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Prices for Modern Style Furniture from China

Modern design origin comes from the decorative arts, mostly from the Art déco and Art Nouveau. Modern interior design reached the peak of its popularity in the middle of twenty centuries, that's why the style can be also known as "mid-century." As at the beginning of its appearance, modern decorations design (nowadays known as Art Nouveau) balanced on several sides, and now from this point, nothing changed: “modern style” is a fairly broad concept that can include such styles and their various combinations as contemporary design, loft, industrial, Scandinavian, eclectic and many more. Let's look at the prices of the modern design furniture

Prices for modern living room furniture in Guangzhou, China

You'll find a vast range of modern living room furniture. It can be minimalist or elegant, pure contemporary or with the elements of art deco or with luxury feel.

Living room armchairs from China

Armchair with the pattern on the back $310
Armchair with shaped back $281
This one looks great as an indoor and outdoor armchair as well $350

Living room sofa from Guangzhou, China

White sofa with shaped armrests $525
Straight sofa for the living room $540
Corner sofa for $1,350

Lounge Chairs Buy from China


Ash wood armchair $370, Yellow armchair $389


Armchair for $467, Ottoman for $115

Coffee Tables and Corner Tables Buy From China


Coffee table for $365, Corner table for $261

More reviews on modern style furniture from China on our youtube channel!

Although the design of the various modern furniture from Chinese factories are increasing exponentially, many people still want to have at home designer pieces of furniture from famous Italian factories. Italian furniture industry, born from many family workshops and grown into a huge business field, has always attracted attention. They were one of the first to experiment with the design principles of modernism, so the very history of modern style furniture goes side by side with Italy, and therefore it is not surprising that modern style furniture is associated with Italian brands.

The only thing that can upset a connoisseur is the price. Charming table and sofa can cost like a new house. In this case, brand replicas from China can be a solution. Contrary to the popular belief that everything in China is cheap, luxurious furniture will be cheap only in comparison with the price of the original piece from the brand.

Modern style furniture replicas buy from China

Replicas from China can be a great option if you need the best quality and beautiful furniture and do not want to overpay for the brand name. Chinese factories making premium furniture do not save on materials, however click here if you are still wondering why buying furniture in China is profitable.

Whether your design aesthetic is contemporary or a mix of modern trends, you may consider to buy following brands replicas:

Poltrona Frau Armchairs Buy from China

Poltrona Frau is famous for its armchairs, and this is not surprising. Poltrona which translates from Italian as "armchair" appears in the company's name. It is also no coincidence that Poltrona Frau in our selection of modern furniture, as they produced furniture at the beginning of the modernism furniture era.

Original price is around $4,575, price in China $393
Original price is around $4,355, price in China $428
Original price is around $8,500, price in China $706

The name of the red armchair is 1919 according to the year of manufacture.

The heart of the brand are armchairs and cushioned seating. Poltrona Frau designed seatings for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and is regularly featured in seating exhibitions for the various industries.


Original price is around $6,333 price in China $1,391


Original price is around $9,826 , price in China $1,953

Polifrom buy from China

Since the beginning, Poliform has specialized in wardrobes, beds, bookcases. Over time, minimalistic interiors came into fashion, and the line between kitchen, living room and dining room has been erased. More projects from designers appeared, where the kitchen, dining room and living room is one open space.

Tables Buy From China


Corner table original price is around $1,633, price in China $216 Coffee table original price is around $2,320, price in China $472


Dining table original price is around $8,810, price in China $397


Sectional Sofa, Original price is around $18,551, price in China $3,490

Furniture for the bedroom buy from China

Poliform also designes simple and good looking furniture for the bedroom.


Dresser, original price is around $7,425 price in China $530


Bedside tables, original price is around, $2,653 and $3,186 Price in China $401 and $457


Bed, original price is around $11,310, Price in China $965

Cattellan Italia tables buy from China

The history of Cattelan Italia began with the creation of a small family business, as is often the case in Italy.


Round table, original price is about $4,998, price in China $1,007

In 1979, the spouses Giorgio and Sylvia Cattelan launched in Vicenza the production of chairs and tables with marble elements - if now such tables have become common for design connoisseurs, then in the 1970s it was rather a novelty.


Rectangular dining table (marble table top), original price is around $4,355, price in China $1,876

Nowadays the brand produces furniture for almost all rooms in the house, but tables stays its distinctive feature.


Corner table, original price is around $670, price in China $133

Do you want to have replicas of famous brands at the fair price, or modern furniture from Chinese factories? You can buy everything and even more online through a few easy steps.

Message us, and we will help you to choose among the variety of furniture pieces from the best Chinese factories!