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Inspection of Chinese Luxury Furniture Factories

You can buy furniture in China of any quality, but why do you need cheap and bad, if the price of delivery is the same? It is more profitable to buy furniture of good quality. How we check quality you can find in this article Before the start of the cooperation with a supplier, inspect the factory. In this article, we'll walk you through the inspection of factories that claim to make premium furniture.

Italian Premium Replicas Buy in China, Inspection of the First Factory

After the talk with the factory manager, we went to the showroom, where were shown furniture from the collections of such famous brands as Poliform, Baxter, Natuzzi, Edra. There were moments in quality that we liked, and there were those that were questionable, we will show you what to look for when you buy furniture from China.

Baxter sofa buy online in Guangzhou China with delivery

This incredibly soft Baxter sofa from the Sorento collection, made entirely of eco-leather, has silicone inserts inside:


Price in China $1,269

This supplier only works with swan feathers, which is very important and shows that they production seriously. Only cheap furniture suppliers work with duck feathers. We are looking for suppliers of premium furniture in China; we are not interested in suppliers of cheap furniture and poor quality. It is crucial to use swan's feathers for premium quality furniture from China. Now let's turn our attention to this chair. The eco-suede of which the chair is made is a waterproof and wear-resistant material, and the major advantage is that it costs less than the original suede. However, the armchair is very soft and pleasant to the touch, not inferior to real suede. сорентокресло

Price in China $630

In the next room we have two sofas. The first sofa is a Baxter from the Milano collection, it is very soft, made from suede leather, and it is also uses swan feathers. бакстер

Price in China $2,700

On the other side of the room, you can see the Chester Moon sofa, also from Baxter, but although the proportions are relatively accurate, the sofa is very hard and uncomfortable. честер

We have this sofa from other suppliers in China, please contact us for a soft and comfortable sofa of this model.

The supplier has many Baxter models, but now let's turn our attention to other models from this supplier.

Italian Furniure Replicas buy in Guangzhou China online with delivery


The Natuzzi corner of this supplier disappointed us: the seams of the pillows are absolutely uneven, the pillows are not soft at all, square and hard, and it is uncomfortable to sit. We will never offer Natuzzi options like that to our customers. Good news: our agents have confirmed that the Baxter products from this supplier are 80 percent close to the original. We will definitely add these products to the system and will proudly provide these variations to our customers.

Replica Furniture Buy in China, Inspection of the Second Factory

Let's go to the showroom at the second factory. up50

Price in China $ 675

If you want to buy a pop-art armchair in China, pay attention to this model. There are two options for how it is made in Chinese factories:

  • 1st option: manual cutting of foam rubber to take the chair shape
  • 2nd option: the use of the special machine for cutting out the shape of a foam rubber This chair is not that often really comfortable from suppliers showroom, but this supplier has a very comfortable chair! If you want to buy an original sofa in China from Ligne Roset for a modern, art deco or pop art interior:


Price in China $ 945

However, we noticed that this vendor has the following problem: ![feathers]({asset: 23602}) We noticed that this Chinese factory has a problem. Premium quality furniture has to have additional layer between the fabric and feathers. They didn’t add this extra layer there, so the feathers crawl out from behind the sofa and can prick unpleasantly. The supplier is mainly focused on the Chinese market, although these are inexpensive replicas, but we cannot offer products of this quality to our customers.

Premium Kitchen Buy in China, Inspection of the Third Factory

The third supplier is professionally engaged in the production of kitchens and wardrobes in China, they provided to us with magnificent 3D visualizations of projects that could interest any of our clients who are looking for a modern functional kitchen in China. ![door]({asset: 23617}) The features of that kitchen set:

  • This supplier use doors that can open 180 degrees
  • They use Blum fittings for all their products
  • The entire kitchen set wall is treated with baked stone on top.
  • The supplier can customize any edge shape for classic models. Customers periodically ask us, what can they add to the kitchen to make it more convenient? ![construction]({asset: 23611}) This supplier has a solution for putting wet utensils. Water will automatically drain through the holes and the kitchen ware will remain dry.

The table top is made with a special coating at a temperature of 180 degrees, and it can withstand any impact. A Chinese factory makes hidden doors that will look great in a minimalist interior style. скрытые

Many customers have recently requested options of the leather doors. This supplier has perfectly made seams.


Not every supplier can work with both PVC and natural leather for cabinet doors and kitchens.

This is a great option for doors, the wicker structure resembles the famous Bottega Veneta brand, and the material is genuine leather. ботега This door material is a lightweight and very dense option. Please note that the leather comes from both sides, the door will look like this from the inside and from the front side. The supplier works with both dark and light shades. And also this factory works with such application of patterns, in this case, there is something that resembles a pattern from Louis Vuitton. луи

Premium wardrobe buy in Guangzhou China online delivery

Finally, we get to the most important thing this supplier has! What every girl, every woman wants: a dressing room. You can buy a dressing room in China, which you will not find in Russia. Immediately we will present you with an interesting model, we have powerful wardrobe doors, 25 mm handles from ceiling to floor, aluminium material. The greyish colour of the dressing room also has purple, blue and black shades, which is reminiscent of space. гардероб

An aluminium insert is needed so that the dressing room doors do not lose their shape at high humidity.


Nowadays, everyone can put a kitchen island, but a wardrobe island is still an exclusive option

The wardrobe island is made of leather, and we remind you that this supplier has models with perfect seams, it is very difficult to achieve such processing of the panel, to create such a relief pattern.

Well, let's summarize the results of the inspection.

  • At the first Chinese factory, we liked the Baxter sofa models, and our agents confirmed the replicas were 80-85 per cent true to the original.
  • The second supplier disappointed us the most. The models were too standard; they resembled replicas, but the quality of the products left much to be desired. Of course, the price was appropriate, but this was not the premium furniture we were looking for. Perhaps we will offer such options for wholesale purchases when you need to buy something more or less reminiscent of a replica for a minimum price. But our customers deserve the best, and we will not offer such products.
  • We liked the third supplier, but we only had time to visit the showroom and we still need to visit a factory and see the production process to make sure about the quality. Stay tuned for updates!

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