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Selection and Renovation of our office in Foshan in loft style

Today we want to remember how our office in Foshan was renovated, the design, the choice of furniture. First, we want to tell what was our strategy picking the office. Before calling real estate agents, we decided that our new office in Foshan should meet the following requirements:

Office view 1

  • high ceilings, not less than 3.5 meters
  • panoramic low windows sill
  • at least 150 square meters
  • presentable office building
  • park view
  • convenient location

Finding an office fully meeting our requirements took us about a month, adding another two weeks for legal formalities with the owner and management. We were given a rent-free month for repairs, but we want to get ahead of what is written below, which eventually took us about three months to complete it all. Here is why it took so long.

Design and functionality

Office view 2

We chose Loft Style with small points of Scandinavian style. Space was divided into three rooms: main space, studio, office (all three rooms are about the same size). The main room is designed for 6 people comfortable work, pantry entrance is here as well. The pantry has a big shelf and a bureau, it helps to keep our office space tidy, clean and minimalistic feel. The Studio is designed for 2 working desks and combines kitchenette and a lounge where employees can have coffee/tea break for pleasant conversation. The office is planned for CEO and CFO of our company, boardroom table for 10 people. Every room has a door for the soundproof function for when during the negotiations with our clients, we wouldn’t disturb other employees.

Finishing materials

Before decoration 1

All the materials we chose in accordance with the design project and favoured quality materials. The laminated flooring that we bought has 10 years guarantee and 25 years of working life. We chose not to be cheap on the building agency and decorative plaster 10 years guarantee.

Process and Problems

During decoration

During the repair, we had three teams of builders, had spent a lot of nerves and effort to achieve the results we want. The main problems we faced were the low qualification of builders and finishers. When choosing teams, we have never been guided by low prices for their services, but rather looking for teams with the medium and high cost of work to protect themselves from poor quality repairs.

We changed three building teams with the main problem was their low qualification. They destroyed about 30% of the finishing materials. Our advice is never be tricked by the low prices for this kind of service. Always choose medium or high costs services to protect yourself from the breakdown and a poor quality.

Then we came across the building service companies massive overstating their skills level. Which lead to constant shifting the deadline, forcing us to order more materials due to its damage. We had to fight for the quality and the office we had in mind.

Office furniture

Office furniture

Since we specialize in the purchasing of furniture this part of work was the most pleasant, joyful and easiest of all! Furniture was produced on time and waited in a warehouse. As you can see furniture production took fewer nerves and less time than finding good masters to build the office alone. Furniture was delivered within 2-3 days after we finished the renovation.


Office view 3

We initially decided to keep a low number of accessories in the office. One of our main accessories is a big red resto style fridge. We keep plenty of sweets in and a selection of Belgian, German, and other kinds of beer. For celebrating special occasions and greeting our customers after a long day of shopping, we have a few kinds of champagne and wine. Time to time our clients visit the office in the evening, and we offer them a little treat after a busy day. 


Office view 4

We were trying to make the office comfortable for managers, employees, and customers! We put so much effort to make our office look the way it is! We hope you have an easy renovation in spite of the troubles. We would love to hear your story (send it to our email and to help you to purchase the furniture you want!