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Furniture shopping in China step by step

Before coming to China

  1. Get all the terms and conditions cleared: furniture and agency fee deposits, shipping and customs clearance cost.
  2. Book a manager on the dates chosen as soon as you can.
  3. After the dates are booked, our manager starts to plan your trip based on the information you give us.
  4. Send us a design project, shopping list or just tell us in details what exactly you’re planning to buy. Engineering documents, house plan – anything would be a great help.
  5. Tell our managers about the project’s estimated budget or budget for items needed. It would allow us to avoid wasting your time and taking you to the places which are no fit for your budget or quality requirements.
  6. Apply for a Chinese visa and confirm free dates with our manager.
  7. Book flight tickets and a hotel in Foshan.

When you’re in China

  1. Our manager can meet you at Baiyun International Airport and takes you to the hotel or simply arrange a car. Please let us know in advance.
  2. When you’re ready to start, our manager meets you at a hotel lobby and take to our office for signing the contract. We can start working on the very same day.
  3. Next days you’ll be with the manager, visiting markets and enjoying furniture shopping. The manager:
    • Take you to the places that suit your budget and design the most.
    • Take notes and photos of things you’ve liked.
    • Bargain on your behalf to get the lowest price possible.
    • Require necessary documentation from the sellers and checks how it’s filled. It’s also important to collect a factory’s management contacts to have leverage.
    • Arrange all the transportation during your time in Foshan.
  4. We’re always very happy when customers want to leave a video testimonial for our YouTube channel.

After you leave

  1. Contact us if you need to change anything in the order.
  2. When placing an additional order, remember to transfer a deposit for it to avoid any delays in production.
  3. After the order is finalized and all the deposits paid, factories start the production.
  4. We control the production, solve any problems and fix delays during the process.
  5. After production is finished our manager goes to the factory’s warehouse for quality check and send a customer a photo report afterwards: the goods are to be checked for external damages, and for matching the order. The manager also revises paperwork which will be used for customs clearance.
  6. We accept the order when and only it meets all the quality requirements. Managers send photo reposts from every quality check and wait for customers’ confirmation.
  7. If there are no quality issues, customers transfer the balance payment.
  8. We gather all of the goods in our warehouse in Foshan.
  9. After all the orders are ready to ship, we book a container.
  10. Our managers always supervise container loading and make a photo report.
  11. We transport the container and do customs clearance in China. After the container is shipped to the nearest to the customer port.

Dear Clients!

We do not do buyouts from AliBaba and other platforms. We do not negotiate with vendors found by our clients on internet platforms.

Questions & Answers

How to finalize the order?

If you want to change something or finalize the order, contact your manager. According to our experience, most of the clients finalize their orders only when they go back home.

What happens after the order is finalized?

If there are any changes in the order, you should pay the rest of the deposits to the suppliers. When the factory gets the deposit, it starts the production.

Is it possible to cancel some items?

Unfortunately, most of the suppliers never return deposits. You can give up some items but you will lose 30% of the cost.

Do you provide an invitation letter for a visa application?

Yes, we can provide the invitation letter, we just need a picture of your ID for it.

Is it possible to order furniture distantly and not to come to China?

We usually provide this service only for customers who are searching for same-type furniture for restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. There are special requirements for such orders: detailed description of colors, materials, sizes and approximate prices. We do not work remotely with orders for private houses and apartments: according to our experience, at least 10-15 suppliers are needed to furnish one house. Taking into account that everyone has an individual view of the quality and colors can be different from the picture, customers maybe not satisfied in the end.

Can I prolong my trip when I’m already in China?

Yes, if there are available managers.

Does the company make design-projects?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide this service but we can help to find everything for any design-project.

Is it necessary to have a design-project to buy furniture?

It is not necessary but it is better if you have it. We recommend choosing a certain style, make a list of things you are going to buy and send it to your manager as soon as possible. And be sure to bring all lists and floor plans with you to China.

How much money should I spend on my project? Can you make an approximate quote?

It is a very popular service in some countries. However, Chinese factories don't work like this. It is a pretty hard procedure because of numerous suppliers in Foshan. Anyway, you can contact our managers, and they will make an approximate quote for you.

I have only a few days. Will I have enough time?

It depends on what exactly you want to buy. To save some time you should know what items and how many of them you need. Send all your lists, documents and plans to your manager, so he/she will start research in advance. In this case, it is possible to buy everything in 2-3 days because the manager will make a special route for visiting showrooms.