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Sanitary ware malls in China. Sanitary ware production city in China.

Foshan is a city-factory for sanitary ware in China

You have already seen our article about buying furniture in Foshan Briefly, it’s about quality furniture in Foshan, and about Chinese factories making high-end quality items. There are more than 1000 legally functioning factories adding local vendors producing quality sanitary ware. The selection will make any picky customers happy.

The best sanitary ware malls and shopping malls in the world

China Ceramics City

China Ceramics City

China Ceramics City is a 5 floors shopping space. First-floor selection includes toilets, mixer tap, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, sinks, accessories for the bathroom. Second and third floors have outdoor and indoor tiles, outdoor and indoor natural and artificial stone, flagstones. The fourth floor has sanitary ware, bathroom cabinets, hot tubs, shower units. The fifth floor has mosaics and accessories for finishing. 

The main pro of the mall is the concentration of big selection in different price ranges for all types of things. It is the best choice for people who do not like to walk a lot.

Price range: middle, high, luxury.

CASA Ceramics & Sanitarywares Mall

CASA Ceramics Sanitarywares Mall

There are about 650 suppliers in the CASA Ceramics & Sanitarywares Mall, 85% of which are factories. You can buy here toilets, mix tap, shower units, bathtubs, sinks, hot tubs, electric saunas, bathroom cabinets, mosaics, indoor tiles for wall and floor, outdoor tiles, natural and artificial outdoor and indoor granite, natural and artificial outdoor and indoor stone, flagstone, metal and wooden doors, hardwood flooring, fountains, statues, automatic garage gates and much more.

The main pro is a huge selection of different things, the biggest con is the market length, which means you’ll have to walk a lot.

Price range: low, middle, middle-high

Ceramics International Trading Center

Ceramics International Trading Center

The newest sanitary ware market in Foshan: huge space in a couple of thousands square meters with more than 300 leading Chinese manufactures showrooms. Each showroom is an independent building 2-5 floors tall with 1000-2000 m2 of exhibiting space each. The selection and massiveness shocks. 

This market is mostly suitable for wholesalers or for big design projects. If you estimated purchasing quality is couples of items, two mentioned earlier markets are a better fit for you.

Price range: low, middle, middle-high, luxury.

Where are sanitary ware shopping malls and markets located?

Building and decorating materials markets are located 10-15 minutes from Foshan city center. All the mentioned markets are close to each other, to get from one to another takes 5-10 minutes by car.

How much can I save buying sanitary ware in China?

It is more profitable to purchase middle, high and luxury priced items here in Foshan which makes you save more than 70-200% from leftover funds including shipping and customs clearance expenses!

What is the production time for sanitary ware in Foshan?

It takes 25-40 days on average to produce sanitary ware in Foshan depending on quantity and the furniture type.

How about quality?

Furniture quality always corresponds to the price. Generally, you won’t have quality problems if you know where to buy and cooperate with trustworthy suppliers. We do not recommend purchasing a super cheap building and decorative materials, you will most possibly get small working life materials which can lead to other defects.

How to ship sanitary ware from China to other countries?

Furniture shipping carries with containers to almost any part of the world. We cooperate with the biggest logistics companies. For more details about sanitary ware shipping China click here.

We do customs clearance in China and prove all the needed paperwork for the customs clearance in your country. Customs tariffs depend on Customs Commodity Code, weight and volume. Please, reach us out for estimated shipping cost. For more detailed information about sanitary ware customs processing in China read here.

Pros of purchasing sanitary ware in Foshan with our company

  • Office and warehouse located in Foshan
  • Professional translators
  • Vast working experience
  • International shipping from China
  • Providing clients with all the paperwork needed for customs clearance in their countries.

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