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Lightening products' prices in China

Starting work on the interior of the apartment, owners, first of all, think about a floor plan, colours and style, but they totally forget about lighting. But in fact, lighting is very important because it adds a final touch on the space, helps to hide some flaws, shows strong points and creates a mood.

The right lighting can:

  • visually change a floor plan of the space
  • divide a space into zones
  • put the accents in the interior

Variety of lightening and its price in China

Depending on the project, the budget for lighting can reach up to 30% of the total budget. You should thoroughly think over the functional purpose of each room, decide where is the space for work and where is a recreational area. In addition to chandeliers, wall light, floor lamps, table lamps, do not forget about LED tapes, spot and directional light. They will help to emphasize the decor elements and make the space bigger or smaller if necessary. With the right lighting, even the small room will look spectacular.

Китайские светильники

FLOS Lamp original — $1,800, FLOS Lamp replica — $328

Китайские светильники

Chandelier Bocci original — $12,825, Chandelier Bocci replica — $471

Why buying lightening products in China is the best option

There is Zhongshan city 70 km from Foshan, China. The capital of lighting in China is situated in its district - Guzhen. It has got its name thanks to 25 thousand manufactures providing more than 70% of lighting exports from China. While staying in Foshan, take one day to visit the largest shopping centers of lighting in China. You can read more about them in our article.

From classic and modern styles to loft and design solutions

In the shopping centers of Guzhen, there is the lighting of every style and latest trends from minimalism to elegant classic style. If you are searching for the lighting for your apartment or for a restaurant, a bar or a hotel, be sure on the 11th floor of Star Alliance shopping center you will find everything you need: chandeliers for large hotel lobbies, design lamps for bars and restaurants, spotlights, chandeliers and wall light for a villa, street lighting.

Perhaps, there is no other place in the world with such a large area of lighting and, for sure, such a variety of styles and sizes. This is a case when it’s better to see once with your own eyes. All the styles are gathered together so you don’t have to waste your time on research and comparison.

Lightening prices in China

Prices can vary from one showroom to another, so it’s better to pay special attention to the quality of the sample in the showroom, visually comparing it with similar items from other showrooms. If possible, better weigh the sample. Sometimes it’s better to overpay a certain amount of money but get a better quality item that will last for a long time.

Another huge advantage is the possibility of customizing almost any item you want. You can choose the colour and the size that matches your design.

Китайские светильники

Brokis Lamps original — $6,346, Brokis Lamps replica — $305

Китайские светильники

Chandelier Louis Poulsen original — $12,020, Chandelier Louis Poulsen replica — 280$

Why do lighting replicas attract customers?

In Guzhen you can also buy popular replicas of famous European designers and companies brands.

A lot of our customers prefer to buy replicas because of the following reasons:

  • The price. Chinese companies do not invest in developing new models. They just copy successful designs, sometimes making some small changes.
  • Solidity. Neither you nor your guests, unless they are professionals, will never tell which item is original and which one is a replica.
  • Customizing. As it was already mentioned, colour, size, materials can be changed according to your wish
  • Competition. Manufacturers are interested in offering you the best quality at a reasonable price.

Many manufacturers from Guzhen open their showrooms in Foshan, so the customers will not waste their time on the way to Guzhen. However, if you have a free day, do not hesitate to go to Guzhen! We will arrange a transfer with a personal driver for you. The only thing left for you is to plunge into the ocean of a great variety of light items in a lighting capital of China.