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World Bathroom Design Trends 2021 You Can Find in China

The bathroom is not just a place for daily hygienic procedures, but also the place for physical and mental rest. Taking a hot bath soothes the nervous system and relieves muscle pain. In this article, we would like not to consider the advantages and benefits of bathrooms and showers (this is a topic for another article), but to consider some of the trends in bathroom design in 2021.

Eco and Ethnic styles: Home Decor from China

"To return to the roots” means, from the one point, the pursuit of healthy outdoor recreation, and from the other, the exploring of cultural identity and heritage. It reflected this trend all over the world in the design, against the background of interest in their roots, interest in another culture is growing as well.


It is not the first year that the motives of oriental cultures have been visible in the design of bathrooms. Such countries as China and Japan, Southeast Asia countries like, for example, Thailand and Indonesia, where tourism is developed, and which are strongly associated with retreat, sea and spa.

Besides the varied decor, China has an enormous selection of accessories, mosaics, paintings, flower pots, and more, which, depending on the purpose, can make a bathroom look like a chic spa or lost in the jungle springs.

Round Bathtubs and Sinks Buy from Guangzhou, China

One of the striking trends of 2021 is bathtubs with rounded edges, a nod to wooden tubs from China and Japan.

Freestanding bathrooms with natural asymmetrical shapes are the pursuit of minimalism, harmony and separation from the ordinarily. Although these bathrooms are not made of wood, they bring an oriental feel to the bathroom design. In China, Western and Eastern cultures meet, and there is a choice of both rectangular baths and rounded edges.


Baths which can be found in China


The round shape trend can be seen also in sinks design

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Spacious Shower Room: Shower Cabins Buy from Foshan, China

One of the new trends in bathroom design is when the bathroom and shower are separate.

There are more and more freestanding showers, minimalistic spacious open showers without a barrier. Modern showers have many functions - fog effect, lighting, music, sweat-free mirrors, etc.


Tile Design Trends: Chinese Bathroom Tiles


Wood effect tile

Nothing improves and refreshes the old look of a bathroom like new tile. One of the most striking trends is eco-style in the bathroom. However, this trend is expressed not through rough wooden furniture, but through the abundance of living plants, and imitation of wood-like tiles. Bathroom vanities with wood imitation are used less often now.


Marble effect tile

Tiles imitating marble or imitating other natural stones also remain a long-lasting trend. Plus, marble also goes well with eco-style. плитка3

Tile hog

Tile hog demonstrates an amazing resistance to fashion trends. The most popular are light, white, beige colors of such tiles, laid out with imitation of brickwork. Looks harmoniously with live plants and stabilized moss. плитка4

Concrete effect tile

Gray concrete effect tiles create a strict and modern look for the bathroom and have been consistently appearing in designers' projects for several years, and apparently, will appear for more than a year.

Bathroom Furniture from China 2021

The trend of 2021 is overhanging light bathroom vanities, floating and airy. It is not only stylish but also practical - it makes it easier to clean the floors. Under such a table, you can make a back light with a diffuser. However, if the floors have a glossy surface, then it is better to refuse the back light, since this way the light will be refracted unaesthetically.


Airy and light vanities for the bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Design Trends 2021: Lighting from China

In bathroom lighting design in 2021, lighting is already incorporated into the architecture, but this does not mean that there is no need for decorative lighting anymore. The lighting types can be combined. There is also a trend of using luxurious chandeliers in the bathroom, this is hardly suitable for a minimalist bathroom, but in all other cases, it will be an interesting solution.


Chandeliers in bathroom lighting design

Modest lighting, a nondescript ceiling lamp and a pair of sconces by the mirror are no longer relevant. Spectacular lighting solutions are in fashion. Choose spectacular lighting fixtures. And, if the height of the ceilings and the size of the room allows, why not hang a designer chandelier? Classic crystal or neoclassical, or maybe modern? The options are endless.

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