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Pricing overview of neoclassical furniture in China

Among various interior designs, styles, and trends, it is sometimes very difficult to chose something specific. Mixing styles requires a careful and professional approach. It happens that sometimes you want simplicity and functionality and at the same time - beauty and elegance. In between sophisticated classical design and modern comfort, there was created a new classical style - neoclassical style. Nowadays more and more people chose neoclassicism for their apartments and houses. Neoclassicism has become a symbol of status and taste, demonstrating a craving for beauty without frills.

Features of neoclassical interior design

Despite the simplicity of the modern style, neoclassicism is a very demanding style. The houses in this style usually are very spacious and have high ceilings. Often, these are country houses or large apartments. If you organize the space of the living room, dining room, and kitchen in such a way that one room “flows” into another one, then you can also choose neoclassicism for a small apartment paying attention to some details. You can use arches, semi-arches, and columns to divide space and create visual vignettes.

neoclassical interior in China
neoclassical interior in China

The furniture in the neoclassical style is light, with soft lines and rounded shapes. It is all about nude light colours. They make the room cosy and harmonious. To modernize the look, you can add some colour accents. Neoclassicism use only high-quality natural materials like wood, textured textiles, and leather but modern materials are also not excluded. For flooring, the best match is parquet or tiles.

Accessories for neoclassical interior in China

Neoclassical style is perfect for lovers of all kinds of accessories. Busts, sculptures, bas-reliefs will resonate with the decoration of ceilings and walls. Paintings in heavy frames with antique and medieval themes can fit into the interior of the study and bedroom. A still life is perfect for decorating the kitchen, landscapes - in the living room. Massive mirrors in heavy wooden or metal frames add the noble vibe to the room.

neoclassical interior in China

A symmetrical arrangement the elements is the main feature of a neoclassical style. Usually, the central object of a living room is a fireplace. And other objects like chandeliers, sofas, armchairs are placed symmetrically in pairs, so one part of the room is a reflection of the other. However, if it’s difficult to achieve it, then try to balance the asymmetric elements. For example, if a dressing table with a mirror is located in one part of the room, then place a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a floor lamp or hang a picture in the other part. This solution will look very stylish. The central element in the bedroom can be a bed, a carpet, and a chandelier. The headboard of the bed should be wooden and massive with high-quality fabric. If the walls in the bedroom are light, then put some bright accents - pillows, curtains, textiles. The bright walls will match a light carpet, transparent white curtains, and different mirror surfaces.

The most famous brands that have neoclassical furniture are:

  • MODO10
neoclassical furniture


neoclassical furniture


One of the most popular designs now is a sofa in the form of a shell. You can find it in Dutch brand Eichholz. The price of this sofa in Europe is about 3300 USD. Many designers come to China inspired by this model and search for something similar for their projects. Here you can buy replicas of many famous brands much cheaper than in Europe.

neoclassical furniture

Eichholz sofa original price in Europe - 3300 USD

neoclassical furniture

Replica of Eichholz sofa price in China - 160 USD

Neoclassicism is a unique style in the interior design that allows combining comfort with the exquisite aristocracy. This style represents the excellent taste of the owner appreciating the sophisticated luxury of simple and elegant forms.

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