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Buy furniture in the markets of China, Guangzhou and Foshan

Foshan is a furniture capital of China. Here is furniture, sanitary wear, lighting and materials for renovations in all styles, colors, and sizes. No matter what you need to furnish, it can be your apartment or villa, or it can be a hotel, a restaurant or a bar. Foshan has countless markets and showrooms where you can find exactly what you need for the design project. Our manager will research your project and take you to the places where the furniture you need is. We don’t want you to walk in vain among unfamiliar showrooms. Our managers know exactly where the furniture of a certain style or price is.

What should I buy in the markets and showrooms in China

Furniture sourcing in China inspires customers for new ideas and allows them to buy anything they want starting from a comfortable leather sofa to a sink tap in the form of a sworn. Except for furniture, you can also buy sanitary ware, doors, locks, flooring, finish materials, tiles, lighting, interior accessories and much more for your dream house.

Dear Clients!

We do not do buyouts from AliBaba and other platforms. We do not negotiate with vendors found by our clients on internet platforms.

Furniture sourcing price

Our service includes:

  • The assistance of manager translator
  • Order production control
  • QC (only in Premium offer)
  • Goods consolidation in our warehouse in Foshan
  • Loading a container
  • Arranging logistics

There are two options of payment:

  1. Budget-friendly offer — Doesn’t include quality control of the goods, the agency fee is fixed - 500 USD (MOQ - 30000 USD)

  2. Premier offer — Includes quality control of the goods, the agency fee is 3% of the order (MOQ - 30000 USD)

Please notice:

  • Starting loading quantity is 20 feet container (30-33м3 approx.)
  • Logistics, customs clearance, repacking/additional packing are paid separately

Logistics and customs clearance of furniture sourcing in China

For calculating shipping and logistics cost from China we will need detailed information about shipping goods, destination. We have our own logistics company and can offer the lowest price for shipping and customs clearance in China.

For the estimated logistics and customs clearance cost, we would need an approximate list of the goods you're planning to purchase that you can leave through the form on our website. You can find more detailed information about shipping furniture from China and customs clearance for furniture from China here.

Real pros of furniture sourcing in the markets and showrooms in China

No doubt, sourcing in the markets and showrooms has a lot of advantages:

  • there is a great variety of furniture in different styles, colors and sizes and all of it in one place, it means that you don’t have to go from one factory to another spending time on the way instead of choosing furniture
  • here you can compare all the prices and materials on the spot, so you will choose the one that you like
  • most of the factories have their own showrooms in the markets, so you don’t have to worry about margins
  • this is a good option for people who don’t have an exact plan or project, so you can get inspiration in the market
  • some factories have showrooms only in the market, so it is the only way to see and order furniture there

However, if you do like a certain factory, it is possible to visit both the factory and markets during your trip to China.

How much can I save

Real advantage from buying furniture, sanitary ware, and other materials including shipping, customs clearance, and other expenses will be no less than 50% leftover funds as long as purchasing total amount is 30000$ and more. On average, you can save up to:

  • 2-3 times on furniture
  • 5-10 times on illumination
  • 3-10 times on building and decoration material
  • 3-7 times on ceramics, tiles, marble, mosaic

Here you have an opportunity to buy exquisite furniture that is not available in your country!

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Questions & Answers

Do showrooms set margins for the goods?

Mostly all showrooms are owned by factories, so there are no margins and the prices are the same as in the factory.

Do you take customers only to the showrooms the company works with?

No, in Foshan there are more than 5,000 furniture factories and no less of showrooms, clients themselves choose where to buy furniture. We can just advise which one is better according to our experience but we never make you buy furniture in the exact place.