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Furniture markets and factories in Foshan

More than 75% of the China’s furniture production based in Foshan. To make shopping closer to common customers, factories opened representatives in specialized markets. It allows to buy directly from manufacturers without spending money and time for travelling. Also, keep in mind that not every manufacturer has a showroom at a factory.

Furniture styles in Foshan

Chinese manufacturers have to find new ways to attract foreign clients and there only way is to keep up with international furniture fashion. If it’s already out there, you can find it in China.

Types of furniture in Foshan

Major specialisation of Foshan manufacturer is an indoor furniture and everything for an interior design. However, there are still plenty of outdoor furniture produced for every market possible: from simple to fancy, from Australia to Norway.

Many factories have collections made for hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, kindergartens etc.

Whatever you need — it’s here.

Major furniture malls and markets


Louvre photo 1
Louvre photo 2

The mall was created about idea to make people see as many fancy furniture as you possibly can. If you have a very limited budget, probably most of the things you’re looking for are in different markets.

Louvre remind about the museum with the latest exclusive collections.

It’s still worth visiting to understand what style and models you prefer or may be even to get some unique pieces for interior accents.


Macalline photo 1
Macalline photo 2

Macalline presents furniture and accessories in mi to high price ranges. There is no cheap furniture but manufacturers displayed here make a solid quality for fair price. It’s a great choice for classical and modern american and european styles.

Sunlink North

Sunlink North

Sunlink South

Sunlink South

These two are the biggest furniture markets in Foshan. Furniture and accessories are much more affordable here and the prices are from the cheapest to high. It looks exactly like a market, but this is the choice for limited budget projects.

Lighting and illumination malls and markets in China, Guzhen

A big part of the lighting manufacturers in China densely based around Guzhen town (1-1,5 hours from Foshan).

Star Alliance

Star Alliance

This is without a doubt the sizeable site for selling all kinds of illumination and lighting. 300000 square meters and 11 floors. From all the markets in Foshan and nearby it, this is the second large mall after Louvre.

Guzhen Lighting Plaza

Guzhen Lighting Plaza



These two malls are definitely worth checking out. They are great for budget lighting and everything for lighting installation.

Tiles, sanitary ware markets and malls

Foshan is a great place not because there are lots of furniture here but because there is everything for building, finishing, exterior and interior design. Sanitary and tiles are one of the most popular items to buy in Foshan, and the markets are only 5 mins away from our office.

The area where they’re located has been a centre of ceramic production for centuries. If you want to learn about this part of history we highly recommend to visit Nanfeng Ancient Kiln (南风古社) which is just 5 minute walk from the sanitary ware markets.

China Ceramics City

China Ceramics City

This is the first market to visit if you’re after tiles, sanitaryware, showers and bathroom accessories. Checking the products keep in mind that there are different price ranges all in one place and if you go to the market you’ll find cheaper.

CASA Ceramics & Sanitarywares Mall

CASA Ceramics & Sanitarywares Mall

Ceramics International Trading Center

CASA Ceramics & Sanitarywares Mall

These are markets not malls. It’s huge so better to bring someone to guide you through to avoid meaningless roaming around.

Pros: lots of cheap ceramics.

Markets of building, finishing materials, marble, porcelain, ceramics and flooring of all types

What if you haven’t finished building yet? In Foshan you’ll find everything needed for this and fully complete your project.

Huayi Decoration Market

Huayi Decoration Market

HuaYi is blocks and blocks of building materials, all gathered in one place! Save your time a nerves and come here without just visiting numerous factories which you might not even like.

Furniture markets and malls business hours

Show Rooms work 7 days a week and opened 9-30-18:00. Some places open earlier, some later but they work everyday apart from the Chinese New Year holidays. If you’re after the hours and still placing orders in a showroom, sellers will definitely wait up as long as it’s needed.

Questions & Answers

Can sellers speak English in the markets?

Most of the sellers can’t speak English at all, some of them can say “hi” to you, others know numbers and some simple phrases. Anyway, all the documents are in Chinese, so without speaking Chinese you can't check whether the seller put the right information in the invoice.

Where can I buy a specific piece of furniture?

You don't have to worry about it because during the whole trip there is a manager with you. You will never get lost and will always know where and what to buy. As a rule, clients usually send all the information about the furniture they want to a manager in advance before coming to China, so he/she plans the most comfortable and fastest route for you.

How can I make sure that in Foshan there is exactly what I need?

In Foshan there is almost everything that there is in the world. Ask us about any good that you are interested in and we will find a similar one here and tell you the price.

Do you take customers only to certain showrooms?

No, in Foshan there are more than 5,000 furniture factories and no less of showrooms, clients themselves choose where to buy furniture. We can only give recommendations if the client asks but we never insist on specific places.