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Top 6 popular shopping centers in Guangzhou, China

When coming to Foshan for furniture shopping, many of our clients ask us if they can buy some other goods and get it delivered with furniture? Customers tend to purchase electronics, clothes and other things which in some cases are too heavy to take in luggage or don’t worth the money for overweight. We proud to present the top 6 best places to shop in Guangzhou — a city located near Foshan and connected with it by a metro line. If you are planning to do some shopping in Guangzhou, reserve 1-2 days of your trip for it.

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre (Bags and Accessories Copies Market)

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre

Address: 解放北路1317号白云皮具城
Name in Chinese: 白云皮具城
Metro station: 火车站 / Guangzhou railway station (Line 2 и 5) exit A or 越秀公园 / Yuexiu Park (Line 2) exit В1.
Business hours: 09:00 - 19:30

Surely there are lots of different bags markets but here is on that shine with better quality and collections, no-name goods with customizing and branding options. The cheapest price range (and low quality) is in the basement, first and second floors filled with quality bags but with higher prices. Third floor — factories' showrooms where anyone can place small quantity order (minimum quantity order - 100 pieces). Despite that, there is also a big choice of watch copies and clothes, we do not recommend doing it there for a single reason: this market is not specialized in watches these items are overpriced and better to do it Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre.

If you came to Guangzhou for tourism and wanted to buy something for personal use or as gifts for your friends and family, here are some basic tips:

Haggle – it's easy to do without knowing Chinese or English because everyone here speaks in numbers;
Check the quality and thoroughly inspect goods because the understanding of  "quality" differs in China;
Knock at closed showrooms doors, sellers will open the doors and show you their selection.

How to get to Baiyun World Leather in Guangzhou: 1-1.5 hour by taxi from Foshan (150-250 yuan one way) or on foot from metro station Railway Station and Yuexiu Park, a one-way fee from Foshan is around 10-12 yuan.

Peking street (Beijing Road) in Guangzhou

Peking street

Address: 北京路
Name in Chinese: 北京路步行街
Metro Station: 北京路 / 公园前 Beijing road (Line 6) exit A, Gongyuanqian (Line 2) exit E.
Business hours: 24/7

Peking street in Guangzhou — ancient street in old part of the city where you still can find pieces of the old road dated back to Song dynasty (960–1279). It's one of the most popular tourist places in Guangzhou: 10 shopping malls and more than 140 shops - international and domestic brands, numerous cafes and restaurants. As on every tourist place prices in shops are too high, so if you're planning some clothes or accessories shopping, we suggest going to Baima Garment City, Baiyun Leather City or other city shopping malls.

How to get to Peking street in Guangzhou: by metro to stations Gongyuan Qian (closer) or Beijing Road.

Grandview Mall

Grandview Mall

Address: 天河路228号 / 228 Tianhe Rd
Name in Chinese: 正佳广场
Metro Station: 天河南 / TianHe South (Line APM) exit А, 体育中心 / Tianhe Sports Center (Line 1) exits D2, D3, 体育中心南 / Tianhe Sports Center South (Line APM) exit А, 石牌桥 / Shipaiqiao (Line 3) exit А, 体育西路 / Tiyu Xilu (Line 1) exit С.
Business hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Grandview Shopping Mall is located in the heart of the business area of Guangzhou, It's a modern European style shopping mall with brands from low to high price range.
Esprit, H&M, Koradior, Urban Renewal, Cabbeen, Ochirly, Jack & Jones, Only, Vigoss, Levi’s and Artini — just the small list of brands represented int he mall.

More than 40 restaurants of Chinese, Asian, western cuisines from high-end posh restaurant to fast-food (Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut и McDonalds). There is also a Chinese supermarket TASTE in the basement.

How to get to Grandview Mall in Guangzhou: on foot from metro stations TianHe South (Line APM), Tianhe Sports Center South (Line APM), Tianhe Sports Center (Line 1), Shipaiqiao (Line 3), Tiyu Xilu (Line 1).

Tai Koo Hui

Tai Koo Hui

Address: 天河路383号 / No.383 Tianhe Road
Name in Chinese: 太古汇
Metro Station: 石牌桥 / Shipaiqiao (Line 3) exit Taikoo Hui.
Business hours: 10:00 - 22:00

TaiKoo Hui — a huge shopping mall in Guangzhou city center built and design by a famous architect company. The whole complex includes shopping space with middle and high price range brands, grade A office building, Mandarin Oriental 5-star hotel and the cultural center with the abient bookstore. It's a perfect place to buy world-famous luxury brands.

Ole supermarket with a great choice of imported goods is on the basement level.

How to get to TaiKoo Hui: direct exit from the metro station Shipaiqiao.

K11 Art Mall

K11 Art Mall

Address: 珠江东路6号(周大福金融中心) / 6, Zhujiangdong road
Name In Chinese: 广州K11购物艺术中心
Metro station: 花城大道 / Huacheng Dadao (APM Line) exit B, 珠江新城 / Zhujiang new town (Line 3, 5) exit through Fulikaiying Plaza, 大剧院 / Guangzhou Opera House (APM Line) exits В, Е.
Business hours: 10:00 - 22:00

World famous chain of high-end shopping centers К11 using a blend of nature, people and art space in the design. Each mall has a unique element dedicated to the region, in Guangzhou, it was banyan tree that is very common for Guangdong province.
There are art-exhibitions in the shopping center and art-object everywhere.

Here is some interesting place to visit in K11:
Van Gogh SENSES – new store combining restaurant, cafe, events, flowers, and art. Inspired by life scenes and paintings of famous Vincent Van Gogh product and cafe design itself.  
MuiNe — one of the most popular Vietnamese noodle shop chain in Guangzhou and Shenzhen opened its new restaurant here in K11 with a fresh upgraded design.
Yan Ji You - known as one of the most beautiful bookshops in China, finally opened its door here.

How to get to K11 in Guangzhou: 花城大道 / Huacheng Dadao (APM Line) exit B, 珠江新城 / Zhujiang new town (Line 3, 5) exit through Fulikaiying Plaza, 大剧院 / Guangzhou Opera House (APM Line) exits В, Е.

Baima Garment Market and Huimei International Clothing Market

Baima Garment Market and Huimei International Clothing Market

Address: 站南路16号 / 16 Zhannan Rd
Name in Chinese: 广州白马服装市场
Metro station: 火车站 / Guangzhou railway (Line 2 и 5), exits G for Baima market and exits F, E for Huimei Market.
Business hours: 9:00 - 18:00

There is a handful amount of clothing markets around the railway station: Huimei International Clothing Market (located on the opposite side of the Guangzhou Railway Station), Tianma (next to Baima and popular for Chinese brand clothes), Xindadi (in front of Baima), Zhanxi Lu (a shopping street of numerous wholesale markets, especially footwear), Hongmian Bubugao (located behind Baima and known for women’s apparel). However, the most famous one is Baima which is right opposite Guangzhou Railway Station.
Challenge yourself and try to not find something: men, women, children ware, famous brand watches, shoes, and bags markets. Brand replicas and copies in decent and not so much quality for an adequate price.

How to get to Baima Garment and Huimei Clothing Markets: use Railways Station metro exit H for Baima Market, cross the road by an overpass and it will be right there. To reach Huimei International Clothing Market choose exits F and E.  

Furniture sourcing tour in China, Foshan is a great opportunity not only buy furniture but everything else for the house from sanitary ware to curtains and carpets.

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