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Interior Design Trends 2022 and What Furniture and Decor You Can Buy from China

Minimalism continues to be the main trend of the interior design and most likely will be in 2022. However, it rises the question, what are specific details within the framework of minimalism will interior design develop next year?

Interior Design Trends 2022: Buy Furniture from Guangzhou, China

Warm colour palette will continue to appear in the design projects, more natural colours will be added. gfkbnhf

Warm colour palette immediately creates the cozy vibes

The texture will complement the colour palette. Neutral solid colours and natural materials are the essentials of the style. Any texture or the imitation of the texture of wood, stone, jute, cotton instantly create comfort and understanding that there is no place like home. It's best to avoid plastic and reflective materials, which can look artificial and cold.

Price in China $394
Price in China $112
Price in China $353

Eco Furniture Buy Online in Foshan China with Delivery

After the start of the lockdown and the fact that people began to spend more time at home, eco-style and eco-furniture took leading positions in interior design. People are also becoming even more aware of the environment, and the desire for closeness to nature only became stronger. All of this leads to the need to buy more sustainable options, recycle old furniture, resell and remodel vintage home furnishings. For vintage items, scroll down a few points, there will be about that too!

Price in China $157
Price in China $78
Price in China $196

Upholstered Furniture Buy Online from Foshan China

Minimalism needs beautiful objects to create contrast and softer aesthetics, so it's a good idea to include armchairs or sofas with soft, simple organic shapes.

Price in China $749
Price in China $399
Price in China $385

Canopy Beds Buy Online with Delivery from China

Canopy beds have often been associated with more traditional interior design and decor styles, but in the past year, canopy beds became trendy again, starting to appear in modern interiors. Of course, in a modern interpretation, canopy bed won’t look like it from 19th-century, but the construction itself and the matching fabric can make a bedroom look incredibly stylish.

Price in China $534
Price in China $723
Price in China $806

Room Dividers Buy Online in Guangzhou China

Open rooms with private space, open floor plan homes will be popular, which creates the need for fancy room dividers. There are many options for stylish and beautiful space dividers. They can be made from metal or glass, and let's not forget the trend for natural materials in 2022!

Price in China $187
Price in China $112
Price in China $63

Interior Design 2022: Vintage Furniture Buy in China

Vintage pieces of furniture and décor could be found at auctions or antique shops. Initially, minimalism was not very attached to objects with a touch of antiquity, but over time this has changed slightly. For example, minimalism can be combined with the wabi-sabi, you can see it from the interior of Maria Sharapova. However vintage pieces of furniture and art in interior design is more suitable for the Art Deco. Rethinking vintage furniture pieces design can still be found today in new models. For example, this chandelier, the original of which was created by the Scandinavian architect and designer Hans Agne Jakobsson. люстра

Price in China $150

And here is an example of a vintage armchair. The chair Lady from the Cassina brand was designed in 1951, it fast became an icon of Art Nouveau and a symbol of changes in design of the 50s. Not only the fact that fashion is returning plays a role but also the fact that samples of such design have never fully come out of it, except that they become more popular when certain trends coincide (for example, as now, the trend for vintage furniture and on organic shapes).


Price in China $375

An example among coffee tables is the coffee table by Isamu Noguchi, an American designer and Japanese-born architect. This coffee table is one of the design icons and a real piece of art in a combination of shapes and wood and glass. Like the Cassina armchair, one of the most iconic design items, it will never be forgotten, and in 2022 it will only become more popular. ногучи

Price in China $201

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