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All about payments order and options

There are about 5000 furniture factories in Foshan and the working terms with them are more or less the same.

Deposit for goods

Clients pay a 30-50% deposit when placing orders at markets. The order is put in a production queue after a factory receives the deposit.

If the payment is in cash, the order is queued on the same or next day.

If the payment made by a bank transfer a factory waits for financial department confirmation of receiving the money.

Sometimes, especially at the end of the year, showrooms have sales and can furniture on sale can be shipped right away. Remember showroom furniture is for clients to sit on, so probably thousands of people have sat on it before. Also, you won’t find many or any sales samples from the new collection.

Balance payment

Budget-friendly offer (from $30000 USD) Premier offer (from $30000 USD)
70% balance for the goods is paid after production is done. 70% balance for the goods is paid after our specialists have made a quality check. Our managers are responsible for quality.
Only after factories receive the balance payment, they arrange the delivery. After consolidation, we book a container for the following shipment.

We recommend not to delay any payments to get your order on time.

Agency Fee

200 USD booking fee paid prior to the arrival.

Budget-friendly offer Premier offer

Agency fee 300 USD is paid in our office in Foshan when signing the contract.

Translation and Guiding services (50$ / day) are paid at the end of each day to the manager.

Offer is valid for the 1 container load (either 20ft or 40 ft). For every additional container 300 USD fee is charged for warehousing, loading and consolidation.

After the agency fee is fully paid, we start to work.

Agency fee deposit 700 USD is paid in our office in Foshan when signing the contract.

Agency fee balance is calculated by the following formula: 3% of the order deduct 900 USD deposit fee.

After the deposit is fully paid, we start to work.


# Payment amount What are you paying for? When should I pay for it? How to pay?
1 USD $200 Booking the dates At least 3-4 weeks in advance PayPal / Bank Transfer
2 USD $300 / $700 The second part of the agency fee deposit. When signing a contract in our office in Foshan on the first day USD, EUR or CHY in cash. Bank transfer to our company’s bank account prior to your arrival.
3 30% deposit Deposit for furniture (other goods) At markets (factories) when placing an order In cash at markets or by a transfer with previously transferred money
4 70% balance Balance payment for your order After production is done (Budget-friendly) / After quality checks (Premier) Through our back account or directly to Chinese factories’ bank accounts
3% deduct $900 (only in Premier offer) Agency fee balance

Example (Payment routine for 100.000 USD order)

  1. Paying 200 USD for booking the dates. 200 USD payment is being a part of the agency fee.
  2. Paying 700 USD in cash when signing the contract in our office in Foshan. 700 is being part of 900 USD (200 booking fee + 700 USD when paying the contract) agency fee deposit.
  3. 30% deposit (30.000 USD) for furniture (other goods) at markets (factories) when placing an order. In cash at markets or by a bank transfer.
  4. 70% balance payment (70.000 USD) for your order after quality checks through our back account.
  5. The total agency fee for the purchase of 100.000 USD is 3000 USD. You’ve previously paid 900 USD, the balance payment for the agency fee is 2100 USD. It’s transferred together with balance payment for the order.

What’s included in the agency fee?

Service Budget-friendly Premier
Translation and Guiding 50$ / day 6 free days
Order’s follow up
Quality Control ×
Goods Consolidation*
Container Loading*
Paid Separately Accomodation
Customs Clearance

Goods consolidation and container loading are only included if you order logistics services through our company. *

Payment options

PayPal / Bank Cards

We use PayPal which allows people from any part of the world to pay the $200 booking deposit. We can receive the deposit from:

  • Your PayPal wallet;
  • Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Maestro, American Express bank systems.

Please note, if you wish to pay the rest of the deposit ($700 USD) via PayPal, we charge an additional 5% as this much PayPal charges us to withdraw the money from our PayPal to a bank account.

You can book the dates and pay the deposit on our booking page. Else, you can contact our manager and we’ll send you an invoice. After receiving the payment, we book the dates and a manager for the dates selected.

Bank transfer

We are a Hong Kong registered company, and all the transaction are made through our bank account there. We provide the contract and an Invoice to make a transfer. Every transaction costs 1% of the total transaction amount but no less than $100 USD.

Questions & Answers

Do I have to pay for transportation?

We are responsible for all transportation expenses around Foshan(except for a trip to factories). If your purchase is less than $ 30,000, you have to compensate for transportation costs when paying the balance.

This only applies to trips around Foshan with our managers.

What should I do if my purchase is less than $30 000?

It usually doesn’t happen, however, here is the price for agency fee in this case.

Total purchase priceAgency fee
20000$ - 25000$2500$
25001$ – $29.999$2000$

In addition, you will need to compensate for the cost of transportation around the city and a transfer from the airport when paying agent fees.

This policy is due to an increase in the amount of work. The cheaper furniture you bought, the more times our manager has to go to factories for quality control.

Why not less than $30 000?

According to our experience, starting with a budget of $30 000 clients save much more on delivery, customs clearance and furniture is much better quality, and we spend less energy on poor-quality furniture, so our managers have to make fewer visits to factories. You can read more about it in our article.

Does the company work with legal entity?

Yes, we work with both legal entity and individuals. You can contact us for more detailed information.

I already paid a deposit to the factory but then changed my mind. Will I get the deposit back?

Most of the factories don’t give back deposits. So if you want to cancel the order or place it in another factory, you will lose the deposit (30%).