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SPA-complexes and saunas in Guangzhou, China

SPA-complexes in China simply can’t be just called saunas because it’s usually a grand building with 4-5 floors with places to eat, sleep and relax.

This is what you can usually find inside:

  • 1st floor: pools with different temperatures, dry and steam saunas, water, beer, tea, fruits. Sauna workers can even rub your skin until it’s baby smooth.
  • 2d floor: restaurant, mostly buffet, poker tables, pool tables, small cinema etc.
  • 3d floor: gym, massage tables, children playrooms.
  • 4th floor: common room with individual recliner seats.

If you’re coming for one night to Guangzhou or Foshan or any other city in China, try check in to the sauna, it will save you some money and get you relaxed to the core for the same price as a hotel.

Best sauna in Guangzhou «Guangdong Nanmei Osotto Hotel»

Name in Chinese: 广东南美元生态大酒店(海珠店)
Address in China: 广州市海珠区滨江西路海鸣街16号(人民桥南)
Business hours: 24/7
Price: 285 CNY/24 hours

Sauna in Guangzhou 5 Sauna in Guangzhou 6 Sauna in Guangzhou 8 Sauna in Guangzhou 9

The biggest sauna in Guangzhou taking 38 000 m2. It’s located near the Shamian island which was mostly inhabited by British and French for over 80 years.

The Pearl river embankment is right next to the sauna, it’s worth having a walk before or after to watch light up boats and bridges. In the end, your body and soul will be super tranquil.


The best sauna in Foshan «Osotto Recreation Hotel»

Name in China: 元生态休闲酒店(佛山店)
Address in Chinese: 广东省佛山市南海区桂城东二宝翠路
Working hours: 24/7
Price: 259 CNY/24 hours

Sauna in China 1 Sauna in China 2 Sauna in China 3 Sauna in China 4

SPA-center located not far from Foshan city centre in the 5-star hotel and has 18 000 m2 of mellow pleasure.

It offers: separated female/male spa zones, dry and steam saunas, traditional chinese and thai massages, foot massage, restaurant for 200 people that work 24/7.

! swimming pools and thermo tubs are only in the male side.

Remember food is included in the entry fee.

Handful tips before going to saunas in China

  • It’s better to come before 9 pm because most of the chefs don’t work after midnight which leaves you quite poor choice of food;
  • Some dishes can be made by order (for example fish or meat);
  • Massage and other services are not for free but it’s quality in these places;
  • 3-4 hours is about time you need to fully relax and use everything saunas have to offer.

It’s almost impossible to see something like that in Europe or Americas. Trust yourself into their experienced hands and enjoy!