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Buy furniture online from China

Why do our customers buy furniture in China? There are two main reasons:

First is the price/quality. Our customers save: on furniture from 2-5 times, on lighting from 5-10 times, on construction and finishing materials from 3-10 times, and that's taking into consideration all costs including delivery and customs.

Second is Vast selection of exclusive furniture and the possibility of customization. It is very important for our customers to create a unique individual design of their dreams. Only China has a truly rich selection of furniture, no other country in the world can offer such an assortment!

And a huge range of customization (changing sizes, materials, etc.) make it possible to implement the most complex and interesting projects!

Online catalogue of furniture from China

At the moment, it is impossible to come to China in person, so the service of buying furniture in China online is in high demand. Our company quickly adapted to the new format of work, we now have an IT department, and we have done a lot of work to make it convenient for our clients to buy furniture in China remotely.

We have created an online catalog of furniture from China. At the moment our catalog has already been loaded with more than 22 thousand products, the base is constantly updated. You can use filters for a faster and more accurate search for the right product. The catalog includes not only furniture, but also lighting, plumbing fixtures, decor, finishing materials.

In order to go to the online furniture catalog click here.

The process of ordering furniture online from China

  1. You send a design-project, a photo or a list of the main items of furniture.
  2. We do a free calculation of the items of your project, to demonstrate the choice and show you the real benefits of ordering furniture, lighting, and everything you need to implement the project from China.
  3. Once you are ready to proceed to the detailed elaboration of the order, we sign the contract remotely.
  4. The minimum budget we work with is $30000.
  5. After the contract is signed, the detailed research of all positions of the project and the provision of detailed specifications begins.
  6. After signing the contract, your personal manager will provide photo and video materials on the selected items and place orders at the factories.
  7. When all items are manufactured, our managers will personally go to the factory to check the goods for quality and compliance with the order.
  8. At the end of the inspection, the goods are loaded into a container and shipped to your city.

* Production time of all suppliers varies, on average 25-40 days.

** The peculiarity of online purchasing is that we request the lowest prices directly from factories. Factories understand how important it is to give the customer a good price in the current conditions, and in the case of a large order from one factory, you can ask for an additional discount from its management.

Shipping and customs of furniture from China

Delivery of furniture from China goes in containers, which ensures the safety of cargo and optimal time. Learn more about shipping goods from China by containers you can here.

In addition, you can use the delivery of combined cargo to the door. In this case your goods will be loaded and delivered together with other customers (waiting time of delivery of consolidated shipments is 1-3 months).

Our company helps with the search for a local Broker, as well as communication with him. The process of customs clearance itself is not as complicated and scary as many thinks, the main thing is to work with professionals and then everything will be trouble-free.

Advantages of working with Globus

  • We are the largest company in the market, we supply furniture from China for more than 14 years.
  • We are the only company with convenient tools for choosing furniture and other goods: Online catalogue, quotation system, interiors interactive page. All these are our own developments, created for convenience and ease of ordering furniture from China online.
  • We have the lowest prices on furniture and other goods, as we cooperate with the best factories in China for many years in a row.
  • Contact us for consultation on WhatsApp +86-186-7576-2020 or other convenient way at the contacts page.
  • See more company and furniture life moments on our instagram.

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Questions & Answers

What should I do if I don’t have enough time with the manager in the markets for remote work?

Before going to the markets, a client and the manager compile a complete list of goods with prices and photos from suppliers. Visiting markets is needed for filming the looks, materials and placing orders.

Can I choose everything online, and then come and approve everything?

Yes, you can. Many customers that are short with time prefer to do all the searching beforehand and visit the suppliers before placing the order for materials’ selection and checking out suppliers.

How can I be sure that I will receive exactly what I wanted?

Your manager will provide photo and video of the items and you can also have a FaceTime. If necessary, you can use RAL / Pantone color palette for colour reference.

I have already made an order and paid a deposit, is it possible to make an additional order to the main one or will it be considered as a separate order?

Until the production of the main order isn’t completed, there is always the opportunity to add goods to it.