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Buying and Importing Furniture From China to India

Is buying furniture in China a good idea?

Absolutely YES, and here is why:

Furniture is a biggest and most important budget input item that can be noticeably reduced by buying and importing furniture wholesale, for your residence, bar, restaurant or office from China.

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An individual may hesitate about going to China to buy furniture, however, prices are substantially lower than retail prices in their home countries to justify a trip to China for buying furniture. If you plan to buy furniture, decorative and building materials for your 3,000 square feet home you should be able to buy all the furniture in a week’s time.

Why Buy Furniture in China?

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  1. Variety of furniture designs: modern, classical, contemporary, rustic, baroque, high-tech, minimalistic, loft, shabby chic and many more all in one city. Things that you have seen only in historic movies, fancy hotels and an interior design magazine available here for you.
  2. Local competition is extremely high, so Chinese manufacturers and vendors continue on improving designs by inviting foreign furniture designers and keeping up with the worlds' furniture fashion trends. Most of the luxury and premium furniture chains/shops purchase containers of items from China and resell it in their showrooms for a truly impudent price. Then why keep giving your money away to them?
  3. In China furniture market, quality matches prices. With the machinery based production, high-quality furniture comes 3-8 times cheaper price than in Europe. Save money to invest in your business, education, traveling, kids or beauty. Buying quality products in China can save 3-20 times of your original budget.
  4. Unique custom made pieces that would cost your pocket a fortune abroad but not in China. Natural leather, solid wood, change of sizes, colors and materials all possible here for a decent price.
  5. Chinese manufacturers nowadays are getting on top of the world for quality with the more and more countries with high-quality standard requirements (Canada, USA, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Australia etc. ) placing orders and requesting solid stable production. Furniture, decorating, building materials, lighting, sanitary ware in China, Foshan is qualified to pass every of your country’s safety and quality standards. Build houses, schools, hospitals, organize music festivals without worrying about a thing.
  6. Many Europeans furniture, sanitary ware, tile brands (Spanish, Italians etc.) open their manufactures here in China to lower the production cost and make prices more attractive for an Asian market. Now it is cheaper to buy Italian furniture here than it is in Italy!
  7. No need to worry about finding a shipping agent and customs clearance broker in China because our company does customs clearance in China and have an in-house logistics department.

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Are you building a house or about to purchase one, designing a restaurant or are you working on any other interior design projects and don't know where to purchase the best quality furniture at competitive rates?

Foshan, China is a home for more than 5,000 furniture factories with a huge selection of furniture with prices lower than anywhere in any other city in the world! Interested?

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To buy quality furniture in China just contact us and schedule your visit to Foshan for only 5-7 days. Please click here for more information.

We provide door-to-door service for all of your furniture. We assist you before, during and after your purchase and make sure that you get exactly what you have in mind at the best possible rates and the highest possible quality. Just let us know what you are looking for and we get back to you with the best solution.

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