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Prices for Neoclassic Style Furniture in China

The neoclassical style combines elements of antiquity, luxurious gloss and the sophisticated simplicity of minimalism. Neoclassicism is good for its versatility, it is both suitable for a wooden or a stone house, and as for a modern apartment. For the production of neoclassical furniture, manufactures usually use natural expensive materials such as wood, stone and metal. Neoclassicism is suitable for a living room or a bedroom, a dining room, and even for a study.

Prices for Neoclassic Style Dining Room Furniture in Guangzhou, China

Furniture for the dining room in the neoclassical style is often beige, peach, white shades, from snow-white to milky. The design of the dining room in the neoclassical style stands out for symmetry, clear geometric shapes, the absence of frills, but with the presence of elegant decor elements.

kitchen_table2 Price in China - $1,360

This round table is one of the most requested, it often appears in neoclassical dining area designs. Round tables are also common in Chinese families. The chair leg resembles the Chanel logo. The table leg is made of wood, supplemented with a metal bar for safety so that over time the tree does not squeeze, does not deform, and the structure does not break.

kitchen_chair2 Price in China - $320

Even if this chair seems too low, it is enough to sit on, to feel that it is perfect for the round table.

cupboard_kitchen2 Price in China, $ 1,160

Dining room cupboard with Art Deco elements and patterned glass. This pattern is present on all mirror surfaces in this line. Thanks to its design and mirrored elements, this piece of furniture looks light and illuminates the space around.

Let's look at a large dining table with chairs that you can buy in China. kitchen_table1

Price in China $ 560

This golden table has elegant table legs. Please note that this table is monolithic, and there are almost no extendable neoclassical tables, however, the factory always can make a larger table if you need.

kitchen_chair1 Price in China $ 232

Customers are often asking about chairs of such models, different factories produce it with slight differences, like this: kolechcko

Sometimes there is a ring, sometimes there may be a loop. There are a lot of materials and accessories, you can choose whatever you wish. With fancy fabric at the back and a frame made of wood, this chair brings a luxurious atmosphere. It also has a large seat. The showroom has two types of this chair: with armrests and without. It is up to you, which one you would choose, however it usually means the ones with the armrests to be for the heads of the family and placed at the heads of the table, chairs without armrests are for the other family members.

Prices for Neoclassic Style Living Room Furniture in China

The neoclassical style living room is a luxury and comfort, will be perfect for people who love the classic style charm, but want it to be more modest and muted.

armchair1 Price in China $ 666

Neoclassical pieces of furniture look very sophisticated, like this armchair. Neoclassicism, unlike classic furniture, is modernized and golden elements make it graceful.

sofa1 Price in China $ 1,300

It could be a regular square sofa, but with a golden element that also matches the legs; this sofa looks exquisite and eye-catching.

tv_stand Price in China $ 860

This TV stand is approximately two meters long, has at least two sections, and the third one with the drawers. They made two types of veneer here, but they really go well with such a longitudinal veneer we already had before, and the second veneer with a zebra pattern, which matches well.

armchair3 Price in China $ 888

Two chairs look different for one simple reason: one has a pillow, and the other does not. A chair without a pillow looks much larger, but in fact they are identical:


That's how a modest designed armchair can become a transforming chair, as soon as you put a pillow, and you already have two different models of chairs that look unlike. The chairs are made of textiles and natural wood, the textile is a lovely beige shade, and it is also very pleasant to the touch. The bottom frame is made of wood.

sofa3 Price in China $ 1,250

A sofa with the same materials as the armchairs.

corner3 Price in China $ 280

The table is made of stunning high-quality veneer, the handle of the table is perpendicular.

coffee_table3 Price in China $ 642

The table has a striped countertop, perpendicular handles on the drawers, as well as the corner table, space at the bottom for storing magazines (or it can be cats' favourite place to spend the entire day).

Prices for Neoclassic Style Furniture for Bedroom in China

Originality, beauty and grace characterize the neoclassical style in the bedroom, and the calm natural colours characteristic of this style will act soothingly, give a feeling of lightness and tenderness. Now neoclassicism is quite popular, if you buy neoclassical furniture in China, you can buy the entire line (for example, bedrooms, as we will show below), and everything will be perfectly combined.

Wardrobe_1 Price in China $ 960

The material on the handles of the chest of drawers and below is acrylic. Although the chest of drawers seems quite simple, because of the addition of a little shine and gloss to the design, it immediately looks more expensive. The same chest of drawers, but in the modern style, would not be liked by everyone.

dressing_1 Price in China $ 670

A beautiful dressing table, a handle with a mother-of-pearl element was immediately added to its model, it looks really attractive.

bedroom_chair1 Price in China $ 380, with delivery to Moscow $ 433

The bench seat is made in a beautiful metal frame, the wood has a warm shade, like the entire line.

bedside_1 Price in China $ 291

The tabletop of the bedside table has the same ribbed veneer pattern, which is repeated throughout this line, it shimmers beautifully from above, and the golden-coloured acrylic handles enhance the depth of colour and seem to give a light glow.

bed1 Price in China $ 950

Let's look at the bed, first, notice the same ribbed pattern as on the nightstands and the dresser. In the part of the footboard slat, there is a ledge, some beds are designed without a ledge, others can have different types of the ledges.

There is no standard about it, is having ledge is right or wrong, beautiful or not. Some people like the ledge and want it to be taller, while others want a bed without a ledge. You can choose the material of the upholstery in the legs and at the headboard, you can change it to textiles, leather, microfiber, eco-leather, whatever your heart desires and, make sure that the banquet for the dressing table also matches your headboard and is in the same texture with it.

bedside_2 Price in China $ 565

Why are semicircular and round bedside tables usually more expensive than rectangular and square ones? The thing is that before making oval and round bedside tables, they need to take the round form, which can be done with the specific equipment, and then do the same process as with the square bedside tables. It is at least on one extensive process more than with making square and rectangular bedside tables.

bed2 Price in China $ 1,100

As we already wrote above about the ledges at footboard slat of the bed, here the back panel is already a little lower, so you can see a little of the mattress. This model or similar ones with the silky textile are often requested by the customers because it is curved on both sides. If you put this bed in the middle of the room, it will look great, because the back side is decorated with textile as well.

Wardrobe_2 Price in China $ 1,900

Previously, wardrobes in non-classic style appeared very rarely, they were often made to order. There are more and more bespoke wardrobes nowadays, perhaps because people have a lot of things and they don't fit in a small cupboard. This cabinet also has acrylic elements, it itself is made of wood, a metal insert, everything is very well processed, nothing is cut, and it looks delightful.

bedside_3 Price in China $ 307

Bedside table with a small shelf, two drawers. The striped veneer is repeated, like other pieces of furniture from this factory.

bed3 Price in China $ 1,170

Let's look at the bed, this is a new model, the legs are made of acrylic and metal, this gives an interesting effect as if the bed floats a little. So it seems that you see through acrylic and it is not particularly noticeable, it does not weigh down the bed.

Prices for Neoclassic Style Office Furniture in Foshan, China

There are more and more neoclassical-style cabinets, and this is not surprising: the difference from the classics of the neoclassical-style cabinet will be lighter, thus its owner will be pleased to deal with a large space in the study.

bookcase_1 Price in China $ 690

Bookcase made of natural wood, approximately 2 meters high, and geometric lines, on the handles the same element on the handles and the same handles as on the dressing table in the bedroom.

office table Price in China $ 692

The table is warm caramel colour, with two drawers, handles are very neatly made of thick steel.

office chair Price in China $ 220

Although this chair is more of a chair style, it nevertheless fits perfectly to the work table, and most importantly, it is incredibly comfortable.

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