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What to see in Hainan after furniture shopping? The best places to visit

Many people associate China with dark, dusty and polluted industrial zones. Hainan Island will completely change your mind.

How far: 1.5 hours by plane from Guangzhou Airport.

There are two airports on the island airports: Phoenix Airport on the southern part (凤凰国际机场, Sanya) and Meilan Airport on the northern part (美兰国际机场, Haikou).


Now more and more countries can get a visa-free entrance to Hainan. To see the full list of 59 countries with visa-free entry to Hainan click here.

For individual travellers, there are 3 main options:

  • Upon arrival-urgent (free)
  • Upon arrival (paid, around 100 RMB)

Both of these visas for tourists who, due to some circumstances, did not manage to pass their details to travel agencies in advance.

There are no differences in the visa process for these options so far. Government, commenting visa similarities, says that the first type of visa is most likely temporary and can be completely suspended. At the time of writing the article, both visas can be issued (use the leverage while you can).

  • Visa 48-hours

Travellers must provide their personal information in advance – at least 48 hours before arrival (passport details, round-trip flights, hotel reservation confirmation and travel plans in Hainan). They must pass details through the local travel agency of Hainan Province.

To see the list of government-approved travel agencies click here. Local travel agencies must provide the traveller’s data to the relevant authorities 24 hours before his/her arrival, only in this case the visa-free entry can be met.

NOTICE! All three types of visas are valid only on Hainan Island. If you plan to travel to mainland China after visiting Hainan, Chinese short-term tourist visa can be issued on Hainan or in your home country (it applies both to mainland China and Hainan Island).


Do not plan a vacation on Hainan during Chinese national holidays, as Hainan is one of the main domestic tourism destinations. The number of tourists is several times more than usual, and prices for everything are 3-4 times higher.

Haikou (海口) — Provincial capital

Haikou arcaded streets (骑楼老街)

Haikou arcaded streets

Some of the buildings on this street were restored several years ago, and some retained their original appearance. These European-style buildings are more than 700 years old, many of them were destroyed by typhoons or deteriorated due to climatic conditions. To feel the atmosphere, we strongly recommend going off the touristic part of the street.

Адрес: 海口市龙华区长提路骑楼老街

Hainan Museum (海南省博物馆)

Hainan museum hold not only historical expositions work here, but also exhibitions of contemporary art, calligraphy, architects, photographers and designers regularly exhibit their works, as well as installations based on the lives of citizens and rural residents.

Address: 海口市琼山区国兴大道68号


Parks of Haikou

City parks: People's Park (人民公园), Evergreen Park (万绿园) and Jinniulin Park (金牛岭公园).

Country parks: Zoo (海南热带野生动植物园, entrance 98 RMB ), Volcanic park combined with the botanical garden (火山口地质公园, entrance 60 RMB).

The journey from the city to the zoo and the extinct volcano takes about 40 minutes by taxi or 1.5 hours by bus.

Address: People's Park (人民公园) 海南省海口市龙华区公园路2号

People's Park

Address: Evergreen Park (万绿园) 海口市龙华区滨海大道万绿园 Address: Jinniulin Park (金牛岭公园) 海口市龙华区海秀中路102号


What else to check out

Golf clubs and hot springs - signature lines of the island.

Where to find: south of the city and on the coast behind Jiaji (假日海滩) city beach. If you’re history or temple fan visit Five noblemen temple (五公祠).

Sanya (三亚) – Resort city



There are three main bays in Sanya: Dadonghai Bay (大东海), the longest bay of the island Sanya bay (三亚湾) and most famous one - Yalongwan (亚龙湾).


Most popular parks: Luhuitou Park (鹿回头公园, entrance 45 RMB), Sanya Phoenix Mountain Love Forever Scenic Area (凤凰岭公园, entrance 68 RMB), Tianya Haijiao

(天涯海角, entrance 89 RMB) and Nanshan Guanyin bodhisattva statue (三亚南海上观音, entrance 150 RMB) 108 meters high, this mountain visible from the plane when it lands at the local airport.

Luhuitou Park (鹿回头公园) 小东海路与鹿岭路交叉口东北150米

Sanya Phoenix Mountain Love Forever Scenic Area (凤凰岭公园) 临春河路201号

Tianya Haijiao (天涯海角) 三亚市天涯区天涯镇G225

Nanshan Guanyin bodhisattva statue (三亚南海上观音) 崖城镇南山文化旅游区内

Nanshan Guanyin bodhisattva statue

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone (呀诺达雨林文化旅游区)

This park is not only a botanical garden and a zoo, but also a place is a home to ethic Li. The park regularly hosts performances by local theatre troupe and dancers. Yanoda Park located 35 km from the city and best visit it in spring and autumn.

Price: 130 RMB.
Address: 海南省保亭黎族苗族自治县三道镇

Tourist paradise

Tourist paradise

The city lives on tourism, so there are plenty of attractions here: Nanwan Monkey Island (海南猴子岛), Wuzhizhou Island (蜈支洲岛), water park, pearl and snake venom drug factories, hot springs and parks located northeast of Sanya.

Wuzhishan Tropic Rain Forest Scenic Area (五指山热带雨林风景区)

Wuzhishan Tropic Rain Forest Scenic Area

The Wuzhishan Mountains visually resemble five fingers and located almost in the centre of the island, 1867 meters is the highest peak of the park.

How far: 20 km from Wuzhishan city, 110 km from Sanya city.
Price: entrance fee - 50 RMB, entrance+rafting - 196 RMB.

It is better to move around with a tourist group and do not linger on the trail before dark.

Address: 海南省五指山市水满乡五指山热带雨林风景区

The south-east part of Hainan island

The south-east part of Hainan island

The southeastern part of the Hainan coast attracts yachting, diving, surfing, kitesurfing fans.

Best places: Wangning Bays (万宁市), Riyue Bay (日月湾), Xiangshui Bay (香水湾), Haitan Bay (海棠湾).


Foshan – a mecca for furniture shopping can be a starting point for your vacation in Hainan. Many customers plan more time in China to visit places like Hainan, for example.