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How to Buy Furniture from China Step by Step in 2022

The pandemic has largely suspended many areas of life and business, but, fortunately, did not stop life itself! People continue to buy and furnish houses, and spend more time at home, than before the pandemic, so comfort is needed even more than usual.

Although borders are still closed, and many areas of life and business are suspended, fortunately, the pandemic has not stopped life itself! People continue to buy or furnish houses, and as we spend more time at home, we need comfort more than ever. Buying furniture in China online is not as difficult as it seems.

In this article you`ll find the full guide on how to buy furniture online with the Globus company.

You also can watch our purchasing furniture from China online video tutorial

STEP 1. Preliminary Calculation of Your Project with Furniture from China

You send us your project, or the main items of the project, our manager makes an approximate estimate of the major expenses that make up the biggest part of the budget.


An approximate cost is enough to understand the budget and make a decision

STEP 2. Signing Online Purchase Furniture from China Contract


If you're satisfied with the pricing and options, we sign the contract.

We sign the contract remotely. Deposit of $300 to be paid when signing the contract.

The minimal budget for an online order is $ 30,000, and the cost of our services is 3%

STEP 3. Detailed Furniture from China Calculation with Personal Manager

After signing the contract, we do a/ start a detailed calculation of the project and provide several options for each item with specifications.

You will be able to approve or reject products on our online platform. During the selection process, our manager will send you photos and videos of the real items from factories and showrooms.

How We Will Choose Furniture?

Some clients find online furniture purchases confusing. This is why we built an online ordering system that makes the process of selecting furniture simple and convenient.

We will send you a personal link, which redirects you to our online platform, where you can start choosing products. It does not require any extra software, registrations, logins, or passwords. You can access our platform online from any electronic device: computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Furthermore, a few people can redirect the link and use the platform at the same time, for example

  • husband, wife, designer
  • сustomer, designer, construction specialist etc.

There are numerous options; it all depends on your preferences. The system automatically recognizes who works in it.

In the chat, all participants may view the order's progress and any changes in real time, post comments, submit photographs, and documents for each item in the order.

In the top part of the interface you can see the Information bar “Quotation selection”, if you have few quotations, you can choose the one you need. You can divide quotations by rooms: living room, bedroom, and kitchen or by the project type (cottage, flat, beach house etc). tips1

The interface is simple to use, but if you run into any problems, there are tips to help you out.

If you have only one quotation, it will appear on the page right away.

Green-Yellow-Red scale on the left contains all information about the number of items you have already approved or declined, as well as the overall number of positions.

In the field "General chat" next to the manager's photo, you can discuss any questions with other participants from your side and your personal manager, or send a photo of the furniture piece you need. The chat features are similar to popular messengers such as WhatsApp! общийчатангл

The product card includes a photo of the product, measurements, specifications, description, additional information, and "Approve" and "Decline". You will see who made the decision and you can change it if you need.


We request the lowest prices directly from the factories while ordering online.

STEP 4. Furniture Quality Control in China by Our Managers


The quality check is performed to ensure that the product meets the specifications, including color, size, number, and the absence of flaws. For each subject, you will receive a full photo and video report.

After we finish choosing and quotation is completed, the manager visits the factory to inspect the quality of the chosen goods and prepare photo and video reports for the client.

Suppliers have different lead times for purchasing order, ranging from 25 to 60 days.

Depending on the readiness of the items and their location in the warehouse, every supplier assigns a date for checking the goods.

The check's timing will be determined by the volume of goods and the production schedule.

We book the container and begin consolidating the products in our warehouse after the quality check is done.

The goods are loaded on the scheduled day. Our company's standards state that the container can only be loaded in the presence of our manager who oversees the loaders' work. Of course, we'll keep in touch with a client and provide a video report on the loading at this time.


STEP 5. Furniture Delivery from China

Our company will arrange the most suitable delivery option for you. Delivery from China is done in 20 ft or 40 ft containers, which assures that the goods arrive on time and in good condition.

More information about delivery you can find here

Our guarantees for online furniture purchases in China.

If you're reading this, you're probably considering purchasing things from China through our company , but the question "Will I Get What I Want?" is on your mind. So, what are the most common fears among our customers?

Mismatch of products

Imagine you purchased a leather armchair in the American classic style, but instead it got a floral fabric armchair.

In this case, we are financially liable because our manager made a mistake while inspecting the goods.

Undersupply of goods

Undersupply can occur due to a manager's mistake; in this instance, our company assumes responsibility.

Damaging goods during the unloading and unpacking process

We cannot be responsible if goods were damaged because of the movers' carelessness. You should be on site during unloading the container, and record the entire process. You should not skimp on a team of loaders; instead, go for specialists who are skilled and precise.

Non-compliance with storage conditions

The goods must be disassembled within a month of receiving the container, as improper storage may cause the entire shipment to deteriorate. In a humid room, for example, wood can swell and metal can oxidize. Untrustworthy employees can potentially steal or cause damage. If the storage conditions have been broken, our company can not be responsible.

We hope that this article was helpful and has answered some of your questions. If you still have questions or doubts, please contact us, we will be happy to answer!