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Prices for modern furniture in China

What do final furniture prices consist of?

  • Furniture Price
  • Delivery from Foshan to your city
  • Customs clearance fee and taxes

What do furniture prices depend on?

1. Quality of materials

Surely price will also depend on what kind of material furniture is made of: MDF, solid wood. Different wood species cost different and have different characteristics: simple pine or zebrawood. Even the same type of wood will be divided by grades.

If we’re talking of upholstered furniture it’s quality of leather and textile used. The outside of your furniture will show first if the production quality is not the greatest.

Finishing and accessories quality: rivets, seams, sliding elements etc. make sure the finish is good because nobody wants a wooden wardrobe to fall apart because of the cheap accessories.

Our managers do quality checks for every client and can say what quality furniture is. In any case, it’s better to aim for mid-high and high price segments as they cost much more in your country.

2. Craftsmanship

Higher skill-category workers have a higher salary and it’s directly affecting the final cost of the furniture. A good factory is easy to spot: detailed smooth and elegant carving.

3. Delivery from Foshan, China to your city

Delivery to each city calculated individually and depends not only on the city but exact delivery address, roads or the particular location local rules and regulations.

Classic Victorian style furniture takes up a lot of space in the container because it’s made of solid wood and in most of the cases can’t be disassembled.

It’s very expensive to ship furniture by groupage cargo, living alone it’s not safe. Delivering by the whole container you don’t need to worry about furniture weight, a full container of solid wood furniture never exceed the container weight limits.

To check estimated delivery fee to the major ports, click here.

4. Customs clearance

Customs clearance in China is relatively cheap so the main part of the customs clearance is happening in the port of delivery.

Customs taxes and rates depend on the country and change quite often. We recommend getting a local customs broker who also does inbound logistics (local delivery).

Production time for modern style furniture

Depending on factory workload, production capacity, equipment, the size of the order the production time can take 30-60 days.

Prices for modern style furniture in Foshan

3 seater, velvet textile, art-deco style

$520 USD, 3 seater, velvet textile, art-deco style

3-seater sofa: 3300 USD, genuine suede

3-seater sofa: $3300 USD, genuine suede

Armchair: $1170 USD, genuine suede

armchair textile

$415 USD armchair, textile

$470 USD 2-seater, textile

4 seaters in this design with 2 different patterns

$845 USD for 4 seaters in this design with 2 different patterns.

Six-sided artificial stone table $300 USD.

3-seater white sofa in textile

$540 USD 3-seater white sofa in textile

$300 USD red armchair


3-seater $570 USD

2-seater $475 USD

Armchair $350 USD

Material: velvet textile

More examples on our YouTube channel

Good furniture doesn’t cost very cheap in Foshan but it’s a bargain if you compare prices for the same quality furniture back home.

Remember that buying furniture of middle to very good quality will save you more money than buying cheap things.