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Is China safe?

The name of this article might make you think about corona-virus again, however, this time we decided to leave this popular topic and talk about safety in China during travelling or a business trip. If you are still interested more about the virus, you can check this article.

When going abroad you may have some thoughts on your mind: “Is it safe to walk there at night? Should I check on my pockets while buying souvenirs in the market?” Over the last few decades the Chinese economy has grown rapidly. The number of homeless and unemployed was decreased and therefore the rate in crime went down.

In 2019 Global Finance magazine presented the list of safe countries in risks of natural disaster, crime, terrorism and war. China is on the 81 line. China has a developed law enforcement system which controls the crime. At night all the streets are well-lit and the Chinese walk outside at night without any fears as well as during the day. On Fridays and Mondays you can see a lot of people outside even at midnight. In addition, Chinese people are very friendly. The worst thing they can do is to ask you to take selfies together. They are always happy to show the right way or help with the menu in the restaurant even if they don’t speak English.

Safety in tourist places in China


In every city there are millions of CCTV cameras, some of them can even scan the face. Most of the criminal cases can be solved pretty fast due to them. In 2019 Chongqing had the largest number of cameras - 168 cameras for every 1000 people, in Guangzhou - 53 cameras for every 1000 people. However, in some big cities and especially in tourist places it’s better to be more careful. Keep your eye on your personal things and don’t follow unfamiliar Chinese “friends” who are inviting you to have dinner together (even if their English is very good)! It is usually a scam and in the end tourists are hit with a bill of several hundred dollars.

Safety on the road in China


Watch out on the roads! China has a good transportation system and for the drivers the country is very safe and comfortable (except for traffic jams). However, pedestrians should be careful. The cars don’t let pedestrians cross the crossroad when there is no traffic light. So always look to the sides of the road before crossing it. Moreover, there are a lot of bicycles here. Though there are more and more bike paths built in China every year, most of the cyclists still ride along pedestrian streets.

Some years ago the most common crime was stealing the bag driving a bike. In 2007 in Guangzhou the law that bans motorbikes came into force, so the crime rate went down.

Safety in public transport in China


Chinese public transport is a well-developed system with a high level of security. Each metro station has metal detectors and baggage scanners. Metro workers check all the passengers and sometimes can even ask to show the pockets and open the bags.

Travel Insurance for China


When going to China don’t forget to make a travel insurance. Medical service in China is pretty expensive, and you never know what can happen during the trip, so it’s better to be safe and think about the insurance in advance. Moreover, some types of insurance cover lost and stolen things.

In general, it is very safe in China! A woman can go out alone in the evening, and you shouldn’t worry about your pockets all the time. Friendly Chinese people are always ready to help. And our company will guarantee the safety during the furniture sourcing trip. Our managers always pick up customers from hotels and take them back in the evening. So don’t worry and come to explore a great world of China! You can arrange your furniture sourcing dates here.