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Booking furniture shopping dates and paying the deposit

Why it is important to book the dates

We are not a small company but still have a limited number of managers. Many clients can want to come on the same dates. It is our job to ensure clients don’t collide.

To avoid any overlapping in our schedule, we made a great booking page which allows you to know opened dates.

The deposit we collect when booking is $200 USD. It is proof for both of the sides: we have a client for the selected dates, and you know there is a trustworthy company that 100% not gonna ditch you.

$200 USD is being part of the agency fee. Which means you are not paying anything extra.

Booking is available half a year in advance but no later than 1 week before the date of arrival. The earlier the better. If you have any hesitation, please contact our manager for further information.

It’s up to you how many days to book for your furniture shopping. It differs from clients to a client: some are quick some not. Generally, it depends on the house size.

After booking we provide the following services:

  • Helping with hotels search and booking
  • Visa consulting
  • Visa invitation (there might be the additional payment required for the the risk zone countries)
  • The manager starts to work on the materials sent by a client

Changing the dates and deposit refund policy

  1. We refund the fee only if a client requested the refund no less than 30 consecutive days before the booked dates.
  2. The money will be refunded to the same card/PayPal the payment was made from.
  3. To change the dates please contact our manager.
  4. The new chosen dates should be no less than 7 consecutive days from the current date.
  5. If the dates you need are less than 7 consecutive days from the current date confirm it with our manager. The decision will depend on available dates and tour managers.

Book the dates right away

Please follow this link to book the dates right away.