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Models and Prices ion Art Deco Furniture from China

Art Deco is an interior of celebration, artistry and the flight of the fantasy. This style does not care about trends and does not care about popularity, because at all times will be admirers of art-deco. This is a style of free artist, creative people with the fleur of vintage art. A style that is not easy to create, but it gives back in full with the beauty and emotion that it brings. гостинаяещё Art Deco developed most productively during the Roaring Twenties, before the After the exhibition, Art Deco became the dominant interior design of the Roaring Twenties, then it was really called "Jazz Art Nouveau" or "Zigzag Art Nouveau" because of its deliberate geometricity and the often repetitive zigzag pattern. The outbreak of World War II put an end to any sense of celebration. By the way, in the article about loft, we wrote about influence of roaring twenties to the interior and that loft has the influence of art-deco. арт-деко гостиная

Art Deco is the refection of luxurious decorations

In 1966, during the revival of the exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Paris, Art Deco already got its present name. Art Deco has penetrated into bohemian life, fashion, painting, arts and crafts, jewelry, and cinema. артдеко2

Distinctive features of Art Deco (art deco):

  • geometry elements (trapezes, rhombuses, squares, zigzags)
  • bright colours, juicy and deep yellow, red, green, blue and pink colours are well combined with chrome, silver and glossy black.
  • complementary contrasts
  • repetitive motifs
  • mirrors with shining beams
  • eclectic, combining features of different styles

    Living Room Art Deco Furniture Buy Online in Guangzhou China

    We can't say that living room in Art Deco style is popular in 2021, but this style is not about popularity. Art Deco preaches elitism, uniqueness, craftmanship same as in such interior styles like baroque/rococo and european classics.

Art Deco Sofas Buy Online in Foshan, China

Chinese factories learn from the experience and find inspiration by the design of sofas produced by European factories. Here are, for example, what sofas can be found in China:

Price in China $1071
Price in China $1327
Price in China $1282

Art Deco is a time travel machine which bring you back into glamorous twenties. Living room in the Art Deco style is characterized by originality and charismatic chic. Despite the variety of patterns and motifs in the decoration, the overall picture looks expensive and refined.

Price in China $842
Price in China $1771
Price in China $950

Coffee Tables Art Deco Buy Remotely from Foshan China

The stunning living room in Art Deco style is not easy to create, you need to have sufficient observation and good taste, for some most ambitious project the help of the designer. It is not easy to pick up a coffee table and sofa in the Art Deco style so as to balance on the edge of art, and not to slip into kitsch. Often Art Deco is diluted with furniture in other styles. However, here is coffee tables in Art Deco style:

Price in China $255
Price in China $233
Price in China $479

Art Deco consoles Buy Online in Guangzhou, China

Art deco consoles in the living room or hallway will come in handy, because Art Deco does not tolerate empty space. If there is a free wall, it should be filled with art. Art deco consoles from factories in China can pretend to be an art object:

Price in China $322
Price in China $346
Price in China $389

Art Deco Armchairs Buy in Foshan, China Remotely

It is not surprising that many people thinking about creating an art deco interior, but only few decide to implement. Most of the people need comfort at their home, and the art deco’s story is not about comfort, it is about art, rebellion and brightness.

Price in China $533
Price in China $533
Price in China $595

Dining Room Furniture Art Deco Buy Online in China

Art Deco dining room furniture is already a little easier to deal with than living room furniture. Art deco furniture for the dining area goes well with Neoclassic furniture, And what's more, these two styles are like yin and yang for each other, Art Deco is passion, emotion, an explosion of creativity, and neoclassics is a free flowing flow.

Art Deco Dining Tables Buy Online from Foshan China

Price in China $490
Price in China $275
Price in China $440

The mix of neoclassic and art deco furniture gives an mesmerizing impression. Art Deco brings brightness, and neoclassic "cools down", softens sharp corners. A combination of neoclassical and art deco can be much more often found in trendy interiors than pure art deco.

Art Deco Dining Chairs Purchase Online in Foshan, China

If Art Deco tables will attract attention with contrasting colors or unusual shape, the chairs in such a dining group will have to soften the riot of colors and fantasy. Chinese factories provide a selection of different Art Deco style dining chairs:

Price in China $190
Price in China $85
Price in China $174

However, Art Deco is a style with a lot of bright furniture and furnishings, including bright and upholstered dining chairs.


For the first, price in China $287

For the second, price in China $257

Buy Art Deco Buffet in Guangzhou, China online


For the first, price in China $1172

For the second, price in China $403

Art Deco Furniture for Bedroom Purchase in China Remotely


The image of romantic Art-Deco bedroom is connected with the glamour, luxury and craftmanship

Art Deco bedroom - the heart of artistry, the design of such a bedroom is based on a careful selection of all elements of decor, bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, and, of course, the decor elements meets with each other in the splendid combination.

Art Deco Beds Buy Online from Guangzhou, China

Price in China $425
Price in China $563
Price in China $1307

Art Deco Bedside Tables Buy Online from Foshan China

Price in China $178
Price in China $122
Price in China $167

Chest of Drawers Buy Remotely in Foshan China


For the first, price in China $251

For the second, price in China $506

Art Deco Lighting Buy Online in from Guangzhou China

Art Deco lighting elements differ from other lighting elements in that (not necessarily all at once):

  • geometric patterns
  • crystal multilevel chandeliers
  • artistry, shapes of nature or animals
    Price in China $235
    Price in China $206
    Price in China $207

    Art Deco Sconce, Wall Lighting Buy Online from Foshan China

    Price in China $209
    Price in China $234
    Price in China $183

    Art Deco is not for everyone, this style requires a lot of emotions, skills and finance. With the last one we can help you, because Art Deco furniture from China cheaper than Art Deco furniture from European factories and you do not have to go to China, we can do all the work of selecting furniture online. Leave a request here, so we can help you to find Art Deco or any other style furniture.