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All about transport in Foshan

How to reach to Foshan

  1. The closest airport to Foshan is Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). It takes 1-1,5 hours by taxi from the airport to Foshan city centre.
  2. The second most popular choice is Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Many countries have direct flights to Hong Kong.
  3. Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX) is one of the biggest airports in China located in the city that borders Hong Kong. If you need to get to Foshan from Shenzhen, check with our manager what are the best choices.

From Hong Kong to Foshan (Guangzhou)

Fastest. We recommend getting to Kowloon West railway station in Hong Kong and take a high-speed train to Guangzhou South station.

Travel time from Kowloon West to Guangzhou South — 1 hour.

Check train schedule Kowloon West - Guangzhou South here.

Our manager will meet you at the Guangzhou South station gate.

Please keep in mind — you need to cross the borders before getting on the train, so do plan your time well.

No changes. Take a direct bus to Foshan city centre from Hong Kong Airport or city centre.

It takes 3-4 hours but it goes directly to Foshan. You won’t need to worry about train schedules. But will need to cross the border when reaching Shenzhen.

Two more options:

  1. Take a taxi from Hong Kong to Foshan — very expensive since the taxi, and the driver must have licences in both mainland and Hong Kong.
  2. Take a ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Foshan. The only disadvantage of this option – the ferry station in Foshan is 1-2 hours taxi drive from the city centre.

From Guangzhou to Foshan

Taxi. We usually recommend clients to take a taxi — it’s fast and fairly cheap. A taxi ride from Guangzhou to Foshan city centre takes around 1 hour.

Metro. If you want to blend into the local flow — take a metro. Guangzhou metro is connected to Foshan with a metro line (light-green). Our office is located two hounders meters away from the Jihua Park station.

From Macau to Foshan (Guangzhou)

Train. You need to cross the border, right across the border from Macau is Zhuhai city. A five-minute walk from the border gate is Zhuhai railway station. Take a high-speed train to Guangzhou South. Trains come every 10-20 mins.

Travelling Time: about 1 hour.

Bus. Another way to reach Foshan from the border is to take a bus from a square in front of the train station.

Travelling Time: 2-3 hours.

How we travel between markets and hotel

DiDi ChuXing — Uber Analogue

We definitely recommend using this app when travelling in Foshan or any other city in China. You can select a car class: business, economy, minivan and even premium.

The app chooses a car within 1-5 minutes. They are usually new and without any odour (like most of the city taxis).

Personal Driver

Our company can arrange a personal driver for the time of furniture shopping in Foshan. It’s convenient yet pricey — 180$/day. You won’t need to worry about calling a car every time and the payment for every ride.

Rent fee, driver’s salary and additional expenses such as driver’s meals, parking fees, toll fees etc — all paid by a client.

Transportation Fee

The car fee is to be paid by a client. Clients settle the bill with the manager at the end of each day.

If the total purchase fee is $50000 USD and more we compensate the transportation expenses within Foshan (if travelling with the manager) when sending a final invoice to clients. There are Standard and Business-class options as well as minivans.

We also can arrange a car with a personal driver. Drivers services and car rental fee are to be paid by clients.

Questions & Answers

How far is the city of light Guzhen from Foshan? And how much does it cost to get there?

Guzhen is located 70 km from Foshan. It takes about an hour to get there and about 500 RMB (75$) two ways by taxi.

Is your office far from the markets?

Our office is located in the city center of Foshan about 15 mins drive from the furniture markets and 5 mins from sanitary wear markets. Office address: 佛山市禅城区季华五路21号,金海广场1208.

How much are the transportation expenses for the whole trip?

Our company is responsible for the transportation expenses: transfer from the airport and back and transportation around Foshan (five-seater car, for groups of clients up to three people).

The only exception is a trip to factories, the city of light Guzhen and Guangzhou. This offer is valid only with a minimum purchase of $ 30,000.

If the actual purchase amount is less than 30,000 US dollars, the client pays all transportation costs during the tour together with the balance of the order.

If you are 4 or more people, the transportation costs will be discussed individually.

If you want to go to the factory, then the cost will depend on the distance. If you do not need to go to the city of light (Guzhen), then you do not need to pay for transportation!

A one-day trip for lighting from Foshan to Guzhen and back costs on average $85-100.