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Horeca: hotel furniture and restaurant furniture buy in China

HoReCa is a term used by marketers and other specialists to refer to the services sector of the hospitality industry and points of sale with direct consumption of goods and services: Hotel, Restaurant, Catering / Cafe.

Today we will talk about what is needed to start an HoReCa business, and what Foshan markets can offer to optimize costs at the initial stage.

Hotel furniture in Foshan

The main difference between hotel furniture and private furniture is the increased requirements for wear resistance. Hotel guests usually do not care much about hotel property. This applies equally to budget b&b hotels and luxury resorts. Ideally, hotel furniture should be durable, repairable, and inexpensive. At the same time, this furniture should create an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality.


For these reasons, furniture for hotels is sold in specialized stores in furniture markets in Foshan. These are large showrooms in which ready-made interiors of hotel rooms are presented. Such furniture is produced in large quantities, which allows the factories to achieve favourable prices without loss of quality. Each room is decorated in an original style, it can be a classic sophisticated design, restrained and functional modern style, or an eco-style reminiscent of a vacation at a sea resort.

Each hotel tries to have its own unique design, so in such showrooms, you will be offered an abundance of opportunities to choose an individual solution for each element in the interior of the room. Furniture is made to order according to your project: together with the designers at the factory, you can design furniture groups that are suitable in size, built-in wardrobes, dining areas. You can choose the materials from which your furniture will be made, select quality suitable fabrics or leathers for furniture upholstery, and even adjust the softness of the filler for the seats. Together with the furniture, some factories can provide you with all the necessary certificates for compliance with fire safety standards, if you need them.


Many manufacturers have their own showrooms located in factories. These are separate buildings, which are usually located close to the production facilities. The managers in the showrooms help in choosing the suitable solutions for your design project or offer their own options. At the factory you will have the opportunity to adjust the final cost of the products: if the price is higher than you planned, the factory can help you to choose materials that will not affect the final result visually and the furniture does not lose in quality.

In one of our videos, we visited a factory specializing in HORECA furniture and 4 5 hotel furniture. In these showrooms, you can find out prices for everything you see in a hotel room: beds, armchairs, coffee tables etc. Well, if you liked the whole room: how the walls were finished, how the light was set, what decor was used in the showroom, then you can also find out the price for the whole room. This is convenient when you are still looking for a suitable style and compare prices.

In addition to furniture, many companies offer a wide range of related products: mattresses, curtains, bedding. It is very convenient: you can find the most suitable combinations and buy everything in one place without wasting time.

Furniture for bars, restaurants, and cafes


In addition to the usual furniture markets in Foshan, furniture for restaurants and cafes can also be found in showrooms with hotel furniture. In specialized stores in Foshan, you can find hundreds of turnkey solutions. But, as a rule, every owner of a cafe or restaurant wants his every new interior to be unique. In this case, the designers at the showrooms will help to realize your project. The design of each zone in your place can be given more originality by choosing different furniture and decor elements for different spaces: a common zone for guests, a VIP zone, a recreation area. Many cafes and restaurants are kids-friendly, there is a special area for children so that they play while adults get together for a celebration or usual dinner.

For karaoke bars and clubs, it is very important to correctly position the bar area. Depending on the characteristics of the room, this can be a classic bar counter along the wall or a bar island in the centre.


Custom-made furniture is usually expensive and takes a long time to produce. This is the specifics of the furniture market: wholesale suppliers in your city, as a rule, can only have the most popular “best-selling” models. In such stores, you will not find original and unique solutions. Working directly with the manufacturer, you do not overpay the commission for wholesale furniture stores, resulting in an original design.


Light and sound are equally important. Lighting for hotels, restaurants, and cafés you can easily find in the markets in Foshan. To buy special professional lights for bars, karaoke, and clubs, it is better to go to Zhongshan or Guangzhou. There you will find everything from ultraviolet lights and spotlights to strobe lights, mirror balls, and lasers. Leading manufacturers of audio brands such as Edifier, F&D, JBL, Harman / Kardon and many others are also represented in the markets.

Equipment for restaurants and hotels


Do not forget about another significant cost item - the purchase of equipment. Professional equipment for hotels and restaurants is expensive, so it makes sense to order it directly from the manufacturer. To do this, you need to go to the markets of Guangzhou. In addition to the kitchen equipment, you can choose everything you need for the HoReCa industry:

  • ceramic tableware;
  • glassware;
  • cutlery;
  • internal communication systems for hotels;
  • stainless steel products;
  • professional household appliances;
  • fabric products (bedding, curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, etc.)
  • workwear;
  • many different accessories;
  • dishes and much more.


If you buy dishes and other fragile goods, pay special attention to the packaging: each item must be packed separately to avoid scratches. The dishes in the box should sit tight. It would be best if dishes will be inserted into the form of expanded polystyrene. If you buy dishes in small quantities for personal use, it is best to take it to your luggage with you, since in the container the probability of breaking the dishes is higher.


The markets in Foshan and Guangzhou are impressive in their scale. You won’t be able to go around all the stores even in a month. Thousands of companies offer a wide selection of furniture, decor and finishing materials for the hotel and restaurant business. Our managers will help you to find reliable suppliers, efficiently arrange time and, most importantly, to do quality control of produced furniture. Seize the opportunity to start or upgrade your business, leave a request here and we will answer all of your questions.