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Globus at The Exhibition "Beautiful Houses" in Moscow

From 9 to 12 December, we took part in the exhibition "Beautiful Houses". The exhibition was held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo. We presented our service as a furniture tour in China online.

Not too many other participants were representing furniture. Mainly exhibition participants were design agencies and architectural bureaus. It delighted us to meet with our clients in person because working online in the current environment deprives live communication.

We took part in the exhibition literally a week before the start, so it was necessary to create the printing patterns and organize the printing of handouts. We made layouts of leaflets, business cards, banners in advance by ordering printing in a Moscow printing house with delivery to Crocus Expo one day before the start of the exhibition. Our task was to meet with existing customers, and attract new ones, to tell them about our services about buying furniture in China online.

The epic moment of hanging the banner you could see in our Instagram.

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We set the QR codes on the beams as the flags or path signs клиенты и флажки Also at our exhibition stand were two tables and a TV, which was first given to us without remote control, and we controlled the TV using the infrared port on the Xiaomi phone of one participant from a neighbouring stand. Considering that we represented furniture from China, this is quite a funny moment.

Another important moment was creating furniture from China catalog, which was first planned for the exhibition and now is the part of our site.

The exhibition was held for four days from 10.00 to 19.00 except day one when it worked until 18.00. However, the feeling that «day one is just a warm-up» was a misleading impression. During the first hours, there were still not very many people, but after lunch, the flow of people increased. There were many designers, aspiring and experienced, some of them owned their own agency. On the TV the visitors could see our videos from Youtube, here are two examples:

Modern living room furniture

Lux furniture for any room

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It seemed to us that on the first day there were not very many people, but the very moment of the first day of the exhibition was new and exciting. Quickly, however, these impressions of excitement and novelty gave way to concentration and involvement in work as soon as the first active client appeared. The first day was the richest for existing clients, whose order is already in progress.


We really value the opportunity to meet our clients in person

The first day was very busy and productive, the second day was not inferior to him. If on the first day there were many existing clients, then on the second day there were new potential clients.

Although the exhibition was small compared to last year (last year we did not take part, but we learned the details from other participants), and there were not as many people as the organizers predicted, people came constantly. Someone always stopped near our stand and was interested and asked questions about furniture and lighting from China.

And we also forged relationships with other exhibitors:


We already mentioned, most of the participants were interior design studios and architectural bureaus, there were not so many exhibitors with furniture, and we were the only ones with furniture from China online :)

Thursday and Friday (December 9 and 10) were working days, so most of the visitors to the exhibition on working days were those involved in interior design or construction fields.

It was expected that the third day would be the most intense and eventful because not only people from a professional environment should appear but also ordinary people who are looking for new solutions for their home and interior. In some ways, it really was so, although Saturday was very busy, most of the visitors were those who were at the construction stage, and the furniture for them is already the next stage.

Despite this, there were still interested potential clients. Someone did not even know about the opportunity to buy furniture in China for the entire house for a good price. For someone, this opportunity will remain for the future after the completion of the construction of the house.

Well, and the last day, Sunday, as expected, was the quietest, the flow of people decreased significantly, although there were even our clients, so this day cannot be called completely relaxed and ineffective.


This was our first exhibition in Russia and in Moscow. We note for the future which organizational aspects could have been improved, we gained precious experience. One of the most important and dear moments for us was also to meet our clients in person because now all our work takes place online, and we and our clients lack this. It was also important for us to answer all the exciting questions about furniture from China so that our clients have no doubts that they can trust us, and even if there are any problems, we will promptly solve them. In the future, we intend to take part in other exhibitions and not only in Russia, but worldwide!

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