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Customs declaration rules in China. How much cash one can bring to China?

Filling the baggage declaration form for taking out other currency in cash (USD, Euro) in the country of departure

  1. Prior to the trip check the rules and regulations on outcoming cash in your country.
  2. Come to the airport earlier than usual and spend a couple of minutes filling out the declaration form. Usually, it requires to fill the amount of cash and currency. Remember that rules can vary from country to country.
  3. Go into the red corridor (meaning you have something to declare) and give the filled declaration to the customs officer. After the checkup and stamping the form, keep the documents customs officer gives you. They might be helpful on the way back.

Customs declaration in China

When arriving in China, you’ll need to pass customs and immigration service. Customs are right after immigration when entering China and before when leaving China.

Customs service is often mistaken for immigration service because you have to pass both of them at the airport. Immigration control checks abidance to the visa regulations and your passport with current visa. Customs service monitors any prohibited items and cash flow coming into the country.

After passing the border (the place you get a stamp in a passport), you'll see CHINA CUSTOMS in bold letters.


You'll need to go through the red corridor GOODS TO DECLARE and fill in the declaration. If you can't do it yourself, find a customs officer and let them know what exactly you need to declare. Just show this to an officer: 我需要申报5000以上美金 (I need to declare more than 5000 USD cash).

What amount should I declare when entering China?

If you don’t bring rare animals, cultural relics, big amount of alcohol, tobacco or precious metals, you’ll only need to pay attention to these 3 clauses:

  1. Any foreign currency in an amount exceeding 5000 USD (This rule does not apply to Chinese yuan) should be declared.
  2. Chinese yuan in an amount exceeding 20000 cannot be transported in and out of China without the Central Bank of China. Chinese yuan is declared separately and do not add up with other currencies.
  3. Apart from that photo-, video cameras, laptops, PCs with a cost of 5000 Chinese yuan per item have to be declared the same way as cash money.

How to fill the declaration in?

Declaration form is not the same as yellow immigration card. A passenger has to fill two copies of customs declaration. Customs officer takes one and gives one back to you.

Formatting can differ depending on a region in China, but the information inside is the same everywhere. Some ground customs rules and regulation of China are written on the other side of the declaration.

Declaration form

China Customs Baggage Declaration Form example for Incoming Passengers

The form has to be filled in English in capital letters.

  • (1) Surname — f.e. SMITH.

  • Given Name — f.e. JOHN.

  • (2) Date of Birth –– Year Month Date (f.e. 1980 Year 10 Month 10 Day).

  • (3) Sex –– male or female.
  • (4) No. of Traveler’s Document — Your Passport Number.
  • (5) Nationality — Ignore the line with China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan if you don’t have its citizenship. In “Other Nationals” write the name of your country in English in capital letter.
  • (6) Purpose of the Trip — please mark Leisure if you have Tourist CHinese visa (L) and Business if you have business visa (M).
  • (7) Flight No. — the number of the flight you came to China on.
  • (8) Number of persons under the age of 16 traveling with you.

Example of filling the form

  • (9) No need to fill if you’re not a Chinese resident.
  • (10) Articles valued at over RMB 2,000 that will remain in the territory (meaning in China).

For example expensive gifts. Please check Yes it refers to you.

  • (11) Check Yes if you have with you:

  • More than 1500 ml (1,5 l/50,7oz) alcohol beverages (12%+);

  • More than 400 cigarettes;
  • More than 100 sigars;
  • More than 500 grams (1,1 pound) of tabaco.

If you have any of the listed items you’ll have to pay customs duties. If you don’t have, check No.

  • (12) Check Yes if you are bringing chinese currency in cash exceeding RMB 20,000 or foreign currencies in cash exceeding USD 5,000 if converted into US dollar. Check No, if you don’t.
  • (13) Check Yes if you are bringing animals and plants, animal and plant products, microbes, biological products, human tissues, blood and blood products. Most likely you need to check No.
  • (14) Check Yes if you’re bringing radio transmitters, radio receivers, communication security equipments.
  • (15) Check Yes if you’re bringing other articles which are prohibited or restricted rom being brought into China. These will get you in trouble, avoid any prohibited articles and check No.
  • (16) Unaccompanied baggage. Check No.
  • (17) Goods of commercial value, samples, advertisements. If you don’t have any, check No.

Should I declare money if I enter China from Hong Kong?

If you enter from Hong Kong, you still go through Chinese customs which means that declaring money more than $5000 USD is obligatory.

When entering Hong Kong from a third country, the cash amount exceeding 120 000 HKD (around $15200 USD) in all currencies combined has to be declared.

It has to be declared both when entering and leaving Hong Kong.

Can I go through green corridor even if I have something to declare?

We recommend stick to the rules of the country you’re coming in and don’t risk your money or freedom. By declaring money you simply inform customs agents about possessing the particular sum of money. They won’t require any customs duties paid nor they will report on you to your government.

Main rule – The sum of money you’re taking back to your country should be less or equal to the declared sum. Undeclared money can lead to paying a big fine to Chinese customs or worse –– confiscating all of the money.

Break customs rules