especially when it's buying furniture in another country. Take room plans, it can make your trip much easier and effective because sellers will know exact sizes and reduce the odds of mistakes. If you build a house (apartment, restaurant, hotel, office) in accordance with a design project, bring all the documents with you. We advise showing wish/shopping lists and plans to our manager prior to arrival. Read more about how to get ready for furniture sourcing tour here.

Very often we get calls from people who realized that there is no way they can do it on their own in Foshan’s furniture markets. Doing it all by yourself requires big-time investments from you: waiting for the order to be ready, do quality control of each item, rent a warehouse, arrange shipping and container loading, request paperwork from vendors which often do not even know which documents needed for exporting furniture and do not know how to fill it. The reason is most of their customers are local Chinese companies. It morphs into overpaying for different services which are not always reliable and overpaying on the markets where Chinese vendors just enjoy unprotected not-knowing the language customer. It happens all the time.

Ignoring quality control

When working with Chinese suppliers never, never, never (!) ignore quality control procedures. Even if it's your longtime Chinese manufacturer you worked for years. The moment suppliers realize nobody controls their work and they can ship it off right after production, factories tend to ease up, get lousy and starting using low-quality materials. You find it out when you receive it, which is way too late to fix it.

Choosing not reliable partners in China

In China, especially in Guangdong province, where the Pearl river goes off to multiple little rivers most of which are navigable, logistics was always one of the main business areas.

Pearl river delta map

Unfortunately, there are always plenty of day-fly logistics companies which just reassign their duties to cheaper logistics companies and still get their commision. Worst comes to worst, you'll lose time and still have to find another logistics company.

Buying furniture on Alibaba

Suppliers don't check if the product is legally compliant

Factories do what they are meant for - produce, no one is going to check patients in other countries. If your product was patented in your country or there is an official distributor, you're looking into confiscating or huge financial loss.

All Alibaba suppliers are reliable

Alibaba is just a platform that provides middle hand businesses with more trading opportunities. When you have no chance to check the supplier, they gonna tell you the tales about enormous production capacities and all the experience they've got with customers from all over the world. In real life, it could be made in someone's garage, and photos are fake. In China, there is always a way to rent a place or order nice professional photos.  

Never hire an agent

The market is full of amateur manufacturers and trading agencies can come in handy to put supply processes right. Often it takes years to find weakest links and adjust import procedures. Energy, time and money saved when working with agents can be invested in something better.

You'll have to explain what «good quality» means

Do bother and explain every little detail of the required quality. The definition of "good quality" for you and factories' workers can differ. Chinese suppliers often try to produce something similar to what you've ordered and will try to convince you that's it's almost the same.

Control suppliers on every step

Rule number one is never to trust your suppliers, especially, in the beginning. All those talks about the number of workers, professional engineers, big factory etc. can be just a lie.

Do not trust until you see for yourself. Alibaba is a platform for small and middle size companies which means many of them don't have lots of experience and probably never worked with foreign customers.

Do not trust the vendor with logistics

Vendors will desperate for you to allow arrange logistics to them. But don't be fooled because often suppliers just repass the task to logistics company or you'll be their last priority.

Big companies and their old clients are always vendors' priority. Do not expect the same attitude on you. We suggest hiring a logistics company that will be responsible for the order and which allows you to control and check on the order.

How to get ready for furniture sourcing tour in China?

Prepare the project

Kitchens are all custom-made and to order kitchen cabinets customers need to provide measurements for the room.

If you a perfectionist and want to get everything right remembers to get those rooms plans. The calculation required for all custom made furniture, building and decoration materials. Estimate the amount of materials you'll need, do it yourself or with a help of your constructor. Reduce the odds of mistakes by providing as much detailed information to factory as you can. Take into account lightly related to furniture and construction materials.

Make a full shopping / wishlist

Blocks of furniture malls will astonish you with a total market space of malls 1,5 bigger than Central Park in New York and 7,5 times bigger than Disneyland. After customers get there, they usually need some time to get the focus back and remember what do you come here for.

Get the shopping list ready for this trip and better send it to our managers prior to the arrival. We optimize the tour and do the groundwork for your list.

Get the details straight with agents prior to arrival

Always sign a contract and if the agent doesn't agree – find another more reliable company. Make sure that order can be delivered safely before placing the order. Buying furniture requires certainty in production quality and getting all the items in one piece that far abroad. Check if company/agent has an office, visit it and talk all details through.

Get all the paperwork done

Most of the countries required to get Chinese visa prior to arrival. Some countries only can apply for a visa with a Chinese company's invitation.

Contact our manager–we provide visa invitation for our clients.

Applying for visa remember embassy doesn't work during Chinese holidays, and the holidays of the country it's located in. Check the documents needed for the visa application or apply for the visa through the tour agency. Remember attaching hotel and flights booking information when applying for the visa.

Take comfy clothes

Walking through Foshan furniture markets is quite tiring considering the scale of it. Take this into account when planning the trip.

A furniture sourcing working day is 5-10 hours on foot so we strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Tell us about people with difficulties to walk or keep a long time on feet prior to your arrival

Let us know as soon as it's possible about people in your company that have problems with walking or walking for a long time and we'll try our best to organize suitable transportation for you and your family/friends.

Inform the agent about the budget and a transaction option

Inform your manager about the budget. This will help in finding the right place quality-price wise. If agents don't know your budget, you'll most probably waste a lot of time roaming around markets instead of going just for the right price segment.

Do not take children with you

If you have a chance, do not take children with you.

Ask nannies, grandparents or some other relatives take care of your children or plan their free time and don’t annoy them by walking hours in markets they have no interest in.

Furniture sourcing shopping can be exhausting and needs focus and patience. In our experience kids get bored fast and it becomes extremely tiresome for them.

Most common mistakes when working with furniture suppliers from China

Cheap furniture quality

If you buy the cheapest product, do not expect decent quality. There are many wonders in China but cheap super quality furniture is not one of them. Cheap quality can be because of two factors: low skilled workers and low-quality materials. The better the quality the more you save.

Lead time foot-dragging by Chinese manufacturers

Chinese manufacturers will swear their head to convince that production time won't take more than a month. But the minute you place the order lose all interest in you. To avoid these problems work only with reliable, tried and true suppliers. In many cases to achieve exact production dates, our managers have to call top management. We always solve the problems in favour of our clients.

Not providing documents

Many vendors are very careless about documents mainly because most of them only deal with Chinese domestic market.

Without proper paperwork, you'll probably be fined at customs or won't be able to ship the container at all.

From day one our managers inform and require the exact documents from all the vendors and control its presentation. Based on these documents we prepare paperwork for shipping and customs clearance in China and the country of delivery.

Packing list information is often far from reality

It's a similar problem to the previous issue: a sofa that weighs 200 kgs is only 100 kgs on the paper which will affect the customs clearance cost. Selling to domestic market supplier often ignores actual data and provides customers with ballpark numbers. First of all, it simply can just not fit into the container which causes rebooking/returning containers, and it leads to financial loss for customers. The only way to avoid it – working trustworthy factories which have export experience.

Bad packing

Good manufacturers aren't cheap on packing materials and to be honest, the package cost in China is relatively low. Buying from small factories, on another hand, can often lead to repacking of all the items because they just won't make it through the ocean. When this happens, our manager always informs customers and suggest repacking with its estimated cost.

Lack or nonexistence of customers service

Only big fishes have actual customer service, small and middle hand suppliers try to save up as much as they can which leaves them without proper service team. Don't be surprised when vendors won't answer your calls or messages about production dates and shipping. When placing an order, our managers take higher management contact information to push the order.

Money transfers $$$

Chinese manufacturers in Foshan work mainly on the domestic market which allows them to keep prices low. Unfortunately, there are very few options to pay to vendors, sometimes you only can pay in RMB - the local currency. Our company has accounts in Chinese banks and other international financial systems. It makes paying a deposit and balances much easier.

Why better to choose one company instead of hiring different companies for each service

The traditional way for finding and sourcing furniture from China: find a supplier, finds a logistics company, find a quality control agent, find customs clearance broker — all that had to be controlled by you and each of them gonna be responsible for their own area only.

It's difficult, expensive and can lead to a whole bunch of problems. We strongly suggest working with an agent that covers all of these services, and here is why:

Only the manager who has worked during order placement knows the expected outcome

It's obvious that the person helping you with order placement, taking noted, details and photos for each item knows what you actually wanted. Managers are responsible for the whole process from placement to container loading and shipment.

Only the company responsible for logistics and customs clearance know everything about the paperwork

Our company has been doing logistics for many years, and we know exactly the documents and procedures to follow. Managers tell vendors and control every step to make things right for each order.

Some clients call us and say they already have placed an order and just need the logistics. Unfortunately, at this point manufacturers think that no one controls the production and they can do a lousy job.

Specialized companies are responsible for every part of the order

We take responsibility for the whole process: from the moment you place an order to shipping a container. It's in our behalf to simplify the sourcing for a client and minimize risks.

Our managers have the situation under control and we have developed our own quality control system and we'll fight for perfectly made order until the very end.

We know if more packing needed

Factories are no longer responsible for produced goods the second they got the money, and if the order were damaged during shipping because of bad packaging, the manufacturer won't pay a penny.

We always remind vendors about using proper packaging which allows the order to be delivered safe and sound. Unfortunately, some manufacturer simply can't make it work and only say that this was always enough for the local Chinese buyer. If our managers see a badly packed item, they suggest customers proceed with repacking.

Saving money on different services, transparency, professionalism

We provide information on our services and fee structure within the first two days. We ship a big container quantity every month which gives us a good discount from big logistic companies. We also do customs clearance in China to make sure everything shipped and delivered on time.


Despite the fact that buying furniture in China looks like a hard task: China is far, shipping, quality control inspection etc. So much has to be done to actually get it that it seems like not worth the fuss.

When buying furniture in your city, it appeared to be hard to find things you like or can afford. Purchasing and shipping furniture is not easy but working with a trustworthy company can help you with it.

Clients from all over the world come to us independently from one another because decided that in the end buying furniture in China is easier and cheaper than shop search and overpaying to suppliers for questionable quality.

Contact us and tell our manager about your case. We are happy to share our experience with you. We love our clients and promise to give our best to help you out.

Why our company?

Our company has professional translators and in-house logistics department. Our office located in the centre of Foshan just 15 minutes ride from furniture markets. We organize furniture sourcing tours for over 10 years now and helped over 900 clients to furniture houses/hotels/offices etc. We are proud that 20% of our clients came on the recommendation of a friend. We can arrange furniture delivery from China to any part of the world.

Waiting for your application and ready to answer your questions.