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Pricing overview of loft-style furniture in China

Loft is the name of a modern urban style in the interior design. It is characterised by an abundance of open space and industrial elements in decor: high ceilings, raw brick walls, beams, pipes and cement floor. Nowadays, It is one of the most popular styles in the USA and Europe. Usually, people of art, freedom-loving people choose houses in this style because they value minimalism and practicality. Though the loft houses don’t look like they imply a high budget, in fact, it is one of the most expensive styles in design.

The features of loft-style furniture

The idea of using abandoned factories, warehouses, workshops and manufactories for housing is not new, its roots go back to the 40s in Manhattan factory districts when the prices for land raised, and many manufacturers had to sell their houses for nothing and move out. Representatives of the New York bohemia took advantage of this and began to hold exhibitions there, young musicians and artists began to create their masterpieces in these buildings. By the 50s, these apartments had become very popular and significantly increased in price due to their convenient and advantageous location and unique urban charm. So, abandoned factory areas have become luxurious loft-style houses.

Main features of loft-style:

  • open layout
  • high ceilings
  • light colours
  • rough wall finishing
  • stairs
  • fireplace
  • functional furniture Let’s look closer at the furniture.

What are the prices of loft-style furniture in China

Loft is a style with a minimum of furniture. Depending on the loft-type, it can be very modern or antique. The combination of an old and new eras looks very harmonic. Some small items like chairs, armchairs, tables or hangers can be on wheels, so you can move them whenever you want to free up additional space.

мебель лофт

Bookcase in loft style Material: pine, metal Price in China - 800$

мебель лофт

Bar chair in loft style Material: oak, leather Price in China - 350$

As for the materials, the preference is usually given to leather, solid wood, steel and aluminium with chromium inlayers. A tall wardrobe can ruin the whole unity of the style, so you can replace it with hangers. Or you can choose to store all the stuff in drawers under the stairs or special utility rooms.

мебель лофт

Two seaters sofa in loft style Material: leather Price in China - 1050$ Tea table in loft style Material: plywood+wood Price in China - 460$

мебель лофт

Table in loft style Material: Saman tree Price in China - 1 560$

For bedroom choose a low bed with fabric upholstery in light colours. Also, a metal bed or a bed of raw wood can emphasize the industrial style of loft.

мебель лофт

Bookshelf in loft style Material: pine, metal Price in China - 1 820$

мебель лофт

Bar cabinet in loft style Material: leather Price in China - 1 560$

Our company is also a fan of loft style. To prove it, you can look at our office. We developed its design and completely furnished it with high-quality furniture in loft style from Foshan factories. The tables are made of solid wood, and the chairs are covered with leather. We value the comfort and functionality of the space.

мебель лофт
мебель лофт
мебель лофт
мебель лофт

If you are in love with loft-style as much as us, and you can’t wait to arrange your space in this style, contact our manager. We are always happy to answer all your questions and help you with furniture sourcing in China!