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Our guarantees

We sign a contract with every client. It consists all the information about our guarantees, terms, conditions and fees.

We check 100% of the furniture before delivering it to our warehouse, in 99.9% cases our customer get what they’ve ordered.

We take liability for:

  • Order mismatch;
  • Any external defects;
  • Goods damages when loading a container;
  • Undersupply;
  • Delay through fault of ours.

We are not responsible for:

  • Work of a customs agent in your country;
  • For any delays and fines caused by your broker;
  • For any damage when unloading a container in the destination.

Privacy policy

We strictly protect customers data and do not reveal any of it without your prior consent. However, we’ll be happy if you agree to leave a video review for our YouTube channel.

Questions & Answers

Can you share some contacts of your clients?

We don't usually give such information because most of our clients don’t want anybody to bother them.

If you would like to share your contacts with others after furniture sourcing in China, please let us know.

Where can I see the projects of your clients?

We share some pictures of the projects in our Instagram. If you would like to share your design-project, please let us know.

We never post any pictures without your agreement.

What if I get defected items?

If it turns out that the defect was not noticed by our manager during the quality control or during loading a container, we will send you the item for free or give the money back.

Where is your company registered?

We are registered in Hong Kong and mainland China. You sign the contract with Hong Kong company.

What contract is it? Where can I see it?

We have several kinds of contracts depending on the goals of the clients. In general we have agency contract, supply contract, sales contract etc. You can contact us and we will give you detailed information.