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Is it safe to visit Guangzhou now?

The situation in the world makes all of us think about one important question: “Is it safe to go to China now?” A lot of people still have to work, build houses, furnish their apartments or maybe somebody was planning to visit the most famous business event in China - Canton Fair. Is it fine to go to China?

Frankly speaking, the situation with COVID-19 in China is getting better day by day. The Chinese government reacted relatively fast on the outbreak of the virus and took all necessary safety measures. The whole nation was supporting each other and that’s why now we can talk about the decrease of infected in China. In Wuhan, the epicentre of China’s coronavirus outbreak, there have been closed all the permanent hospitals for the infected people. Outside Hubei province, there are almost no new cases.


The graphic of new cases of COVID-19 in China from 21.02 - 16.03

The situation in Guangzhou

  • At the moment of writing this article in Guangdong province there were 1356 cases of COVID-19, among them there are 1296 people already recovered, It means that there are ONLY 52 infected people now.

The graphic of new cases of COVID-19 from 19.01 - 16.03

  • In Guangzhou there were 347 cases, among them there are 326 recovered, it means that there are ONLY 20 infected people now.
  • In Foshan there were 84 cases, among them there are 78 recovered, it means that there are ONLY 6 infected people now.

Most of the restaurants are open for their guests but make sure to finish your meal a bit earlier. Restaurants close at about 9pm-10pm.

All the furniture markets, supermarkets and malls are open, however, they close earlier than usual - at 9 pm-10 pm. Unfortunately, all the museums, cinemas, saunas, karaoke bars are still closed. The city takes the fight against the virus very seriously, so in every public place you have to wear a mask.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Despite the decrease in the number of infected people, it’s better to be prepared for the trip to China and take with you:

  • a pile of surgical masks (It’s hard to find masks in China now)
  • a hand sanitizer
  • don’t touch your face
  • avoid overcrowded places
Personal Hygiene
Personal Hygiene

Chinese Government Measures

  • There is a temperature check everywhere: in the supermarkets, office buildings, residences, metro, buses
  • It is necessary to wear a mask in all public places
  • Metro trains, buses and elevators are all regularly disinfected
  • All the public events are cancelled or postponed
  • A lot of flights are cancelled
  • The visas for foreigners who are now in China are prolonged, so they will not have to travel to renew it
  • If there is any chance that you are sick, you’ll have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine
  • Food delivery provides a special card where there is a temperature of a cook, a packer and a delivery man

There are some laws that are issued by the provincial government. So when going to China, check the information about the specific province you are going to. In Guangdong province, for example, there is a 2-week quarantine for all people arriving in China.

Hotline for foreigners amid novel coronavirus outbreak in Guangdong province: 020-81054279 (Liu Siqi)

In general, the situation in China and in Guangzhou is pretty stable. However, do not neglect the simple hygiene rules to make your trip safe and sound! Please contact us here to reach more information.