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Weather in Guangzhou (Foshan)

If you are going on a long trip to Guangzhou, you should be ready for any difficulties you will face: from jetlag to culture differences and habits of locals. When you arrive in a new city for business or on holidays, you might find out that a new climate is very different from the one you are used to in your country. In order to help you with acclimatization, we would like to introduce to you the weather in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is located in the very south of China and this is the subtropics. The climate is warm and humid, that’s why there are many flowers in the city all year round. If you have an allergy, it’s better to take some medicine with you. The best time to visit Guangzhou is from October to November and from April to May. Nevertheless, each season has its own advantages.

Winter in Guangzhou (Foshan)

Winter in Guangzhou lasts only two months and a half from December till the middle of February. It is already not so hot as in summer but you will also not find snow or even temperature below zero in a weather forecast. It is usually about 10 to 22°C. The difference between night and day temperature becomes very noticeable so in the morning and in the evening it’s better to wear something warm like a sweater or a coat.

Winter in Guangzhou

The end of January is the coldest time in Guangzhou. The temperature can fall till 5°C what in combination with humidity makes the day piercing cold. Doesn’t matter how much clothes you put on, the only things that can help are different activities and hot tea or water from your thermos. Don’t forget that there is no central heating in Southern China, so you can only use air conditioning to warm up the room. Enforce going out put on thermal underwear and winter clothes and don’t forget to put on a hat.

Spring in Guangzhou (Foshan)

After the most important holiday for Chinese - Spring Festival , in late January or the beginning of February , warm weather is gradually coming back to Guangzhou. In March mornings and evenings are still a bit cold so don’t forget to take a jacket with you. And soon the rainy season will come, followed by the scorching sun, so the umbrella in your bag is a must-have.

Spring in Guangzhou (Foshan)

In April, the average temperature is already 20-25°C - a real summer! Shirts, summer pants, light cardigans are ideal for this weather. However, the rainy season comes to the city, so the raincoat and umbrella should always be at hand. During this period you should be very careful with air conditioning because you can easily catch a cold. April is traditionally a month of the largest exhibitions in Guangzhou. The city is full of guests from different countries. The prices go up. There is a shortage of places in hotels, restaurants and public transport.

May is the most humid month of the year. Be ready for tropical rains and then for sunny days and temperature of 25-30°C. Closed shoes are finally replaced by sandals.

Summer in Guangzhou (Foshan)

Summer in Guangzhou starts already in the middle of April and lasts nearly 6 months. The hottest months are July and August. Temperature can reach 35-38°C. The season of torrential rains is replaced by the season of thunderstorms, the rains are not as steady as in spring but pretty heavy. From June to September there is a chance of typhoon. It is usually accompanied by heavy rain and strong wind. But since Guangzhou is located away from the coastline, the typhoon as a rule loses its strength on the way. To be safe you can just check the weather forecast before your trip because typhoon usually happens only once a year.

Summer in Guangzhou (Foshan)

Throughout summer months it is hot and humid which causes excessive sweating. The main tips for this period are drink as much water as possible, use hats and do not neglect sunscreams with a high level of SPF. It is better to avoid dark colors in clothes and wear only light summer clothes like dresses, t-shirts and shorts.

Autumn in Guangzhou (Foshan)

If you don’t like hot weather then it’s better to postpone your trip to autumn because in autumn the temperature drops to 25°C. Autumn is the best time to visit Guangzhou. You can wear summer clothes, no need to be afraid of rain so you can just enjoy perfect warm weather.

October is the peak of tourist activity in Guangzhou. Like in May there are a lot of exhibitions and fairs. You can still wear summer clothes but it’s better to replace open shoes on something warmer. Average temperature is 21-27° C.

Autumn in Guangzhou (Foshan)

Because of the influence of winter monsoon the weather in Guangzhou in November is sunny, dry and cool which creates ideal conditions for outdoor activities. Strong winds and precipitation are rare. The difference in temperature during the day and at night becomes more noticeable, so for the evening it’s better to warm up. Although the temperature rarely drops below 20°C, a light jacket, trousers will not let you freeze in the evening.

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