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Furniture tour to China with GLOBUS

China is gradually becoming the center of attraction for people, who appreciate high quality products. One can visit the country to purchase plenty of goods at the most favorable prices. So, the furniture tour to China has become particularly popular, providing clients the with an opportunity to visit many factories, see the furniture firsthand and buy everything needed for their dream house.

With consistently improving service, the Globus company has been supplying furniture, lighting, decor, finishing materials, and sanitary ware from China for over 14 years and performing exclusive design projects on a turn-key basis. We are working in the premium segment, and among our clients are owners of hotels, restaurants, villas, houses and flats from the countries across worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Greece, Spain, Israel, Canada, and more than 55 other countries.

The office is based in Foshan, which is the center of furniture production in China. With over 5,000 furniture factories located here, visitors can buy furniture of all styles, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, interior decor elements, and finishing materials such as ceramic tiles, marble, mosaics, parquet, laminate, doors, locks, and even more, everything needed to create all kinds of interior design.

Take a look at how the furniture exhibition in Guangzhou went in April 2023.

For your convenience, we have created an online store for premium furniture from China

China was closed throughout the whole pandemic period, and trips to China were impossible for over 3 years. Our team didn't waste any time. During this time, we expanded our IT department and created a premium furniture online store from scratch.

Our online store has advanced features for creating projects of any complexity. And it's not just a simple online store, it's a whole IT platform, where you can create your projects, check the cost and characteristics of furniture. This means you can choose all the products before your arrival and visit only those factories in China which you like most in terms of price and quality. Go to the Globus online store.

Real videos of Chinese showrooms and furniture factories on our social networks

Our Youtube channel: it is important to note that our company was the first to start creating content about furniture from China on YouTube. On the channel you may find lots of factories’ reviews, videos of container loading, customer reviews, product quality inspections, and much more. The channel has almost 19 thousand subscribers.

Our Instagram: here you can see the furniture at its finest, and under each photo or video, you will find a link to the product page with a price in our online store.

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Advantages of buying furniture offline in China with GLOBUS

  1. The biggest online store: our company is the only one that has a premium furniture online store with over 26,000 products! None of our competitors can match that! 2 .The best prices: given the years experience in this sphere, we offer our customers the best price-quality ratio. 3 .Well-organized tour: our friendly and responsible team will accompany you throughout your furniture tour, so you will never feel lost in an unfamiliar country. 4 .The professional team: you will work with high-skilled project managers who will consider all the nuances of your project, give relevant advice, and carefully handle every question. 5 .Client-wise planning: we always take into account the client's budget and wishes, and make an elaborate plan of visits to factories and markets. 6 .Thorough control: we control the production of orders, inspect the quality of goods, and keep in touch with the client, sending photos and videos from production.
  2. World-wide shipping: we organize container loading, delivery, and customs clearance to any country.

Cost of offline furniture tour in China

We do not charge additional commission for the furniture tour if you order shipping with the help of our company. Before starting work, a deposit of $2,000 is required when signing the contract. If the trip is planned for more than a week, $1,000 is сharged for every additional week. These sums will be deducted later when paying the balance for goods or logistics.

Our services include:

  • Transfer from/to the airport and all transportation by car in Foshan.
  • Accompaniment by a manager-interpreter
  • Control of order production
  • Inspection of product quality (unlimited number of trips)
  • Consolidation of goods at our warehouse in Foshan
  • Container loading
  • Organization of delivery

Please note:

  • Minimum order amount - $50,000;
  • Minimum delivery volume - 20-ft container (30-33 m3);
  • Delivery, customs clearance services are paid separately.

Steps before the client arrives to China

The client sends a design project or a list of goods, and we begin discussing the details of the order and the arrival. After the client pays a deposit of $2000 (which we will deduct from the total purchase amount at the end), we sign a contract with the client and start discussing the exact arrival date. We can provide the client with an invitation letter from China for a business visa application. After obtaining the visa, we offer the client assistance with booking flights, hotels, and other services.

Process on arriving to China

A personal manager meets the client at the airport and arranges the transfer and accompanies the client on the way to a hotel. While meeting in the company office, we discuss all the details of the order and show you a report on the products from the factories that we have selected based on the client's project. The manager takes the client to the factories and showrooms in Foshan, shows the selected items, discusses the product’s features with the supplier, provides high-quality translation service, makes a shopping list, and, if necessary, arranges trips to other nearby cities. After all selections are made, the manager and the client return to the office to discuss the final details of the order. If the order list is already completed and approved, the client pays the total deposit for all of the products, and the manager prepares invoices for transfer from the company's account to the factories' accounts.

After the trip

  1. Please contact us if you want to make any changes to your order.
  2. If you want to place a new order, please deposit the remaining amount as soon as possible to avoid delays.
  3. Once you have approved the order and transferred the deposit, the factories will begin production.
  4. We monitor the production process and ensure that no detail has been missed. In case of any problems or delays, we promptly resolve it with the factory management.
  5. After your order is ready, our quality control manager visits the factory and carefully inspects the goods for defects and damages, compliance with documents (which will later be used for customs clearance), and compliance with the order. After the inspection, the manager provides you with a photo report.
  6. Our managers will not accept the order from the factory until all defects have been fixed. Your manager will send you photo reports of each inspection and will not accept the order from the factory without your confirmation.
  7. Once you have confirmed that everything has been done properly, and there are no problems, you can pay the balance for the goods.
  8. We consolidate your orders from the factories' warehouses to our warehouse in Foshan.
  9. When finished, we book a container for shipment.
  10. During the loading of the container, your manager is present and ensures that the loaders do not break or steal anything. After loading, a photo report is sent to you.
  11. We deliver your container to the departure port and perform customs clearance in China. The container is then loaded onto a ship and is shipped to your destination port.

Order a furniture tour in China with the Globus company

Please contact us for quick communication on WhatsApp at +8618675762020 or via any convenient method on the contact page.

Please note that the furniture tour service to China is very popular in 2023, so please book your arrival dates only after confirmation with our manager. If you do not coordinate the dates with our manager, we cannot guarantee that a manager from our company will be provided to you.

Questions & Answers

How to finalize the order?

If you want to change something or finalize the order, contact your manager. According to our experience, most of the clients finalize their orders only when they go back home.

What happens after the order is finalized?

If there are any changes in the order, you should pay the rest of the deposits to the suppliers. When the factory gets the deposit, it starts the production.

Is it possible to cancel some items?

Unfortunately, most of the suppliers never return deposits. You can give up some items but you will lose 50% of the cost.

Do you provide an invitation letter for a visa application?

Yes, we can provide the invitation letter, we just need a picture of your ID for it.

Can I prolong my trip when I’m already in China?

Yes, if there are available managers.

Does the company make design-projects?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide this service but we can help to find everything for any design-project.

Is it necessary to have a design-project to buy furniture?

It is not necessary but it is better if you have it. We recommend choosing a certain style, make a list of things you are going to buy and send it to your manager as soon as possible. And be sure to bring all lists and floor plans with you to China.

How much money should I spend on my project? Can you make an approximate quote?

It is a very popular service in some countries. However, Chinese factories don't work like this. It is a pretty hard procedure because of numerous suppliers in Foshan. Anyway, you can contact our managers, and they will make an approximate quote for you.

I have only a few days. Will I have enough time?

It depends on what exactly you want to buy. To save some time you should know what items and how many of them you need. Send all your lists, documents and plans to your manager, so he/she will start research in advance. In this case, it is possible to buy everything in 2-3 days because the manager will make a special route for visiting showrooms.