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The most popular furniture in China 2020

One of the most common worries of our clients is whether they can find what they need in Foshan, China. When they are already in China they ask if there is enough time to choose what they like among all the variety of beautiful furniture presented here. That’s true, there is a great choice of furniture in markets of Foshan. It’s always hard to choose because you want to buy absolutely everything. Chinese manufacturers are always aware of all the latest trends in the world of interior design. And if today there is something new at world furniture exhibitions in Milan, then tomorrow it will appear in Chinese showrooms.

New collections in Chinese showrooms will easily tell you about the main trends in the world of interior design. Until recently the most popular styles were Scandinavian style and minimalism. People wanted to get the simplest without excessive pomp functional furniture. But as we all know, fashion is cyclical, and something that is popular today might be not popular tomorrow. Recently, modern style is getting more and more popular. Some features can vary from country to country but the furniture lines are barely changed. Italy is, no doubt, the main fashion influencer among the great variety of modern style.

Italian modern style is always in fashion because of its freshness and combination of comfort and luxury. Today we will talk about a few most popular brands among the customers and, of course, among the manufactures in China.

BAXTER from China

Baxter definitely stands out among numerous modern brands. This company is inspired by classical English style with its own interpretation. That’s why the name is in English. Thanks to the specification of production and the art of processing natural materials by the Italian craftsmen, Baxter is an Italian company with a worldwide history.

The founders of the company, Paolo Bestetti and Luigi, say that Baxter is a young company that deeply rooted in the history of entrepreneur tradition in Brianza land at the foot of the Alps that always produced the best furniture for the aristocracy of the upper and middle class.

The company pays special attention to the production of furniture made of high-quality leather. Unique collections of Baxter are the balance between innovations and traditions. This is a choice of people who appreciate Italian version of English restraint.


Baxter, sofa Tactile, matte leather — 9000$ Price in China

Poliform buy in China

Poliform - another company from Italy. In the beginning, it was just a small craft store that had operated for 28 years before it became a company in 1970. Nowadays, Poliform is a synonym of luxury lifestyle and perfect quality. Poliform collections include kitchen, bookcases, accessories, wardrobes and beds.

Poliform took part in such big projects like London embankment of West End and Café Roya, Hotel Conservatorium in Amsterdam, Tour Odeon in Monte Carlo, AOL Time Warner Center in New York, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock and the building of Palmolive in Chicago.

Poliform furniture is characterized by advanced and exclusive solutions, essential lines and measured proportions, harmonious shades and discreet shapes. They believe that the house and the interior represent its owner. The combinations of the materials and colours will tell you about the personality of its owner.


Poliform, bed Rever, textile — 1750$ Price in China

Chinese Bolzan Letti

If you are searching for bedroom solutions, we recommend you to check Bolzan Letti collection. This brand was found by the Bolzan family. And by preserving its craft character and the size, by 2000 it had turned to an industrial enterprise that combines professional skills and modern mechanisation.

The company specialises in beds and accessories production. There are beds in both classical and modern designs of different sizes: from prince to queen, armchairs and pouffes that will make your bedroom look complete.

Italian furniture is a synonym of design, aesthetic and extreme comfort. The models of Bolzan collections combine beauty and individuality, elegance and practicality.

Bolzan Letti

Bolzan, bed Selene, textile — 3150$ Price in China

Poltrona Frau furniture in Guangzhou

Poltrona Frau is one of the oldest factories in Italy. It was found in 1912. Today it is one of the leading brands of modern designer furniture. Its furniture fits in urban loft-style space or a country residence and adds a final touch to the interior.

This brand is unsurpassed in terms of high-quality leather furniture. Today it doesn’t produce only armchairs and sofas in classical style furniture but also claims to be a leader in modern style by collaborating with famous designers such as Telemaco, Jean-Marie Massaud, Roberto Lazzeroni, Paola Navone, Benjamin Huber and other well-known artists to create new collections.

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau, sofa John-John, leather Nappa — 3900$ Price in China

Visionnaire furniture from China

Visionnaire is one of the best representatives of a luxury-living segment. All pieces have unique features limited by one exact style, so it’s no big deal to recognise this brand. Visionnaire furniture is a harmonic fuse of modern shapes and classical proportions.


Visionnaire, bed Beloved Bed — 1800$ Price in China

Buy Christopher Guy in China

In contrast to the brands mentioned before, Christopher Guy (CG) is an American company. Its furniture, no doubt, can be called an icon of Art Deco and neoclassical style. It is simple and elegant. Christopher Guy collections include tables, chairs, mirrors, sofas, armchairs, consoles, lamps, as well as furniture accessories. One of the main features that makes this brand recognisable is X-shaped legs similar to ballet dancer’s legs. Inspired by the modern style of the first half of the 20th century, Christopher Guy creates luxury and unique products.


CG, sofa ARRONDIE — 3500$ Price in China


CG, chair LA CROISETTE — 750$ Price in China


CG, dressing table CONSTELLATION DRESSER — 1650$ Price in China

In fact, it’s not so important to chase the trends and buy only fashionable things. Properly selected furniture can tell a lot about its owner. It is a reflection of the owner’s perception of the world. Designers will help you to choose the right furniture, and we will help you to save some money on your purchase. You can contact us here.