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Furniture replicas of famous brands: Versace, Fendi Casa, Turri, Cavalli, Paul Mathieu from China

Frosta from IKEA

Вesign ideas’ adoption has been going on throughout the history. A good example is classic plywood 4-feet stool Frosta from IKEA created in 1970 by Gillis Lundgren. There is no secret it’s a copy of famous stool E60 designed in 1933 by Alvar Aalto — Scandinavian modern furniture design legend. It’s practically impossible to find any difference between these two pieces yet IKEA price is 20 times cheaper.

Why people tend to choose replicas over originals more and more these days?

Fairly cheap prices. It’s very important when choosing furniture for your clients.

Even rich people like to save up some money and if allow them to choose between 100% replica and original piece, many of them if not all would prefer replicas. It is obvious that low-quality copy or cheap original furniture look misplaced and this is why it’s important to buy quality furniture whether it’s a replica.


Versace, Bentley, Fendi Casa, Louboutin, Turri, Cavalli, Paul Mathieu, Heritage, Hermes, and many more fancy furniture brands with furniture costing dozens and hundreds of thousands of dollars can be found here in China, Foshan. Exact replicas of these brands cost 10 and more times cheaper than originals, so it does make a difference especially when you plan on buying many pieces.

Of course, original designs by Danish, Spanish or Italian high-profile designers look incredible and makes people wishing to buy, possess and use it whole life but do they worth the amount of money you’re paying for them? Up to 90% of the price is the money buyers pay for the famous name alone.

Versace 3-seats sofa (textile)

Versace Textile 3-seat sofa: $890. Original around $200000

Overpricing original furniture has allowed replicas from China to quickly take advantage of the public’s innate desire to have quality and value for money: $6000 for a design genuine leather armchair or $600 for an exact replica? It’s up to you.

Fendi Casa sofa (textile)

Fendi Casa sofa (textile): $1500. Original around $35000.

Whilst some early attempts to replicate these famous designs were extremely crude, today, the quality of replicated furniture from China is now equal and in some cases superior to licensed original furniture manufactured in the West under an official license. Famous furniture design studios are either revise their price policy in favour of lower price segment or focus on luxury niche only.

Not only Chinese manufacturers copy influential designs, but there are also plenty of western not-so-famous designers or small agencies that have been copying for quite some time now. Left alone well-known replicas markets, for instance, in England.

Bentley Home canape (artificial leather)

Bentley Home canape (artificial leather): $1650. Original around $40000.

Why people buy replicas?

  • Keen price. Do not overpay for the brand name alone.
  • Up to 100% similarity with the original product. If you’re not a professional designer who often works with originals, it’s very hard to distinguish the difference.
  • Excellent quality. Materials used in making replicas are close, same or even in some cases better than originals which means replicas will not only look the same but will serve you for many happy years.
  • Customizing options for almost all specification: upholstery textile or leather color, wood choice from MDF, plywood to the solid wood with original fittings. All that will cost much cheaper than original customization if there is any.
  • Many factories specialize in replicas production, it gives a good choice of prices and quality to customers.

Our clients often buy the following replicas:

  • Fendi Casa Sitting Room
  • Cavalli Bedroom
  • Turri Dining Tables
  • Versace Coffee Tables
  • Bentley Home Armchairs
  • Hermes Pouffes
  • Bentley Home Desks and Home Office Chairs
  • Louboutin Bookshelves
  • Paul Mathieu Dresser
  • Bentley Home Canapes
  • Paul Mathieu Sofas
  • Буфеты
  • Fendi Casa Wardrobe
  • Trussardi Dining Chairs Set
  • Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Lighting
  • Rörstrand Accessories

If you dream to furnish your house or apartment with fancy brand furniture but cannot spend all of your savings on it, we offer you buying exact furniture and accessories replicas here in China, Foshan and save up to 800 of the original price!