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Furniture from China for business: offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs wholesale

Furniture sourcing in China is a great opportunity to buy all you need from building materials for the house to a painting on the wall. Foshan is not only focused on home furniture manufacturers but also hotel, restaurants, clubs, bars, offices, schools and kindergartens. If you about to start a new business or your business is expanding and needs some adjustments, sourcing all at one time trip to Foshan is a great idea.

People gathering

Buying furniture in wholesale will get you a good discount, and we make sure that you receive what you ordered. Commercially used furniture should be very durable. Our goal is to provide customers with indefective items and arrange safe delivery.

Many of the people coming to Foshan are businessmen. Furniture for commercial use should foremost be solid quality and serve long years. Our company assist in choosing to what you need and make sure that purchased items have passed through our quality controls and delivered safe and sound to your door.

Hotel furniture

Hotels furniture

Foshan offers you a wide range of hotel furniture and room/hall decorations. Markets fully dedicated to the hotel industry and numerous hotel items. All needed to furnish hotel room: wardrobes, chairs, desks, beds, sofas, armchairs, bedside tables, dressers, ottomans and many more. All this can be custom-made which means not only to change the fabric or its color but the size and quality of the furniture: MDF, plywood or solid wood – it only depends on the budget you have. Here in China quality always matches the price. Do keep in mind that buying furniture without customized specification you’ll obviously shorten the production time.

Marriot, Sheraton, Swissotel, Marco Polo, Hilton — not even the whole list of 5-star hotels that purchase furniture here in Foshan.

Towels and bedsheets

Bed clothing, pillows, blankets, towels, curtains, moldings, lighting, sound systems, reception desks, revolving doors, digital locks, vases, and other accessories. Everything to buy for one hotel in one city will help you time. Instead of roaming around markets and online shops with customs furniture and accessories, just buy it all here in a week time. Huge choice of everything to pack your new business, hobby or your life calling. Our employee helped dozens of hotels to open in time and equipped with top-notch furniture.

Furniture for offices and co-working spaces

Office spaces

Office in a modern world is not just a boring grey space with hideous and uncomfortable chairs and desks made of cheap melamine boards. Our clients do not just buy furniture for the office. They also buy flooring, fire alarms, carpets, rugs, and decoration. Creative, vivid and fresh design of office furniture is quite pricey everywhere. Buying in China, you will make your employees a little happier. Good companies care for the working atmosphere and conditions their employees have to operate in.

Many factories in Foshan specialize in office and co-working furniture which lets you fill the space with new models without spending a fortune on renovation or furnishing. Anything from Northern European simplicity to glamorous lobbies and general managers offices — all in one city.

Furniture for bars, restaurants and clubs

Bars accessories

Everybody wants to stand out among competitors and hope that furniture that they invested money in will serve them well and won’t leave a pitch of regrets. It’s hard to find many options for every furniture style even in big cities, let alone in small towns. In Foshan, you can buy exquisite and customs made furniture to perfect your business and a project.

Before shopping starts, make sure you have all the measurement and know what style you’re going with. If you’ll choose the standard models production time will be shorter because workers became a skilled hand in it. Consider this option if you’re short on time.

Custom made furniture here doesn’t know boundaries: Japanese minimalism and baroque, bar or a dessert café — anything is possible. But remember it will require some additional time for production.

Bars accessories

Our clients usually order tables, chairs, sofas, cash points, shelves, wardrobes, inside and outside playgrounds, bar counters, bar chairs and stools, armchairs, accessories and decorations, sanitary ware, kitchen equipment and furniture, durable flooring, customs made light installations. Everything for business or a new hobby collected in one city with many good offers for wholesale buyers.

Furniture for private schools, kindergartens, and hospitals

Furniture for children always had much stricter safety requirements: special flooring, round edges, and corners, no toxic materials. This help to avoid any unfortunate situation that happens to children every day.

Here you will find everything for finishing a swimming pool and gym.

Kindergarten furniture

Amazing choice of any shape, form, and style: mini chairs, tables etc. Nicely done quality interior helps children’s all-around and harmonious development. You’ll find a great selection of playgrounds coating for outfitting the play space. Purchasing furniture in China is a great opportunity to save money and time while getting quality furniture for a decent price. No need to pay to resellers and middlemen when you can buy it all in China in any quantity and quality you want.

Hospitals require super durable and lasting furniture with hypo allergic quality materials. Hard to find furniture for a doctor’s office and the lounge space all in one place. There are thousands of factories In China, Foshan with great production capacities can satisfy small, middle and wholesale businessmen.

Purchasing furniture in China is a great opportunity to save money and time while getting quality furniture for a decent price. No need to pay to resellers and middlemen when you can buy it all in China in any quantity and quality you want.

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