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Sectional, Modular, Corner Sofa You Can Buy from China Online

Modular and sectional sofas are some of the most functional pieces of furniture. Sectional sofa from China can have storage space, be transformed into a bed, and fill a corner in the room, which is often left unused.

Modular sofas give you freedom, allow you to rearrange the modules as the current task of the interior desire. Often, modular sofas have an additional element - an ottoman, we can use it as an additional place where guests can seat, or a comfortable corner where it is pleasant to stretch out. Some modules of corner sofas can even serve as a coffee table!

Buy Modular Sofa in Guangzhou, China Online with Delivery

In China, you can buy replica sectional sofas from luxury Brands such as Visionnaire, Bentley, Fendi.

Brand: Visionnaire || Price in China $3054
Brand: Bentley || Price in China $2002
Brand: Fendi || Price in China $3205

The design of the Bastian sofa by Visionnaire is created at the intersection of classic proportions and modern trends. Elegant simplicity and strict restrained lines are harmoniously combined with each other.

Stowe sofa from Bentley is an exquisite chic and complete relaxation with impeccable taste.

Plaza from Fendi is a fine example of a modern luxury classic.

Buy Sectional Sofa in Guangzhou, China Online with Delivery

You can buy in China replicas of sectional sofas of famous brands as Polifrom, Arketipo, Cornelio Cappellini.

Brand: Poliform || Price in China $2532
Brand: Arketipo || Price in China $1800
Brand: Cornelio Cappellini || Price in China $1694

Mondrian by Poliform puts comfort at the forefront of modern design values such as comfort and freedom

The modular sofa from the Starman collection by Arketipo is a piece of furniture that plays with powerful contours that make a statement; the bold design of the sofa makes the space unique.

Denver by Cornelio Cappellini is a sofa created from the references of the legendary design of the 70s.

Corner Sofa Buy Online from China Foshan with Delivery

Brands such as B&B Italia, Ligne Roset, Amura make such modular sofas that can, while remaining as stylish as possible, keeping up with trends, challenge them and set new trends in design. Chinese factories make the most similar replicas, by the way, you can find the inspection of factories producing luxury class replicas in this article.

Brand: B&B Italia || Price in China $2437
Brand: Ligne Roset || Price in China $1876
Brand: Amura || Price in China $1589

Sectional Sofas in Baroque and Rococo Styles Buy in China Online with Delivery

It is not often possible to find modular sofas in styles such as baroque and rococo, such sofas can be found in Chinese factories. For baroque and rococo, experiments are not typical, as in modern styles. A baroque sectional sofa in a modern interior will look odd at best. Baroque furniture is combined with the same furniture. More baroque furniture in this article.

Price in China $2103
Price in China $2897
Price in China $2897

Buy Loft-Styled Corner Sofa from China Foshan Online with Delivery

Brutal rough-shaped corner sofas fit perfectly into the loft-style interior. Here you find more loft styled furniture from China.


Price in China $3959

Price in China $1824

Art Deco Style Corner Sofas Buy from China in Guangzhou with Home Delivery

Art Deco sofas can be rounded or have another pronounced geometric shape. Art Deco style corner sofas go great with neoclassic-styled furniture and other art-deco furniture from China.

Price in China $1569
Price in China $642
Price in China $1461

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