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Home Office Furniture You Can Buy from China Online

Nowadays many people need to create a workspace in their homes. The widespread development of the Internet and its use in all areas of our life has made work from home a frequent situation. кабинетдома

It becomes necessary to organize a home office while working remotely, even if it is not possible to allocate a separate room for it. The working area can be part of the living room, bedroom or even a balcony, the primary rule here is functional furniture and nothing superfluous, nothing that could distract from work. Similar requirements have the regular office furniture, but the difference here is that the study is still at home, and workspace styles can afford things that office space furniture cannot. кабинетдома

For example, it is difficult to imagine home office in the classic style in a modern office, while in the house it will be appropriate if all other furniture is also designed in a classic style.

The room for a home workspace can be different, a separate room or part of an existing one. There are several important points to pay attention to:

  • The smaller the room, the lighter the furniture and decor should be. Milky, beige shades will make the space visually larger кабинетдома
  • All furniture should be made in one style solution so that the office in the house or in the apartment looks harmonious. Eclectics and experiments are allowed but it better be done by an experienced interior designer.
  • When choosing furniture for a small office, pay attention to compact and folding models. Modular furniture from several functional elements will also be very useful. кабинетдома

So, the home study can be in any style. You can decorate a study in the loft or Art Deco, minimalism, neoclassic style. In this article, we will focus on the modern style of the home office.

Writing Desk Buy Online with Delivery from Guangzhou China

For working with papers or on the most suitable size, there will be a table 140 x 70 cm. In addition to the length of the tabletop, the height of the table, which is designed for people of different heights, plays an important role in comfortable work. For a person of average height, the height should be 75 or 78 cm. The shape of the table can be simple and laconic, or it can be with pedestals and shelves, one pedestal where the storage area is located, or without a storage area at all. And of course, we never tire of reminding you that everything can be made to order, any tabletop, any design, any height.

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Chair for Home Office Buy from Foshan China

There are work chairs with adjustable height, if, for example, if several people plan to use the workplace, or if the table of the desired design is slightly higher or lower than the height that is comfortable for you.

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Table Lamp Buy Online from Foshan China


Table lamp can change or complement interior

A desk lamp is a must for a study, and here's why:

  • Models that provide soft, diffused light with multiple brightness modes are ideal if you need to read and write a lot. Lamps with fabric, paper or matte lampshades will suit well for that purpose.
  • Table lamps that create decorative illumination. An unusual model can significantly transform the entire appearance of the cabinet; it can become more classic, more modern, or more bold. It is difficult to imagine a study without an appropriate table lamp. In China, there is a huge selection of modern, vintage, classic style desk lamps:
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Racks and Shelves Buy Online from Foshan China with Delivery

In some cases, you can have home office without storage systems. But if you have a home library, items necessary for work, or little things that are important for you that are set in a certain way, then you might will need the storage system:

  • Open shelving, which can also serve as a partition, especially if the working space is a part of the living room
  • Minimalistic shelves that take up tiny space are relevant when every centimeter counts
  • Wardrobe-wall - a convenient closed place for storing books and documents, everything is closed and hidden (important when there are small children in the house)
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Buy Floor Lamps in Guangzhou China Online with Delivery

There should be enough light in the study. A floor lamp for a study can be located at the desktop, or form a win-win combination with an armchair in the recreation area.

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Armchair for The Home Office Buy Online from China


Should you choose an armchair for the study or the sofa?

As we mentioned, workspace can be part of another room, but if you have the opportunity to allocate a separate room, then you might consider create a recreation area, and here is the question: should you choose an armchair or sofa for a home office? Some general impression is known about leather chairs in the office, which is presentable and takes place, but the armchairs may not necessarily be leather:

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As for the sofa, here it is worth starting from the availability of free space in your home. In China, you can find charming small sofas:

Sofa for Home Office Buy from Guangzhou China Online

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For purchasing furniture from China online you do not need to travel to China, and can do it from your home. The full process is described here.

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