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Lighting in China. Guzhen — the city producing illumination in China

Guzhen (Zhongshan) is lighting production factory-town in China

Guzhen town (Zhongshan city) is located 70 km from Foshan which makes it 1-hour car ride. Guzhen is an illumination capital of China. There are more than 25 thousands factories producing lighting of all types. 70% of the total illimunation export in China is produced in Guzhen.

Best lighting shopping malls and markets in Guzhen (Zhongshan city, China)

There are dozens of lighting shopping malls in Guzhen, but not all of them are worth visiting. Only 70-80% of the showrooms in shopping malls are actual factories, rest of them are resellers which cooperate with different factories. We have selected best value for money markets (you can find a list below) in Guzhen.

Star Alliance

Star Alliance

300 000 m2 international illumination shopping mall placed on 11 floors! Star Alliance is a central and largest shopping center in Guzhen and leading lighting market in China. It can be compared by its importance and vastness with Louvre furniture shopping mall in Foshan.

There are chandeliers of any size even the largest models for spacey halls, pin-up lamps, standard lamps, LED illumination, spotlights and many more.

We recommend starting with Star Alliance market because of its broad selection.

Price range: middle, high, luxury.

Guzhen Lighting Plaza

Guzhen Lighting Plaza

The second largest lighting shopping mall in Guzhen with 50 000 m2 and 9 floors.

As well as in the Star Alliance mall, Guzhen Lighting Plaza has a worthy illumination selection, some of the models cost cheaper than in Star Alliance.

There are chandeliers of any size even the largest models for spacey halls, pin-up lamps, standard lamps, LED illumination, spotlights and many more.

Price range: middle, high.



This shopping center has the most tolerable prices of all three with 30 000 m2 and 5 floors. It gives you a smaller selection for a much cheaper price. If you’re chasing low prices this is the place! Most profitably to buy sockets, switches, spotlights, LED lights, garlands, cables, and other expandable materials.  

You can find many lighting options for residence, hotel, street, warehouses etc.

Price range: low, middle, middle-high.

Where are lighting shopping malls and markets located in Guzhen, China?

The shopping malls are located in 1-hour car ride from Foshan. Main shopping centers and markets are very close to one another and it takes about 5 minutes by car to move in between.

Is it profitable to buy lighting in Guzhen, China?

Profit from purchasing lighting in Guzhen is 300-500% on average from leftover funds and even more (including shipping and customs clearance expenses). The more and better-quality lighting you buy, the more you save.

What is the timeframe of lighting production in Guzhen, China?

It takes 15-40 days on average for most of the factories in Guzhen it also depends on the quantity and type of lighting.

How is the quality of the lighting produced in China?

Quality corresponds with prices. Generally, you won’t have quality problems if you know where to buy and cooperate with trustworthy suppliers.

How is lighting shipped from China to other countries?

Shipping of building and decorating materials carries with containers to almost any part of the world. We cooperate with the biggest logistics companies. For more details about shipping lighting from China click here.

We do customs clearance in China and prove all the needed paperwork for the customs clearance in your country. Customs tariffs depend on Customs Commodity Code, weight and volume. Please, reach us out for estimated shipping cost. For more detailed information about customs processing for building and decorating materials in China read here.

Pros of purchasing lighting In Guzhen with our company

  • Office and warehouse located in Foshan
  • Professional translators
  • Vast working experience
  • International shipping from China
  • Providing clients with all the paperwork needed for customs clearance in their countries
  • In-house logistic department

Buying lighting in Guzhen (Video)