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How to arrange supply and import of furniture from China

The traditional way of importing goods is quite confusing even all the countries keep blabbing that world trade is THE future, in reality, we see governments creating artificial barriers to control and limit import as a way of helping local manufacturers and distributors.

Import is always a risky business and ignoring cultural differences and laws you look to losing the invested money and not getting anywhere. To succeed in this area, it’s necessary to organize the production and delivery process well. Apart from suppliers’ search, production and order quality control, clients got to find customs clearance agents (in China and in their own country) and a logistics company that can process the shipping.

Full process management

In this process, if a link in the chain fails, all the items won’t see the customer or its quality could be way too appalling, or worse — will never be produced. It’s smarter and easier to find a company-agent to supervise and control the whole process. Companies specializing in furniture sourcing are responsible for damages, quality control, and container loading.

Our company provides with the full set of services for importing furniture from China. Your job is to choose the items to purchase, and our managers will take care of the rest.
Let’s elaborate a little more on why only companies specializing in furniture sourcing tours can guarantee the high service level and door-to-door service.

Only the manager who was during placing the order knows all the details

The manager who company has arranged for your furniture sourcing tour in Foshan doesn't just write the notes down for an impression of being a professional. This will be the essential and the only proof of your primary order apart from the Chinese vendors’ notes.

The manager not only checks all the items for external defects but matches ordered with produced: quality, colors, quantity — all the specification, customized and not. Quality control companies/agents merely check the order and take photos. They are not responsible for communicating with suppliers and dealing with defects.
Our managers are with the client from day one till the moment he/she receives the order.

The company providing a full package including logistics and customs clearance knows what to require from suppliers.

Managers talk the required documents during placing the order to avoid any delay later. It's necessary to provide the documents for shipping and customs clearance otherwise the items will be stuck in a warehouse and may cause money loss for customers.

Our company has an in-house logistics department and knows exactly the documents to require from suppliers. We control every step of the process and do not accept any items without the proper paperwork.
Furniture markets in Foshan were originally meant for Chinese local buyers and many vendors up to this day have no experience dealing with foreigners and export. Without strict supervision, customers risk getting fines during customs clearance and other additional expenses that could have been avoided.

Managers know the destination and proper packaging requirements

A manufacturer is not responsible for any damages during the container loading and shipping because items consolidated in a warehouse in Foshan. Our managers always try their best to require good packaging from every factory. Only this can guarantee safe and sound delivery of the items.

Delivering within China doesn't need solid packaging and some factories — cheap but working and producing for local customers only — simply cannot provide a proper package regardless of how many times it was repacked. If a manager has certain concerns about the quality of packaging, he would suggest customer proceed with repacking to get all the items safe. We provide customers with the photos and an estimated cost of the repacking.

We are responsible for the whole process

We work with customers from day one till the delivering the order at the destination point. We try our best to simplify the whole shopping and production process and minimize risks for them.

Our managers communicate manufacturers and control production process from the beginning to the very end. We worked out our own quality control procedure and system and perfected it over the years. If any defects found, we handle it with a factory until it's done the right way.

Self-organized furniture import from China is meaningless considering the amount of effort and money spent on it. If you're considering doing everything by yourself, be ready to be fully responsible for handling problems with suppliers who not always can even speak English. We recommend you hiring professionals and save your time and energy.

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